70 Fun Bible Trivia For Kids Questions and Answers

Ready for our next Bible trivia for kids challenge? We have put together a collection of 20 children's bible trivia questions and answers, fun Bible Trivia Questions for kids that would encourage every child to study the Bible the more and boost their confidence in the knowledge of the word of God.

How much of the Bible do you know and how confident are you to score 100% in this quiz? This Bible quiz is to help you learn a lot more about the word of God with a desire to study more.

How often do you spend time in God's word? Are you one of those that procrastinate? This is the time and season where you need to make up your mind to follow Jesus even more closer than ever before.

We hope that these faith quiz questions will help you to learn more about God's word and increase your desire to learn. The quizzes cuts across the old testament and the new testament.

Bible Trivia For Kids Questions and Answers

Q1: How many commandments are there in the Bible?
Answer: 10

Q2: What is the first book in the new testament?
Answer: Matthew

Q3: What is the first book in the old testament?
Answer: Genesis

Q4: What did God do on the 7th day?
Answer: He rested

Q5: Who built an ark?
Answer: Noah

Q6: Who is the mother of Jesus?
Answer: Mary

Q7: What are the first three words in Genesis?
Answer: In the beginning

Q8: What is the shortest verse in the bible?
Answer: Jesus wept

Q9: What is the longest chapter in the bible?
Answer: Psalm 119

Q10: What is the middle chapter in the bible?
Answer: Psalm 117

Q11: What is the longest verse in the bible?
Answer: Esther 8:9

Q12: How many sons did Jacob have?
Answer: 12

Q13: How old was Abraham when Isaac was born?
Answer: 100

Q14: How old was Sarah when Isaac was born?
Answer: 90

Q15: Who was older Ishmael or Isaac?
Answer: Ishmael

Q16: What is the meaning of the name Isaac in the bible?
Answer: One who laughs

Q17: Where was Jesus buried?
Answer: In a tomb

Q18: How many days was Jesus in the tomb?
Answer: 3 days

Q19: What is the shortest book in the new testament?
Answer: 2 John

Q20: How many days was Jonah in the belly of the big fish?
Answer: 3 days and 3 nights

Q21: Who wrote the Book of Revelation?
Answer: Apostle John

Q22: What does the word “gospel” mean?
Answer: Good News

Q23: How many disciples did Jesus have?
Answer: 12

Q24: How many times did Peter deny Jesus?
Answer: 3 times

Q25: What is another name for the Sermon on the Mount?
Answer: The Beatitudes

Q26: Where was Moses born in the Bible?
Answer: Goshen in ancient Egypt

Q27: How many plagues of Egypt are there in the bible?
Answer: 10

Q28: What were the 10 plagues of Egypt?
Answer: Water turning to blood; Frogs, Lice, Flies, Livestock pestilence, Boils, Hail, Locusts, Darkness and the Killing of firstborn children

Q29: Who killed Goliath?
Answer: David

Q30: Who threw Daniel in the lion’s den?
Answer: King Darius

Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Q31: Who threw Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in the fire?
Answer: Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon

Q32: Who was the Pharisee that had a private meeting with Jesus at night?
Answer: Nicodemus

Q33: Which chapter of Hebrews tells of great heroes of faith?
Answer: Hebrews 11

Q34: Which book in the Bible tells of Paul’s conversion?
Answer: Acts

Q35: Prophet Isaiah lived in which city?
Answer: Jerusalem

Q36: Ahab was the king of which country?
Answer: Israel

Q37: Finish this sentence: We are not saved by our own works, we are saved by _?_
Answer: Grace

Q38: What did David use to kill Goliath?
Answer: A sling and a stone

Q39: What did the bread and wine Jesus served the disciples at the Last Supper represent?
Answer: Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Jesus Christ

Q40: Even though he promised Jesus he would die for him, what did Peter do when Jesus was arrested?
Answer: Peter denied that he knew Jesus three times

Q41: What was the name of the demon who possessed the man in the tomb?
Answer: Legion

Q42: What happened to Joseph after he had refused to commit adultery with his master's wife?
Answer: He was put in jail

Q43: What is the name given to an unusual happening that goes against the laws of nature?
Answer: Miracles

Q44: What is the meaning of "Epistle"?
Answer: Letter

Q45: Jesus said what is the greatest display of love?
Answer: That a man would lay down his life for a friend

Q46: Which Queen visited King Solomon because she had heard of his fame?
Answer: The Queen of Sheba

Q47: True or False, the word "Easter" appears in the Old Testament?
Answer: False

Q48: The Easter sunrise service, a distinctive Protestant observance in North America, comes from what Biblical event?
Answer: A reenactment of Mary Magdalene’s visit to Jesus’ tomb on the morning of his Resurrection

Q49: Who is the man that wanted to kill baby Jesus?
Answer: King Herod

Q50: How many books of poetry are in the Old Testament?
Answer: Five

Q51: Ten men with what condition were healed by Jesus?
Answer: Leoprasy

Q52: In the book of Genesis, God did what to Adam and Eve when he found that they had sinned?
Answer: He expelled them from the garden of Eden

Q53: What was the animal Satan appeared as to Eve in the book of Genesis?
Answer: Serpent

Q54: Which book tells of seven seals and seven trumpets?
Answer: Revelation

Q55: What is Pentecost?
Answer: When the Holy Spirit descended onto the apostles in flaming fire to give them the gifts to courageously proclaim the good news of Jesus

Q56: What is the sacrament in which we first become children of God?
Answer: Baptism

Q57: Who was the boy who killed the Philistine giant?
Answer: David

Q58: What does "Eve" mean?
Answer: Mother of all living

Q59: Why is Easter celebrated?
Answer: It is the day of Jesus Christ's Resurrection

Q60: Which prophet had to lay on his left side for six months?
Answer: Ezekiel

Q61: How old was Abraham in the bible when he died?
Answer: 175 (Genesis 25:7)

Q62: How old was Jesus when he was crucified?
Answer: No one knows as it was not recorded in the Bible

Q63: The shortest book in the old testament is?
Answer: Obadiah (21 verses only)

Q64: How old was Jesus when he returned from Egypt?
Answer: The Bible does not say

Q65: Who married Boaz in the bible?
Answer: Ruth

Q66: How old was Joseph when he married Mary in the bible?
Answer: Not mentioned in the Bible

Q67: Who married Rebecca in the bible?
Answer: Isaac

Q68: Who had the most wives in the Bible?
Answer: King Solomon

Q69: Where did Cain's wife come from in the Bible?
Answer: Its not mentioned in the Bible but it is widely believed that Cain married his sister

Q70: What was Lot's wife name in the Bible?
Answer: Her name is not mentioned in the Bible

We hope that you have been blessed and have learnt something from our collection of 20 fun Bible Trivia For Kids Questions and Answers to see how much of the Bible you know. Don’t forget to also checkout our blog section for more frequently asked bible questions and quizzes.

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