204 Important Bible Names That Start With J With Meaning

In this article, we will be sharing with you interesting Bible names that start with j in the Bible. There are many interesting Bible names that are often rich in meaning and carry a lot of symbolism. While some are more popularly known names, others are less known names. Each Bible name has a story and a meaning behind it, and we encourage you to look them up and learn more about them. May these Bible names bless and inspire you!

Bible Names That Start With J

Jaakan – tribulation; labor

Jaakobah – supplanter; deceiver; the heel

Jaala – ascending; a little doe or goat

Jaalam – hidden; young man; heir

Jaanai – answering; afflicting; making poor

Jaasau – doing; my doing

Jaasiel – God’s work

Jaazaniah – whom the Lord will hear

Jaaziel – the strength of the Lord

Jabal – which glides away

Jabbok – evacuation; dissipation; wrestling

Jabesh – dryness; confusion; shame

Jabez – sorrow; trouble

Jabin – he that understands; building

Jabneel – building of God

Jachan – wearing out; oppressing

Jachin – he that strengthens and makes steadfast

Jacob – that supplants, undermines; the heel

Jada – knowing

Jadau – his hand; his confession

Jaddua – known

Jael – he that ascends; a kid

Jagur – husbandman; stranger

Jahath – broken in pieces; descending

Jahaz – quarrel; dispute

Jahaziah – the vision of the Lord

Jahaziel – seeing God

Jahdiel – the unity, or sharpness, or revenge, of God

Jahdo – I alone; his joy; his sharpness of wit; his newness

Jahleel – waiting for, or beseeching, or hope in, God

Jahmai – warm; making warm

Jahzeel – God hasteth, or divideth

Jair, Jairus – my light; who diffuses light

Jakan – same as Achan

Jakim – rising; confirming; establishing

Jalon – tarrying; murmuring

Jambres – poverty; bitter; a rebel

James – Same as Jacob

Jamin – right hand; south wind

Jamlech – reigning; asking counsel

Janna, Jannes – who speaks or answers; afflicted; poor

Janoah, Janohah – resting; tarrying; deriving

Janum – sleeping

Japheth – enlarged; fair; persuading

Japhia – enlightening; appearing

Japhlet, Japhleti – delivered; banished

Japho – fairness; comeliness

Jarah – a wood; honeycomb; watching closely

Jareb – a revenger

Jared – a ruling; commanding; coming down

Jaresiah – the bed of the Lord; the Lord hath taken away; poverty

Jarib – fighting; chiding; multiplying; avenging

Jarmuth – fearing, or seeing, or throwing down, death

Jashen – ancient; sleeping

Jashobeam – the people sitting; or captivity of the people

Jashub – a returning; a controversy; a dwelling place

Jasiel – the strength of God

Jason – he that cures

Jathniel – gift of God

Jattir – a remnant; excellent

Javan – deceiver; one who makes sad

Jazer – assistance; helper

Jaziz – brightness; departing

Jearim – a leap; woods

Jeaterai – searching out

Jeberechiah – speaking well of, or kneeling to, the Lord

Jebus – treading under foot; manger

Jecamiah – resurrection, or confirmation, or revenge, of the Lord

Jecoliah – perfection, or power, of the Lord

Jeconiah – preparation, or stability, of the Lord

Jedaiah – the hand of the Lord; confessing the Lord

Jediael – the science, or knowledge, of God

Jedidah – well beloved; amiable

Jedidiah – beloved of the Lord

Jeduthun – his law; giving praise

Jeezer – island of help

Jegar-sahadutha – heap of witness

Jehaleleel, Jehalelel – praising God; clearness of God

Jehdeiah – joy together, one Lord

Jehezekel – strength of God

Jehiah – the Lord liveth

Jehoadah – passing over; testimony of the Lord

Jehoaddan – pleasure, or time, of the Lord

Jehoahaz – possession of the Lord

Jehoash – fire of the Lord

Jehohanan – grace, or mercy, or gift, of the Lord

Jehoiachin – preparation, or strength, of the Lord

Jehoiada – knowledge of the Lord

Jehoiakim – avenging, or establishing, or resurrection, of the Lord

Jehoiarib – fighting, or multiplying, of the Lord

Jehonadab, Jonadab – free giver; liberality

Jehonathan – gift of the Lord; gift of a dove

Jehoram – exaltation of the Lord

Jehoshaphat – the Lord is judge

Jehosheba – fullness, or oath, of the Lord

Jehovah-jireh – the Lord will provide

Jehovah-nissi – the Lord my banner

Jehovahshalom – the Lord send peace

Jehovah-tsidkenu – the Lord our righteousness

Jehozabad – the Lord’s dowry; having a dowry

Jehozadak – justice of the Lord

Jehu – himself who exists

Jehubbah – hiding, binding

Jehucal – mighty; perfect; wasted

Jehud, Jehudi – praising; conferring

Jehudijah – the praise of the Lord

Jehush – keeping counsel; fastened

Jekabzeel – the congregation of God

Jekamiah – establishing, or revenging, of the Lord

Jekuthiel – hope, or congregation, of the Lord

Jemima – handsome as the day

Jemuel – God’s day; son of God

Jephunneh – he that beholds

Jerah – the moon; month; smelling sweet

Jerahmeel – the mercy, or the beloved, of God

Jered – ruling; coming down

Jeremai – my height; throwing forth waters

Jeremiah – exaltation of the Lord

Jeremoth – eminences; one that fears death

Jeriah – fear, or throwing down, of the Lord

Jericho – his moon; his month; his sweet smell

Jeriel – fear, or vision of God

Jerijah – same as Jeriah

Jerimoth – he that fears or rejects death

Jerioth – kettles; breaking asunder

Jeroboam – he that opposes the people

Jeroham – high; merciful; beloved

Jerubbaal – he that defends Baal, let Baal defend his cause

Jerubbesheth – let the idol of confusion defend itself

Jeruel – fear, or vision of God

Jerusalem – vision of peace

Jerusha – banished; possession; inheritance

Jesaiah – health, or salvation, of the Lord

Jeshebeab – sitting, or captivity, of the father

Jesher – right; singing

Jeshimon – solitude; desolation

Jeshishai – ancient; rejoicing exceedingly

Jeshohaiah – the Lord pressing; the meditation of God

Jeshua – same as Joshua

Jibsam – their drought, their confusion

Jidlaph – he that distills water

Jimnah – right hand; numbering; preparing

Jiphtah – opening

Joab – paternity; voluntary

Joah – fraternity; brother of the Lord

Joahaz – apprehending; possessing; seeing

Joanna – grace or gift of the Lord

Joash – who despairs or burns

Joatham – same as Jotham

Job – he that weeps or cries

Jobab – sorrowful, hated

Jochebed – glorious; honorable

Joed – witnessing; robbing; passing over

Joel – he that wills or commands

Joezer – he that aids

Jogbehah – an exalting; high

Jogli – passing over; turning back; rejoicing

Joha – who enlivens or gives life

Johanan – who is liberal or merciful

John – the grace or mercy of the Lord

Joiarib – chiding, or multiplying, of the Lord

Jokdeam – crookedness, or burning, of the people

Jokim – that made the sun stand still

Jokmeam – confirmation, or revenge, of the people

Jokneam – possessing, or building up, of the people

Jokshan – an offense; hardness; a knocking

Joktan – small dispute; contention; disgust

Jonadab – who gives liberally

Jonah, or Jonas – a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer

Jonan – a dove; multiplying of the people

Jonathan – given of God

Joppa – beauty; comeliness

Jorah, Jorai – showing; casting forth; a cauldron

Joram – to cast; elevated

Jordan – the river of judgment

Jorim – he that exalts the Lord

Josabad – having a dowry

Josaphat – same as Jehoshaphat

Jose – raised; who pardons

Joseph – increase; addition

Joses – same as Jose

Joshah – being; forgetting; owing

Joshaviah – the seat, alteration, or captivity of the Lord

Joshua – a savior; a deliverer

Josiah – the Lord burns; the fire of the Lord

Josibiah – the seat, or captivity of the Lord

Josiphiah – increase of the Lord; the Lord’s finishing

Jotham – the perfection of the Lord

Jothath, Jothatha – his goodness

Jozabad – same as Josabad

Jozachar – remembering; of the male sex

Jubal – he that runs; a trumpet

Jucal – mighty; perfect

Judah – the praise of the Lord; confession

Judas, Jude – same as Judah

Judaea, Judea – same as Judah

Judith – same as Judah

Julia – downy; soft and tender hair

Julius – same as Julia

Junia – youth

Jupiter – the father that helpeth

Jushabhesed – dwelling-place; change of mercy

Justus – just or upright

Juttah – turning away

Bible Names That Start With J
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