10 Fun Bible Trivia Level Quiz (61 to 70)

Challenging Bible Trivia Level Quiz (61 to 70) – Ready for another challenging Bible trivia level quiz game! Time to test even further your knowledge of the Bible in our challenging bible trivia level games for Christians and those who are keen to learn a bit about the word of God.

Bible Trivia Level Quiz (61 to 70)

Bible Trivia Level 61 Question

Q61: Upon whom were the eloborate crown set which is made of gold and silver?
A: Ezra the son of Seraiah
B: Shelemiah rhe son of Abdeel
C: Melchizedek the high priest
D: Joshua the son of Jehozadak

Bible Trivia Level 62 Question

Q62: In the book of Zechariah, what are the names of the two staffs that Lord took?
A: Beauty , bonds
B: Branch , grace
C: Grace , mercy
D: Holiness , forgiveness

Bible Trivia Level 63 Question

Q63: Joshua was buried at Timnath Serah near which mountain?
A: Mount Gaash
B: Mount Mousa
C: Mount Tabor
D: Mount Gerizim

Bible Trivia Level 64 Question

Q64: Where was Eleazar, son of Aaron buried?
A: Hill of Aaron
B: Hill of Abihu
C: Hill of Nadab
D: Hill of Gibeach

Bible Trivia Level 65 Question

Q65: What is the former name of town Debir?
A: Almon
B: Kirjath sepher
C: Qiryat Arba
D: En-gannim

Bible Trivia Level 66 Question

Q66: Which fruit does Nazirite should not eat from skin to seed?
A: Carob
B: Etron
C: Grape
D: Citrog

Bible Trivia Level 67 Question

Q67: Jesus healed two demon possessed men by casting out those demons into herd of swine. In which country this happened?
A: Iconium
B: Puteoli
C: Cauda
D: Gergesenes

Bible Trivia Level 68 Question

Q68: Who drew near the thick darkness where God was?
A: Abraham
B: Moses
C: Aaron
D: Job

Bible Trivia Level 69 Question

Q69: Lord told Isaiah to take a large scroll and write on it concerning who ?
A: Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz.
B: Pele-joez-el-gibbor-abi-ad-sar-shalom
C: Ashur-bani-apli
D: Sin-ahhi-eriba

Bible Trivia Level 70 Question

Q70: What is the name of the storm winds which can hit Crete?
A: Connie
B: Euroclydon
C: Upsilon
D: Ione

Bible Trivia Level Quiz Answers with Bible Verse

Q61: Joshua the son of Jehozadak (Zechariah 6:11 (NKJV) – “Take the silver and gold, make an elaborate crown, and set it on the head of Joshua the son of Jehozadak, the high priest”)

Q62: Beauty , bonds (Zechariah 11:7 (NKJV) – “So I fed the flock for slaughter, in particular the poor of the flock. I took for myself two staffs: the one I called Beauty, and the other I called Bonds; and I fed the flock.”)

Q63: Mount Gaash (Joshua 24:30 (NIV) – “And they buried him in the land of his inheritance, at Timnath Serah in the hill country of Ephraim, north of Mount Gaash.”)

Q64: Hill of Gibeach (Joshua 24:33 (NIV) – “And Eleazar son of Aaron died and was buried at Gibeah, which had been allotted to his son Phinehas in the hill country of Ephraim.”)

Q65: Kirjath sepher (Judges 1:11 (NKJV) – “From there they went against the inhabitants of Debir. (The name of Debir was formerly Kirjath Sepher.)”)

Q66: Grape (Numbers 6:4 (KJV) – “All the days of his separation shall he eat nothing that is made of the vine tree, from the kernels even to the husk.”)

Q67: Gergesenes (Matthew 8:28 (KJV) – “And when he was come to the other side into the country of the Gergesenes, there met him two possessed with devils, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way.”)

Q68: Moses (Exodus 20:21 (ESV) – “The people stood far off, while Moses drew near to the thick darkness where God was.”)

Q69: Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz (Isaiah 8:1 (NIV) – “The LORD said to me, Take a large scroll and write on it with an ordinary pen: Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz.”)

Q70: Euroclydon (Acts 27:14 (KJV) – “But not long after there arose against it a tempestuous wind, called Euroclydon”)

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