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How much do you know about the NFL games or American Football as its also known as? Why not try out our NFL trivia questions and answers quiz to find out.

Table of Contents

NFL Trivia Questions - Round 1

1. Lamar Jackson was only the second player in NFL history to get the unanimous MVP award in 2019. Who was the first?

a: Tom Brady
b: Aaron Rodgers
c: Marshall Faulk
d: Peyton Manning

2. Who made the first four first-round selections in the same draft in 2000?

a: Washington Redskins
b: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
c: New York Jets
d: Peyton Manning

3. The first overall pick in the 2007 NFL draft was Jamarcus Russell. Whom did the second overall pick go to?

a: Adrian Peterson
b: Marshall Faulk
c: Joe Thomas
d: Calvin Johnson

4. The Houston Texans' first NFL campaign began in what year?

a: 2000
b: 2002
c: 2003
d: 2001

5. When the Pittsburgh Steelers won the super bowl in 2009, who was named the MVP?

a: Santonio Holmes
b: Hines Ward
c: Heath Miller
d: Ben Roethlisberger

6. Which of the following teams won the first Super Bowl in 1967?

a: Green Bay Packers
b: Boss Mode
c: Dallas Cowboys
d: Kansas City Chiefs

7. Fred dryer was the first player to record two saves in a single game in 1973. On what team was he when this occurred?

a: San Francisco 49ers
b: Minnesota Vikings
c: Los Angeles Rams
d: Arizona Cardinals

8. Which quarterback set a record in 2013 after tossing a pick-six four times in a row?

a: Jon Kitna
b: Jay Cutler
c: Eli Manning
d: Matt Schaub

9. Marshall Faulk and Eric Dickerson had the most rushing yards at the end of their careers.

a: Jon Kitna
b: Marshall Faulk
c: Luis Robles
d: Eric Dickerson

10. Which kicker amassed eight field goals in a single game in 2007 to break the previous record?

a: Stephen Gostkowski
b: Nate Kaeding
c: Rob Bironas
d: Adam Vinatieri

NFL Trivia Questions - Round 2

11. Which player was chosen first in the 2013 draft?

a: Zach Ertz
b: Tony Gonzalez
c: Champ Bailey
d: Ray Lewis

12. When did the original madden video game debut? John madden football was the name of the game.

a: 1991
b: 1990
c: 1992
d: 1988

13. Which NFL team did Vince Lombardi, last coached?

a: Washington Redskins
b: Green Bay Packers
c: Oakland Raiders
d: Cincinnati Bengals

14. Who was chosen earlier in the 2011 NFL draft?

a: JJ Watt
b: Cam Newton
c: Julio Jones
d: Von Miller

15. Before Roger Goodell, who served as the NFL commissioner?

a: Dave Gardi
b: Paul Tagliabue
c: Troy Vincent
d: Pete Rozelle

16. Jake long was the first overall selection in the 2008 NFL draft. Who was chosen second overall?

a: Matt Ryan
b: Chris Long
c: Jason Smith
d: Champ Bailey

17. Who failed to have a winning record in the NFL during his time?

a: Nick Saban
b: JJ Watt
c: Cam Newton
d: Chris Long

18. Who is recognized for pulling off the first Lambeau leap?

a: Eugene Robinson
b: Lerry Butler
c: Edgar Bennett
d: LeRoy Butler

19. Who was chosen first overall in the 2000 NFL draft?

a: Michael Vick
b: Chris Brown
c: LaVar Arrington
d: Courtney Brown

20. Who was the first team to win six super bowls?

a: Pittsburgh Steelers
b: Tampa bay buccaneers
c: San Francisco 49ers
d: New England Patriots

NFL Trivia Questions - Round 3

21. In 1991, which team won super bowl xxv (25)?

a: Dallas Cowboys
b: San Francisco 49ers
c: New York Giants
d: Washington Redskins

22. Which of these kickers has the most field goals kicked in NFL history?

a: Morten Andersen
b: Gary Anderson
c: Adam Vinatieri
d: John Carney

23. Which of these players is the only one to have appeared on three super bowl-winning teams in a row?

a: Charles Haley
b: Ken Norton Jr
c: Joe Montana
d: Matt Millen

24. In the 1999 NFL draft, Donovan McNabb was chosen second overall. Which quarterback was chosen before him?

a: Akili Smith
b: Daunte Culpepper
c: Peyton Manning
d: Tim Couch

25. Who was chosen in the NFL draft's second round?

a: Matt Millen
b: Joe Montana
c: Ken Norton Jr
d: Lamar Jackson

26. Who did not have a losing record as an NFL head coach in his ten seasons?

a: John Madden
b: Gary Anderson
c: John Carney
d: Morten Andersen

27. Who is the only player to have won five Super Bowl MVP awards?

a: Eli Manning
b: Peyton Manning
c: John Carney
d: Tom Brady

28. Who is the most recent defensive player to win Super Bowl MVP?

a: Larry Brown
b: Von Miller
c: Richard Dent
d: Chuck Howley

29. Jerry rice played his final NFL game for which team?

a: Seattle Seahawks
b: St. Louis Rams
c: Oakland Raiders
d: San Francisco 49ers

30. Which team began the 1992 season 0-4 and still went on to win their division?

a: Arizona Cardinals
b: Kansas City Chiefs
c: San Diego Chargers
d: Minnesota Vikings

NFL Trivia Questions - Round 4

31. Who currently has the most pro bowl appearances during their career?

a: Akili Smith
b: Eli Manning
c: Ray Lewis
d: Tom Brady

32. Which player has the number 56 retired by the New York Giants as an honor?

a: Frank Gifford
b: Lawrence Taylor
c: Ken Strong
d: Al Blozis

33. Which team in 1976 won the Super Bowl X?

a: Oakland Raiders
b: Dallas Cowboys
c: Pittsburgh Steelers
d: Minnesota Vikings

34. Drew Brees was chosen in what round of the 2001 NFL draft?

a: 1st Round
b: 3rd Round
c: 4th Round
d: 2nd Round

35. How long does a player have to be retired before being eligible for the pro football hall of fame?

a: 5 years
b: 7 years
c: 10 years
d: 2 years

36. Which NFL team has recorded the most losses so far?

a: The Cardinals
b: The Buccaneers
c: Las Vegas Raiders
d: Philadelphia Eagles

37. Jerry rice finished his career with how many total receiving yards?

a: 20,895
b: 22,895
c: 23,895
d: 24,895

38. Who is the best NFL player of all time?

a: Jim Brown
b: Joe Montana
c: Jerry Rice
d: Lawrence Taylor

39. For the Cleveland Browns, what number did the iconic Jim brown wear?

a: 12
b: 22
c: 42
d: 32

40. Who was among the top ten picks in the 1990 NFL draft?

a: Brett Favre
b: Antonio Freeman
c: Jeff George
d: Emmitt Smith

NFL Trivia Questions - Round 5

41. In the 1970s, which team won the most games?

a: Dallas Cowboys
b: Miami Dolphins
c: Washington Redskins
d: Pittsburgh Steelers

42. Gale sayers set the record for most touchdowns scored in a rookie season in 1965. How many touchdowns did Sayers score that year?

a: 18
b: 20
c: 22
d: 24

43. Which quarterback has thrown the most interceptions in his career?

a: Brett Favre
b: John Hadl
c: Vinny Testaverde
d: George Blanda

44. Who is considered the biggest NFL draft bust of all time?

a: Ryan Leaf
b: Peyton Manning
c: Brett Favre
d: George Blanda

45. Who is the all time NFL interception leader?

a: Deion Sanders
b: Rod Woodson
c: Emlen Tunnell
d: Paul Krause

46. Terry Crews was chosen 11th round overall in the 1991 NFL draft. Which team choose him?

a: San Diego Chargers
b: Washington Redskins
c: Philadelphia Eagles
d: Los Angeles Rams

47. Which of these guys set the record for the most sacks in a single game in 1990 (with 7)?

a: Derrick Thomas
b: Michael Strahan
c: Rickey Jackson
d: Lawrence Taylor

48. Which NFL coach currently has the most winning Super Bowl rings?

a: Andy Reid
b: Zac Taylor
c: Bill Belichick
d: Bill Cowher

49. Barry Sanders appeared in how many Super Bowls during his career?

a: 1
b: 2
c: 3
d: 0

50. Which team did the Tennessee Titans pull off the Music City Miracle against in 2000?

a: New England Patriots
b: New York Giants
c: Seattle Seahawks
d: Buffalo Bills

NFL Trivia Questions Answers

1.Tom Brady
2. New York Jets
3. Calvin Johnson
4. 2002
5. Santonio Holmes
6. Green Bay Packers
7. Los Angeles Rams
8. Matt Schaub
9. Eric Dickerson
10. Rob Bironas

11. Zach Ertz
12. 1988
13. Washington Redskins
14. Julio Jones
15. Paul Tagliabue
16. Chris Long
17. Nick Saban
18. LeRoy Butler
19. Courtney Brown
20. Pittsburgh Steelers

21. New York Giants
22. Adam Vinatieri
23. Ken Norton Jr
24. Tim Couch
25. Lamar Jackson
26. John Madden
27. Tom Brady
28. Von Miller
29. Seattle Seahawks
30. San Diego Chargers

31. Tom Brady
32. Lawrence Taylor
33. Pittsburgh Steelers
34. 2nd Round
35. 5 years
36. The Cardinals
37. 22,895
38. Jerry Rice
39. 32
40. Jeff George

41. Dallas Cowboys
42. 22
43. Brett Favre
44. Ryan Leaf
45. Paul Krause
46. Los Angeles Rams
47. Derrick Thomas
48. Bill Belichick
49. 0
50. Buffalo Bills

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