10 Fun Nimrod and the Tower of Babel Quiz

Nimrod and the The Tower of Babel quiz is a fun way to learn about the famous biblical story of the Tower of Babel. This quiz will test your knowledge of the story and see how well you know your Bible!

Quiz Scripture reference: Genesis 10:8-11, Genesis 11:1-9

Nimrod and the Tower of Babel Quiz

Tower of Babel Quiz Questions and Answers

1. How many languages did the world have when the people built the city and tower of Babel?

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2. When the people moved eastward, they settled in what plain?

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3. What was their motive for trying to build a tower that would reach the heavens?

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4. What materials did they use to build the city and tower?

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5. What did God say when He came down to see the city and tower they were building?

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6. What did God do to stop them from completing the building of the city and tower?

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7. What did God do to them after confusing their language?

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8. Why was the city called Babel?

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9. Who was known to be a mighty hunter before the Lord?

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10. Who was the father of Nimrod?

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