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How much do you know about classic cars or car history? Try out our car trivia multiple choice questions and answers to find out.

These trivia quiz covers a variety of car brands and general car knowledge. You will get to learn facts about BMW, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Toyota and many others.

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Car Trivia Multiple Choice Questions - Round 1

1. Which of the following founded Ford?

a: Nicolaus Otto
b: Ferdinand Porsche
c: Henry Ford
d: Karl Benz

2. In which of the following cities in the United Kingdom was Rolls Royce founded?

a: Leeds
b: London
c: Lords
d: Manchester

3. Which of the following car brand shares the same name as the planet?

a: Saturn
b: Plato
c: Mars
d: Neptune

4. What is Japan's best-selling premium automobile brand?

a: Nissan
b: Toyota
c: Lexus
d: Honda

5. Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford started which automobile manufacturer?

a: Aston Martin
b: BMW
c: Volvo
d: Audi

6. Mercedes automobile originates from which country?

a: Canada
b: Russia
c: Japan
d: Germany

7. Kia's headquarters is located in which city?

a: Seoul
b: Bangkok
c: Kaula Lumpur
d: Singapore

8. Who is regarded as the automotive industry's founder?

a: Edison Dye
b: Karl Benz
c: Yuichi Kanai
d: None of these

9. Simply Clever is the slogan for which car company?

a: Volvo
b: BMW
c: Skoda
d: Audi

10. BMW's headquarters is located in which city?

a: Germany
b: Hamburg
c: Berlin
d: London

Car Trivia Questions - Round 2

11. Which company makes the Beetle brand?

a: Audi
b: BMW
c: Volvo
d: Volkswagen

12. When did the first Panhard Car come into being?

a: 1892
b: 1893
c: 1894
d: 1891

13. In what country did the Holden Brand develop?

a: America
b: Australia
c: Canada
d: Italy

14. What is the name of Tesla's CEO?

a: Elon Musk
b: Henry Ford
c: Ferdinand Porsche
d: Nicolaus Otto

15. How many dots are on a Bugatti badge outside the border?

a: 90
b: 70
c: 80
d: 60

16. Which among the following manufacturer developed the Cinquecento?

a: Volvo
b: BMW
c: Fiat
d: Audi

17. Which automaker's emblem is shaped like a diamond?

a: BMW
b: Renault
c: Audi
d: Ferrari

18. What is the name of the world's oldest automobile manufacturer company?

a: Peugeot
b: BMW
c: Volvo
d: Audi

19. What is the parent corporation of Pontiac?

a: Fiat Chrysler
b: Ford Motors
c: General Motors
d: None of these

a: Lion
b: Cat
c: Dog
d: None of these

Easy Car Trivia Questions and Answers - Round 3

21. Chevrolet's headquarter is located in which American city?

a: Michigan
b: New York
c: Washington DC
d: None of these

22. Which model of the Kia car is named after a city in Italy?

a: Milan
b: Rome
c: Venice
d: Kia Sorento

23. Honda is from which country?

a: America
b: Japan
c: Italy
d: Canada

24. Sheer Driving Pleasure is the slogan for which car company?

a: Audi
b: Volvo
c: BMW
d: Ferrari

a: Toyota Corolla
b: Fiat 5000
c: Peugeot 206
d: None of these

26. What company produces the Escalade model?

a: Hummer
b: Dodge
c: Chrysler
d: Cadillac

27. What is the meaning of Volkswagen?

a: The people's car
b: My Car
c: Beautiful Car
d: Powerful Car

28. When was the Porsche Cayenne launched?

a: 2007
b: 2004
c: 2002
d: 2008

29. Go Further is the slogan for which car company?

a: Nash
b: Ford
c: Toyota
d: Cadillac

30. Mr Bean's car is what colour?

a: Red
b: Blue
c: Black
d: yellow

Interesting Car Questions - Round 4

31. The cross in the Alfa Romeo logo is what color?

a: Red
b: Black
c: White
d: Blue

32. What shade is the Bow Tie Cross on the Chevrolet?

a: Pink
b: Yellow
c: Gold
d: Black

33. A galloping horse is the slogan for which car company?

a: Thrust SSC
b: Ford Mustang
c: Bugatti Veyron
d: Hennessey Venom GT

a: 3
b: 5
c: 4
d: 6

35. Who is credited with developing the gas-powered internal combustion engine?

a: Nicolaus Otto
b: Karl Benz
c: Henry Ford
d: None of these

36. In which city the headquarters of Volvo group is located?

a: London
b: Oslo
c: Copenhagen
d: Gothenburg

a: 6
b: 5
c: 4
d: 7

38. What is the smallest automobile ever produced?

a: Peel P50
b: Cadillac Eldorado
c: BMW Isetta
d: None of these

39. Which automaker was the first to generate more than 10 million units in a year?

a: Tesla Roadster
b: Rolls Royce
c: Ford
d: Porsche 911

40. In which year was the world's first motor race held?

a: 1895
b: 1890
c: 1898
d: 1900

Car Quiz Questions - Round 5

Car Trivia Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

41. In what year did the first Tesla car launch?

a: 2012
b: 2009
c: 2010
d: 2008

a: Ferrari
b: Lamborghini
c: Roll-Royce
d: None of these

43. What was the brand name of the car company Audi previously?

a: Auto Power
b: Auto Union
c: Automotive Division
d: Auto Maker

44. Which of the following was the first automobile to exceed the speed of sound?

a: Bugatti Veyron
b: Thrust SSC
c: Hennessey Venom GT
d: None of these

45. In 2018, which of the following vehicle was first launched into space?

a: Tesla Roadster
b: Porsche 911
c: Ferrari
d: Lamborghini

46. Which automaker was the first to install seat belts?

a: Ford
b: Toyota
c: Cadillac
d: Nash

47. Aston Martin customised a car for Prince Charles to run on what fuel type?

a: Wine
b: Hydrogen
c: Cooking oil
d: Water

48. What is the name of Toyota's luxury division?

a: Infinity
b: Acura
c: Lexus
d: None of these

49. Mr Bean drives what kind of car?

a: Jaguar
b: Mini Cooper
c: Land Rover
d: None of these

50. How many seats are usually found in most sports cars?

a: 5
b: 3
c: 4
d: 2

Car Trivia Multiple Choice Questions - Round 6

Car Quiz Questions

51. What was the first color of every Ferrari model?

a: Blue
b: Yellow
c: Red
d: Black

a: Bull
b: Lion
c: Cat
d: None of these

53. Which renowned automaker also produced aircraft engines?

a: Ferrari
b: Tesla Roadster
c: Porsche 911
d: Rolls Royce

54. Which of the following designed the Volkswagen Beetle?

a: Ferdinand Porsche
b: Nicolaus Otto
c: Karl Benz
d: Henry Ford

55. In what year was Ford Moter company launched?

a: 1905
b: 1904
c: 1903
d: 1908

56. Which of the following cars is the most expensive in the world?

a: Bugatti La Voiture Noi
b: Tesla Roadster
c: Porsche 911
d: Ferrari

57. In what year did BMW buy Rolls Royce?

a: 1995
b: 1997
c: 1996
d: 1998

a: Red
b: White
c: blue
d: yellow

59. In what year did the first auto insurance policy create?

a: 1898
b: 1890
c: 1892
d: 1893

60. What kind of brand vehicle is associated with James Bond?

a: Porsche 911
b: Rolls Royce
c: Tesla Roadster
d: Aston Martin

Car Trivia Multiple Choice Answers

Car Trivia Multiple Choice Questions
  1. Henry Ford
  2. Manchester
  3. Saturn
  4. Lexus
  5. Aston Martin
  6. Germany
  7. Seoul
  8. Karl Benz
  9. Skoda
  10. Germany
  11. Volkswagen
  12. 1894
  13. Australia
  14. Elon Musk
  15. 60
  16. Fiat
  17. Renault
  18. Peugeot
  19. General Motors
  20. Lion
  21. Michigan
  22. Kia Sorento
  23. Japan
  24. BMW
  25. Toyota Corolla
  26. Cadillac
  27. The people's car
  28. 2002
  29. Ford
  30. Yellow
  31. Red
  32. Gold
  33. Ford Mustang
  34. 6
  35. Nicolaus Otto
  36. Gothenburg
  37. 4
  38. Peel P50
  39. Ford
  40. 1895
  41. 2008
  42. Ferrari
  43. Auto Maker
  44. Thrust SSC
  45. Tesla Roadster
  46. Nash
  47. Wine
  48. Lexus
  49. Mini Cooper
  50. 2
  51. Red
  52. Bull
  53. Rolls Royce
  54. Ferdinand Porsche
  55. 1903
  56. Bugatti La Voiture Noi
  57. 1998
  58. white
  59. 1898
  60. Aston Martin

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