10 Ways To Find Joy In Your Everyday Life As A Christian

In this post, we will be sharing with you some practical ways to find joy in your everyday life as a Christian. A vital element of any Christian life is joy. As Christians, we are instructed and expected to share our joy everywhere we go and with everyone we meet. It is an essential fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Often it's easy to find joy in everything around us and spread it to others like wildfire. However, other times it's hard to stay joyful, even though we have complete faith in God and the plans that he has laid out for us.

Life happens, and it can drag us down with it. We often face situations that seem, on the surface, to be completely unjoyful, even depressing. At these times, our faith is more important than ever, and we must remain focused on keeping and maintaining our joy.

Here we talk about some things you can focus on and steps that you can take to find joy in your Christian life, keep it, and share it with everyone you meet.

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Ways To Find Joy In Your Everyday Life

Keep God’s Commandments and Obey Him

God told us that we could find joy if we kept his commandments. Doing so is the simplest way to find the joy that God intends for us as Christians. With this idea in mind, you should make sure that you focus on really listening to the voice of God in all situations and focusing on doing what He asks you to do. God uses different ways to speak to each of us.

You should consistently review and renew your commitment to Him and follow through with your daily worship and prayer. If you do these things, no matter what trial you face, you will be able to weather through it with joy in your heart.

When others around you see that you project joy despite challenges, setbacks, and other difficulties, they will wonder what you have inside of you that enables this true peace.

You can share the good news of God's joy with those around you when such an occasion presents itself.

Be Thankful for All That You Are Given 

One of the best ways to focus on joy is by showing gratitude for everything God has given you, from big things to the smallest things. Even something as simple as a sunny day can be a reason for joy.

Yes, depending on the trial you face, finding a reason to be thankful can be practically impossible. Maybe you're struggling with an illness or the death of a loved one.

These moments are difficult and will challenge you spiritually. But instead of focusing on your sadness or disappointment, focus on what God still has planned for you. 

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. It is human to feel grief, frustration, or anger, but you cannot allow these emotions to control you, or they will steal your joy in an instant.

No matter how hard it is, spend a few minutes each day focusing on the good (and there's always something good), and you will be able to keep your interior peace and radiate joy. It won't be the worldly joy, but the kind that only a relationship with God can provide.

Keep a Positive Attitude 

Like finding something to be thankful for each day, the attitude you keep also provides a path towards a Christian joy. Remember, you need to choose joy, regardless of the external factors in your life.

Focus on the many times in life that God remained faithful to you and use those as a guide to keeping your spirits up.

Think about times in the past when you faced trials and disappointments and how, when you look back on them now, you can see how God has ordered everything for good.

When you approach life with a glass-half-full attitude, you will be able to face any situation during your day with calmness, peace, and joy that only a Christian can possess.

Forgive Others Without Restriction 

One of the biggest things that steal away a Christian's joy is anger and resentment towards others. Focusing on how others have hurt you in the past or the way that they wronged you will only eat away at us inside and cause bitterness. Bitterness is the complete opposite of joy.

Remember how Jesus forgave you without restriction, then focus on doing the same for others. Even if the other person chooses not to forgive you, that's okay. You know that you've done your part, and you can now focus on the joy that comes from being obedient to God.

Sometimes, people might do terrible things to you, even justifiably unforgivable things. But un-forgiveness is not for Christians. As a Christian, you must let go and move on. If you practice true Christian forgiveness, you will experience genuine Christian joy. 

Pray Without Ceasing 

When you make your daily life a prayer to God and surrender all of your works and deeds to Him, you will find that you are continuously praying without even thinking about it. A life filled with a constant prayer from the moment you awaken until you fall asleep is a life that will undoubtedly possess much joy. 

Nothing destroys the enemy's plans quicker than a person who remains persistent in prayer. When you destroy the enemy's plans, you see fewer distractions throughout your day. The fewer distractions you have, the more you can experience joy in the way God intended. 

Remember always that joy is a gift that God gave you to show you how much he loves you. When you don't use this gift, you do not live your life to your full potential. Living a life that focuses on God first above all other things makes the quickest way to find joy, keep it, and share it with others. 

Take Time to Help Others 

When you help others or act charitably, it can bring you a special kind of joy because you know that you please God with your actions. Even if you're having a terrible day, you will immediately lift your spirits if you do something kind for someone else.

Commit to trying to perform a random act of kindness at least once a week. Ask God to guide you if you don't know what to do. 

Maybe you help a busy mom by watching her kids while she runs to the store for an hour or so. Or you may feel called to pay for a stranger's coffee one morning or help an elderly neighbor rake leaves.

Whatever you do, know that when you perform these acts, it not only blesses the other person but also brings joy to your heart.

Focus on God's Word 

Reading and meditating on Scripture is one of the most joyful things you can do as a Christian. It fills your heart and mind with hope, peace, love, and joy. It also helps to center you when the enemy tries to attack your joy or steal your focus from God.

When you make time for Bible study and prayer every day, you will find that your joy increases exponentially.

Spend Time in Worship and Praise

Worshiping and praising God is another excellent way to experience more joy in your life. When you take the time to focus on all that God has done for you, it is impossible to feel anything but joy.

Additionally, worshiping and praising God helps to refocus your mind on Him when the enemy tries to steal your joy. Make worship and praise a priority in your life, and you will find that your joy will increase exponentially.

Seek God’s Will for Your Life and Obey It

One of the best things you can do to experience more joy in your life is to seek God’s will for your life and then obey it. When you are living in accordance with God’s plan for you, you will find that joy comes naturally.

When you are obeying God’s will for your life, you can be confident that you are living the life He has called you to live. This will give you a sense of peace and joy that is impossible to find anywhere else.

Live Each Day to the Fullest

Finally, one of the best things you can do to experience more joy in your life is to live each day to the fullest. This means making the most of every opportunity and not taking anything for granted. When you live each day with intention, you will find that your joy will increase exponentially.

Final Thoughts

Joy is a gift that God has given us to show His love for us. When we don't use this gift, we don't live our lives to our full potential. Living a life that focuses on God first and foremost is the quickest way to find joy and keep it in our lives.

Praying without ceasing, forgiving others, and taking time to help those in need are all great ways to show God's love and experience true Christian joy.

We hope that these suggestions will leave you feeling blessed and renewed. Remember, Christian joy is one of the most amazing gifts from God. We are always instructed to be joyful and focus not on worldly things but on the everlasting joy given by our relationship with God.

Words To Live By

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." - Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer

How to be happy in the middle of difficulties and trials?

The key to being happy in the midst of difficulties and trials is to remember that our joy does not come from our circumstances. Instead, our joy comes from God Himself.

This means that no matter what is happening in our lives, we can always choose to focus on God and His goodness. When we do this, we will experience His joy, which is perfect and everlasting.

How does the Christian life and joy differ from the world?

The Christian life is lived with the goal of pleasing and glorifying God, while the world lives for self-gratification.

The Bible teaches that joy comes from obedience to God and a focus on His goodness, while the world chases after fleeting pleasures.

In Christ, joy is an enduring emotion that does not depend on our circumstances, while the world's happiness is based on constantly changing circumstances.

Finally, joy in Christ is available to everyone who asks, while the world's happiness is only available to a limited few.

We hope that you have been blessed by our collection of practical ways to find joy in your everyday life as a Christian.

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10 Ways To Find Joy In Your Everyday Life As A Christian

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