The Miracles of Jesus Questions and Answers

This Miracles of Jesus questions and answers covers some of the miracles Jesus Christ performed while on earth. Some you maybe familiar while some might be your time of knowing about. Most of Jesus's miracles are recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The Miracles of Jesus Bible Quiz
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The Miracles of Jesus Questions and Answers

Q1: What did Jesus calm while on the boat with His disciples?
A: A lightening
B: A Behemoth
C: An earthquake
D: Time of Noah

Q2: How many loaves of bread and fish Jesus use to feed the 5000 people?
A: 5 loaves and 2 fishes
B: 5 loaves and 3 fishes
C: 5 loaves and 4 fishes
D: Methuselah

Q3: Who walked on water besides Jesus?
A: Matthew
B: John
C: James
D: Cousin

Q4: How many loaves and fish did Jesus feed 4000 men?
A: 5 loaves and 2 fishes
B: 7 loaves and 7 fishes
C: 7 loaves and some fish
D: Lot's sister

Q5: Which animal's mouth did Peter find coins as directed by Jesus?
A: Sheep
B: Fish
C: Goat
D: Judah

Q6: Which tree did Jesus curse for bearing no fruit?
A: Fig tree
B: Palm tree
C: Olive tree
D: Man and Woman

Q7: What was Jesus first miracle?
A: Walked on water
B: Raised Lazarus from the dead
C: Turned water into wine
D: Ishmael

Q8: What was the affliction of the man Jesus healed by sending him to the pool of Siloam?
A: Deaf
B: Lame
C: Leprosy
D: Abel

Q9: What widow had her dead son brought to life by Jesus?
A: The widow of Nazareth
B: The widow of Capernaum
C: The widow of Nain
D: Eiffel

Q10: Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law of what sickness?
A: Fever
B: Back pain
C: Muscle pull
D: Abram

Q11: How was the woman with the issue of blood healed by Jesus?
A: She touched Jesus arm
B: She kissed Jesus feet
C: She touched the hem of his garment
D: Time of Noah

Q12: Why did the people complain when Jesus healed a woman who had been crippled by a spirit for eighteen Years?
A: He healed her on Chanukah
B: He healed her on the Sabbath
C: He healed her on New Years day
D: Methuselah

Q13: Whose daughter did Jesus raise from the dead after telling people she was only asleep?
A: Herod's daughter
B: Jacob's daughter
C: Lot's daughter
D: Cousin

Q14: When Jesus healed a man of dumbness, what did the Pharisees accuse him of?
A: Betraying them
B: Showing off
C: Heresy
D: Lot's sister

Q15: When Jesus healed a paralyzed man, what did the man pick up and take home?
A: His bed
B: His chair
C: His food
D: Judah

Q16: When Jesus healed ten lepers, how many came back to thank Him?
A: 4
B: 3
C: 2
D: Man and Woman

Q17: Which Gospel records the miraculous catch of fish after Jesus’ resurrection?
A: Acts
B: Matthew
C: John
D: Ishmael

Q18: What was the Canaanite woman's daughter afflicted with?
A: Paralysis
B: Covid19
C: Leprosy
D: Abel

Q19: What was the condition of the man Jesus healed in the house of a prominent Pharisee?
A: His spin was bent
B: Abnormal swelling of his body
C: Had broken bone
D: Eiffel

Q20: What was the last miracle Jesus performed before he died?
A: Cast out demons
B: Healed a servant's severed ear
C: Calmed the stormy waters
D: Abram

The Miracles of Jesus Quiz Answers

Q1: A storm - Matthew 8:23-27

Q2: 5 loaves and 2 fishes - Matthew 14:17-19

Q3: Peter - Matthew 14:29

Q4: 7 loaves and some fish - Matthew 15:35-39

Q5: Fish - Matthew 17:24-27

Q6: Fig tree - Matthew 21:18-22

Q7: Turned water into wine - John 2:1-11

Q8: Blindness - John 9:1-7

Q9: The widow of Nain - Luke 7:11-15

Q10: Fever - Matthew 8:14-15

Q11: She touched the hem of his garment - Matthew 9:20-22

Q12: He healed her on the Sabbath - Luke 13:11-16

Q13: Jairus's daughter - Matthew 9:23-25

Q14: Having demonic power - Matthew 9:34

Q15: His bed - Matthew 9:1-8

Q16: 1 - Luke 24:13-15

Q17: John 21:3-11

Q18: Demon - Matthew 15:21-22

Q19: Abnormal swelling of his body - Luke 14:1-4

Q20: Healed a servant's severed ear - Luke 22:50-51

What do the miracles of Jesus teach us?

The miracles of Jesus teaches us to have compassion on one another especially those in need. The miracles of Jesus also teaches us to have faith in Him and by faith we can move mountains, heal the sick, raise the dead.

Why are the miracles of Jesus important?

The miracles of Jesus are important because it shows a glimpse of what we as sons and God can accomplish on earth. His miracles also help us to grow with a strong faith, have self confidence because God is with us.

Do miracles still happen?

Yes miracles still happens till today. Many of us have experience or encountered one or many miraculous signs and wonders just as the word of God says. Many have had unexpected promotion at work, healing that are medically impossible, break-throughs they did not see coming.

What was Jesus 2nd miracle?

The 2nd miraculous sign that Jesus did is recorded in John 4:46-54. This is the story of a royal officer whose son laid sick in Capernaum. Jesus said to the man he should go home that his son will live. When Jesus said this word, the man’s son lived as he was told on his way home by his servants.

What was Jesus first miracle?

The first known miracle Jesus did was when He turned water into wine at a wedding. The entire story can be found in John 2:1-11.

What happened in the feeding of the 5000?

The feeding of the 5000 is one of the famous miracles Jesus did when He fed a multitude of 5000 people with just 5 loaves and 2 fishes. this is described as the miracle of five loaves and two fishes. The entire story can be found in Mark 6: 30–44.

How do you pray for a miracle?

As Christians I believe we do not need to specially pray for miracles to happen. All we need is to accept Jesus Christ as our personal savior and Lord, follow all the commandments God gave to us and then miracles will happen when you least expected it.

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