True or False Trivia Questions and Answers

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Everyone loves a good trivia game, and we know that True or False questions are a classic choice for any trivia night.

So if you're hosting a family game night, a school event, or a corporate party, our True or False Trivia Questions is a great way to bring people together and test their knowledge.

True or False Trivia is a classic game format that has been around for generations and is popular in classrooms, at parties, and even on TV. The game can be adapted to any subject matter and is perfect for testing knowledge on topics ranging from history and science to pop culture and current events.

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Table of Contents

True or False Trivia Questions

True or False Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Every computer contains artificial intelligence.

2. There are less than 50 news portals in every country.

3. Every computer is targeted daily by hackers.

4. A person's IP address can be used to figure out their location.

5. In France, it's possible to marry a deceased person.

6. Hackers hack about 30,000 sites a day.

8. Oslo is the capital of Norway.

9. Whales are animals.

10. Japan is in Asia.

11. Voice assistants were invented in 2020.

12. The website with the highest traffic in the world is Netflix.

13. Triangles have three angles.

14. Belgium legalized same-sex marriage in 2003.

15. Facebook was going to be shut down in 2011.

16. The fastest Internet is in Iceland.

17. The first video on YouTube was about elephants.

18. On average, 12.5 million people visit Disneyland Paris every year.

19. The political leaders in Europe are Germany and Bulgaria.

20. Penguins can fly.

21. A YouTuber is someone who watches YouTube videos.

22. Helsinki is one of the European capitals.

23. Tea contains caffeine.

24. The population of the town of Hum in Croatia is 28 (as of 2020).

25. The geographic center of Europe is Paris.

26. Eurasia is made up of Europe and Asia.

27. About 45% of Europe is mountainous.

28. A Tesla car went to space.

29. The first website in the world was created at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland.

30. The most populous city in Europe is Moscow.

31. The members of the Nordic Council are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

32. More than 2.4 billion people around the world use the Internet.

33. 51% of web traffic is generated by bots, not real people.

34. Scotland owns almost 800 islands.

35. Europe is bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

36. The Internet can't be turned off completely.

37. Bill Gates created the first smartphone.

38. The Internet was invented in 2000.

39. Dogs cannot be trained.

40. Lake Ladoga is the largest freshwater lake in Europe.

41. Watermelons are vegetables.

42. You can't get famous on the Internet.

43. The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.

44. The smallest country in Europe is Liechtenstein.

45. Dolphins are fish.

46. The population of Europe makes up about 9% of the world's population (as of 2019).

47. The inventor of the Internet is named Tim Berners-Lee.

48. In the 10th century B.C., 15% of the world's population lived in Europe.

49. Italy was a member of the Triple Alliance.

50. There are sites on the Internet where you can watch movies completely for free.

51. The Earth revolves around the Moon.

52. The phrase "surfing the web" was coined in 1992.

53. There are no active volcanoes in Europe.

54. Europe's western border is along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

55. The largest sand desert in Europe is Dasht-e Lut.

56. The capital of Monaco is Monaco.

57. There's no snow at the North Pole.

58. Humans are born with teeth.

59. Water does not freeze.

60. There are no mosquitos in Iceland.

61. Unicorns exist.

62. Orchids are flowers.

63. The capital of Greece is Rome.

64. The Internet was initially developed for military purposes.

65. Basketball teams don't have goalkeepers.

66. There are no red flowers.

67. The Internet is heavily censored in China.

68. Russia is a land of desert sands and pyramids.

69. Benelux is made up of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

70. There are four seasons in a year.

71. More than half of Europe's states are part of the European Union and NATO.

73. Everyone is able to bite their own elbow.

74. There's no Internet in India.

75. The Euro is the currency in every country in Europe.

True or False Trivia Answers

  1. FALSE
  2. FALSE
  3. FALSE
  4. TRUE
  5. TRUE
  6. TRUE
  7. FALSE
  8. TRUE
  9. TRUE
  10. TRUE
  11. FALSE
  12. TRUE
  13. TRUE
  14. TRUE
  15. FALSE
  16. TRUE
  17. TRUE
  18. TRUE
  19. FALSE
  20. FALSE
  21. FALSE
  22. TRUE
  23. TRUE
  24. TRUE
  25. FALSE
  26. TRUE
  27. FALSE
  28. TRUE
  29. TRUE
  30. TRUE
  31. TRUE
  32. TRUE
  33. TRUE
  34. TRUE
  35. FALSE
  36. TRUE
  37. FALSE
  38. FALSE
  39. FALSE
  40. TRUE
  41. FALSE
  42. FALSE
  43. TRUE
  44. FALSE
  45. FALSE
  46. TRUE
  47. TRUE
  48. FALSE
  49. TRUE
  50. FALSE
  51. FALSE
  52. TRUE
  53. FALSE
  54. TRUE
  55. FALSE
  56. TRUE
  57. FALSE
  58. FALSE
  59. FALSE
  60. TRUE
  61. FALSE
  62. TRUE
  63. FALSE
  64. TRUE
  65. TRUE
  66. FALSE
  67. TRUE
  68. FALSE
  69. TRUE
  70. TRUE
  71. TRUE
  72. FALSE
  73. FALSE
  74. FALSE
  75. FALSE

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