NCIS Trivia Questions and Answers

Think you're a true NCIS fan? Put your knowledge to the test with our collection of NCIS trivia questions and answers.

NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) has been a popular American police procedural TV series since 2003 and one of the most-watched TV shows in the world.

The series follows a team of special agents who are part of the NCIS Major Case Response Team (MCRT) based in Washington, D.C., and the show has built a huge following over the years.

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NCIS Trivia Questions

NCIS Trivia Questions and Answers

1. What agency does NCIS stand for?

a: National Central Intelligence Service
b: National Criminal Investigation Service
c: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
d: National Counterterrorism and Intelligence Service

2. What actor has been on NCIS the longest?

a: Abby Sciuto
b: Mark Harmon
c: Tim McGee
d: Ziva David

3. What is Gibbs' first name in NCIS?

a: Anthony
b: Leroy
c: Donald
d: James

4. Which character is known for their goth style and expertise in forensics?

a: Gibbs
b: Tony DiNozzo
c: Ziva David
d: Abby Sciuto

5. Which actor plays the role of NCIS Director Leon Vance?

a: Brian Dietzen
b: David McCallum
c: Rocky Carroll
d: Sean Murray

6. What is the name of the team's medical examiner in NCIS?

a: Donald Mallard
b: Jimmy Palmer
c: Tobias Fornell
d: Leon Vance

7. Who said "He's the spine of the show. Without him it's a show about jellyfish. We need our spine."?

a: Abby Sciuto
b: Ducky Mallard
c: Michael Weatherly
d: Timothy McGee

8. What was Gibbs' rank in the Marine Corps before joining NCIS?

a: Sergeant
b: Corporal
c: Lieutenant Colonel
d: Gunnery Sergeant

9. Which character was introduced as a Mossad agent before joining the NCIS team?

a: Ziva David
b: Kate Todd
c: Leon Vance
d: Ellie Bishop

10. In the first two seasons of NCIS opening credits, what is seen going under the Golden Gate Bridge?

a: An aircraft carrier
b: A submarine
c: A yacht
d: A cargo ship

11. What was the name of Gibbs' first wife, who was killed in a terrorist attack?

a: Jenny
b: Shannon
c: Diane
d: Sarah

12. Who replaced Eli David as the NCIS director for Mossad?

a: Ellie Bishop
b: Ned Dorneget
c: Kate Todd
d: Orli Elbaz

13. Who makes the sound heard at the beginning and end of each NCIS act, when the scene goes to black and white?

a: Pauley Perrette
b: Michael Weatherly
c: Donald P. Bellisario
d: Mark Harmon

14. A full time NCIS Special Agent carries what type of shield?

a: Silver Shield
b: Bronze Shield
c: Gold Shield
d: Platinum Shield

15. What did Pauley Perrette, who plays as Abby in NCIS study in college?

a: Marine Biology
b: Forensic Science
c: Sociologist
d: Botanist

16. What is the name of the NCIS team tech specialist who was introduced in season 16?

a: Kasie Hines
b: Bishop Torres
c: Nick Torres
d: Jack Sloane

17. In what episode of NCIS does Ziva and Tony Have a Baby?

a: Season 13 finale
b: Season 12 Episode 3
c: Season 10 finale
d: Season 16 finale

18. What is the name of the character who was revealed to be Gibbs' mentor and father figure?

a: Jackson Gibbs
b: Donald Mallard
c: Tobias Fornell
d: Mike Franks

19. Who was the first woman to serve as the director of NCIS?

a: Leon Vance
b: Sarah Porter
c: Jennifer Shepard
d: Thomas Morrow

20. When was the first episode of NCIS aired?

a: March 2003
b: February 2004
c: June 1998
d: January 2004

NCIS Trivia Answers

  1. Naval Criminal Investigative Service
  2. Mark Harmon
  3. Leroy
  4. Abby Sciuto
  5. Rocky Carroll
  6. Donald Mallard
  7. Michael Weatherly
  8. Gunnery Sergeant
  9. Ziva David
  10. An aircraft carrier
  11. Shannon
  12. Orli Elbaz
  13. Donald P. Bellisario
  14. Gold Shield
  15. Forensic Science
  16. Kasie Hines
  17. Season 13 finale
  18. Mike Franks
  19. Jennifer Shepard
  20. January 2004

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