30 Christian Work Trivia Questions & Answers

Do you like playing games at work in your spare? Do you like showing off your knowledge of the Bible? If so, then you'll love the Work Trivia Questions and Answer Quiz Game!

This game is perfect for Christians who want to have a little fun while they learn more about the Bible and Christian history.

Whether you're a seasoned Christian worker or just starting out, this quiz is sure to challenge and entertain you.

So put on your thinking cap and see how much you really know about the word of God.

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Work Trivia Questions

Fun Holiday Trivia Questions and Answers

Q1: Nahum says that who will be led away as a captive with her handmaidens?
A: Hagar
B: Helah
C: Huzzab
D: Hushim
E: Hagabah

Q2: John's third letter is addressed to one man in particular. What is his name?
A: Brutus
B: Claudius
C: Jaziz
D: Gaius
E: Julius

Q3: Complete the following: "for a man's life consists not in the…"
A: Abundance of the things he possesses
B: Fame that he achieves
C: Power that he has over others
D: Wealth that he accumulates
E: Other's opinion

Q4: What is required of a steward?
A: Wisdom
B: Eloquence
C: Faithfulness
D: Knowledge
E: Punctuality

Q5: When Apostle Paul wrote a letter to Colossian church, he wanted that letter to be read in which other church too?
A: Philippi
B: Corinth
C: Ephesus
D: Antioch
E: Laodicea

Q6: A total of how many people did Zerubbabel lead back into Judah?
A: 13,091 people
B: 23,306 people
C: 31,485 people
D: 49,897 people
E: 94,123 people

Q7: Of what is a fool full of?
A: Lust
B: Pride
C: Vanity
D: Words
E: Hypocrisy

Q8: According to Peter, unto what kind of hope have we been begotten?
A: Blessed
B: Lively
C: Purifying
D: Special
E: Amazing

Q9: What River was mentioned describing the extent of the land to be given to the Israelites?
A: Euphrates
B: Gihon
C: Jordan
D: Pison
E: Tigris

Q10: How many priests sounded with trumpets at the dedication of the temple?
A: 7
B: 12
C: 40
D: 120
E: 240

Q11: What did Nehemiah do to the son-in-law of Sanballat?
A: Cast out all his stuff
B: Chased him away
C: Removed him from the priesthood
D: Made him divorce his wife
E: Put him outside of the walls

Q12: During the time of Elisha's sickness what did he tell Joash to take hold of?
A: Seventeen fish
B: Bow and arrows
C: The writings of King David
D: Cups and vessels
E: Precious stones from temple Treasury

Q13: How many carts were given to the sons of Kohath for service?
A: 2
B: 4
C: 6
D: 8
E: None

Q14: What was Jesus talking about when he said you can't make one hair on your head black or white?
A: Resurrection
B: Forgiveness
C: Fasting
D: Oaths
E: Rage

Q15: God tells us about the new world He shall create in the future where lions shall no longer eat meat but straw instead. What will snakes eat in this new world?
A: Berries
B: Grass
C: Dust
D: Stones
E: Roots

Q16: Nahum says that the fortresses of Assyria will fall like what?
A: Like figs from a tree
B: Like a forest to an axe
C: Like stars from the sky
D: Like stones down a well
E: Like a dried petals fall

Q17: Which animals skins dyed red, were used as an offering to help make the tabernacle?
A: Goats
B: Lambs
C: Rams
D: Badgers
E: Lions

Q18: According to Daniel, how many kings would there be in Persia?
A: 1
B: 2
C: 3
D: 4
E: 5

Q19: In what land did Job live?
A: Oz
B: Id
C: Uz
D: Ur
E: Iz

Q20: How did Zerubbabel and Joshua the high priest respond to the words of Haggai?
A: They ignored them
B: They rejected them
C: They repented in sackcloth and ashes
D: They obeyed
E: They ridiculed

Q21: What three things does God say the evil abominations of House of Israel will fall?
A: Plague, war, famine
B: Sword, famine, pestilence
C: Exile, no rain, sudden deaths of first born in every house
D: Captured by enemy, pestilence, injustice
E: Idols, sword, betrayal

Q22: When did the manna cease?
A: After Joshua prayed
B: When Moses died
C: When they had eaten of the corn of the land
D: When they conquered Jericho
E: When they step into promised land

Q23: And I will give you __ according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.
A: Governors
B: Kings
C: Pastors
D: Priests
E: Apostles

Q24: What was pronounced upon those that call evil good and good evil?
A: Curses
B: Forgiveness
C: Judgment
D: Woe
E: Punishment

Q25: As a warning for the people of Jerusalem God had Jeremiah gather them together and then to break what item?
A: A sword
B: A clay pot
C: A strong stick
D: A glass window
E: A tree branch

Q26: Before which prophet did Zedekiah refuse to humble himself?
A: Haggai
B: Micaiah
C: Zechariah
D: Zephaniah
E: Jeremiah

Q27: What celebration did Josiah conduct that had not been held in like manner since days of the judges, nor in all the days of the kings?
A: Feast of tabernacles
B: First-fruits
C: Passover
D: Pentecost
E: Purim

Q28: What did Jehoshaphat first want to do before going with Ahab to battle?
A: Consult the Urim and Thummin
B: Count the cost
C: Fast
D: Enquire at the word of the LORD
E: Read the scriptures

Q29: Who is father of Joseph (Jesus' earthly father)?
A: Jacob
B: Hallohesh
C: Hanoch
D: Harum
E: Heli

Q30: What army fled in the night because they heard the sound of army chariots and horses?
A: Egyptians
B: Hittities
C: Syrians
D: Ethiopians
E: Israelites

Work Trivia Answers

Christian Work Trivia Questions & Answers

Q1: Hazzab - Nahum 2:7
Q2: Gaius - 3 John 1:1
Q3: Abundance of the things he possesses - Luke 12:15
Q4: Faithfulness - 1 Corinthians 4:2
Q5: Laodicea - Colossians 4:16
Q6: 49,897 people - Ezra 2:64-65
Q7: Words - Ecclesiastes 10:14
Q8: Lively - 1 Peter 1:3
Q9: Euphrates - Deuteronomy 11:24
Q10: 120 - 2 Chronicles 5:12
Q11: Chased him away - Nehemiah 13:28
Q12: Bow and arrows - 2 Kings 13:15
Q13: None - Numbers 7:9
Q14: Oaths - Matthew 5:36
Q15: Dust - Isaiah 65:25

Bible Quiz Questions for Youths

Q16: Like figs from a tree - Nahum 3:12
Q17: Rams - Exodus 25:5
Q18: 4 - Daniel 11:2
Q19: Uz - Job 1:1
Q20: They obeyed - Haggai 1:12
Q21: Sword, famine, pestilence - Ezekiel 6:11
Q22: When they had eaten of the corn of the land - Joshua 5:12
Q23: Pastors - Jeremiah 3:15
Q24: Woe - Isaiah 5:20
Q25: A clay pot - Jeremiah 19:11
Q26: Jeremiah - 2 Chronicles 36:12
Q27: Passover - 2 Kings 23:22
Q28: Enquire at the word of the LORD - 1 Kings 22:5
Q29: Heli - Luke 3:23
Q30: Syrians - 2 Kings 7:6

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