25 Challenging Two Step Word Problems

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Two step word problems are math problems that require you to do two things in order to find the answer.

For example, a two step word problem might ask you to first add two numbers together, and then multiply the answer by a third number.

Two step word problems can be tricky, but they are usually not as difficult as three step or multi-step word problems.

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Table of Contents

Two Step Word Problems

Two Step Word Problems

Q1: A greengrocer has a box of apples. In the morning he sells 17 apples. In the afternoon he sells 6 apples. At the end of the day there are 11 apples left in the box. How many apples were there at the start of the day?

Answer: 34

Q2: 60 children signed up for a basketball camp. 18 children did not show up. 12 more joined the camp. How many children came to the basketball camp?

Answer: 54

Q3: Satsumas are sold in bags of 15. A box of satsumas contains 9 bags, and they are shipped in crates of 28 boxes. How many satsumas are in one crate?

Answer: 3780 satsumas

Q4: Apples are cut into 8 pieces to be shared among some children. Twenty-two bags of seven apples are used. How many pieces of apple are cut?

Answer: 1232 pieces of apple

Q5: Each car leaving a factory has 4 new tyres. 29 car transporters leave with 11 cars on each transporter. How many tyres are needed for all the cars?

Answer: 1276 tyres

Q6: For a party, 3 boxes of biscuits are purchased. Each box contains 14 packs of biscuits. Each pack contains packets of 22 biscuits. How many biscuits are purchased?

Answer: 924 biscuits

Q7: 75 people were in line to ride a roller coaster. 15 got out of the line. Then 17 more joined the line. How many people are still in line for the roller coaster?

Answer: 77

Q8: Daniel colored 14 pictures. He gave 9 to his mother on her birthday. Then he colored 12 more pictures. How many does Daniel have now?

Answer: 17

Q9: In a dance competition, there are 32 teams. Each team has 8 dancers. Each dancer has five pairs of dancing shoes. How many pairs of shoes will there be at the competition?

Answer: 1280 pairs of shoes

Q10: 32 kids lined up for a running race. 11 more kids joined. 6 kids left to get a drink of water. How many kids were left for the running race?

Answer: 37

Q11: Pete has 22 green marbles and 14 blue marbles. Ron has 17 marbles. How many more marbles does Pete have than Ron?

Answer: 19

Q12: A photographer takes 34 photographs in a day. She takes 13 in the morning and 12 in the afternoon. She takes the rest of the photographs in the evening. How many photographs does she take in the evening?

Answer: 9

Q13: Paul and Silas bring their football cards to share with their friend Thomas. Paul brings 14 and Silas brings 11. They give Thomas 8 cards between them. How many do Paul and Silas have left altogether?

Answer: 17

Q14: A school manager orders 12 boxes of A4 paper. Each box contains 5 reams, with each ream containing 500 sheets of paper. How many sheets of paper are ordered?

Answer: 30,000 sheets of paper

Q15: Esther collects 23 candies. She gives 6 of the candies to her brother and 8 to her sister. How many candies does she have left?

Answer: 9

Q16: Lucy has 15 marbles. She takes them to her friend’s house. She loses 3 on the way and 4 in the house. How many does she have left?

Answer: 8

Q17: John has a packet of biscuits. There are 12 in the packet. He gives 6 of the biscuits to some friends. He buys another packet of 12 biscuits. How many biscuits does he have now?

Answer: 18

Q18: A group of school teens travel by train. The teens are in compartments of 6 teens. Each carriage has 13 compartments and there are 14 carriages on the train. How many teens are on the train?

Answer: 1092 children

Q19: A farmer has 26 goats, which he keeps in 3 fields. After counting 12 in the first field and 5 in the second, how many goats would he expect to find in the third?

Answer: 9

Q20: John buys 12 pencils one week, and 7 the following week. He gives 3 pencils to his friend. How many pencils does he have left?

Answer: 16

Q21: In a school kitchen, the cook has 20 pie trays. She makes meat pies and vegetarian pies. The cook uses 8 trays for the meat pies and 7 for the vegetarian pies. How many trays are not in use?

Answer: 5

Q22: A squad of 20 footballers are each given three new pairs of boots. Each pair has 16 studs. How many studs are there altogether?

Answer: 960 studs

Q23: A teacher collects a bag of 28 balls for a PE lesson. There are 3 colours of ball. There are 13 blue balls and 8 green balls. How many red balls are there?

Answer: 7

Q24: Tom picked 45 berries from the garden. He ate 6 of them. Then he threw away 12 rotten ones. How many berries does Tom have now?

Answer: 27

Q25: Solve this equation: 3 − 7 × 4 = ?

Answer: -25

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