Pancake Day Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you looking for fun and informative Pancake Day quiz questions and answers to celebrate Shrove Tuesday in style? Look no further!

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Pancake Day Quiz Questions

Pancake Day Quiz Questions and Answers

1. During which Jewish holiday are potato pancakes, or latkes, customerily served?

a: Rosh hashanah
b: Yom Kippur
c: Hanukkah
d: Sukkot

2. On Pancake Day, how many eggs are consumed in the United Kingdom to make pancakes?

a: 22 million
b: 52 million
c: 12 million
d: 30 million

3. How many pancakes did Russian citizen Andrei Smirnov consume in space of one hour?

a: 34
b: 98
c: 73
d: 54

4. How many metres wide were the biggest pancakes ever made?

a: 15
b: 8
c: 4
d: 6

5. Which nation accounts for 80% of the world's maple syrup production?

a: Canada
b: Italy
c: Germany
d: America

6. Which nation is renowned across the world for its crepes?

a: France
b: Japan
c: Brazil
d: Britian

7. The number of pancakes that were consumed in a span of eight hours set a new Guinness World Record?

a: 23, 124
b: 34818
c: 100, 235
d: 4652

8. What day comes after the celebration of pancakes?

a: Ash Wednesday
b: Fat Wednesday
c: Holy Wednesday
d: Palm Wednesday

9. In Ashbourne, Derbyshire, what sport is traditionally played on Pancake Day?

a: Cheese Football
b: Gang Football
c: Mob Football
d: Pancake Hockey

10. What is the customary day to serve pancakes in England?

a: Good Friday
b: Blessed Monday
c: Shrove Tuesday
d: Holy Sunday

11. What kind of topping is most common in England for hot pancakes?

a: Cheese & Marmite
b: Jam & Cream
c: Lemon Juice & sugar
d: None of these

12. What is the world record for the most pancakes made in one hour by an individual?

a: 1080
b: 1,127
c: 94
d: 21

13. Which of the following country does not celebrate Pancake Day?

a: United States
b: United Kingdom
c: Australia
d: Egypt

14. Which of the following country is believed to be the origin of Pancake Day?

a: United States
b: United Kingdom
c: New Zealand
d: Canada

15. How many pancakes are typically flipped during a Pancake Day race?

a: 1
b: 2
c: 3
d: 4

16. Which of these is the main purpose of Pancake Day races?

a: To determine the best pancake chef
b: To raise money for charity
c: To set a world record
d: To showcase new pancake recipes

Pancake Day Quiz Answers

  1. Hanukkah
  2. 52 million
  3. 73
  4. 15
  5. Canada
  6. France
  7. 34,818
  8. Ash Wednesday
  9. Mob Football
  10. Shrove Tuesday
  11. Lemon Juice & sugar
  12. 1,127 by Erica Price (USA)
  13. Egypt
  14. United Kingdom
  15. 1
  16. To raise money for charity

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