60 Fun Candy Trivia Questions and Answers

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How much do you about the history of candy bars? Try our candy trivia questions and answers to find out.

Candy is a household sweet treat that has been around for centuries. In fact, candy is one of the oldest known sweets in the world. Candies were initially made from honey and fruits but later made using sucrose from sugar beets.

Today, there are many different varieties of candy, such as chocolate, hard candy, gummy candy, and many more.

Candy as we know is a popular treat for kids and adults alike. Did you know that the American spends over $200,000,000 on factory made candy every year? That’s a lot of money for something that’s so sweet!

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Table of Contents

Candy Trivia Questions - Round 1

1. Which chocolate bar is referred to as being "stuffed with peanuts"?

a: Bounty
b: Snickers
c: Zagnut
d: Dairy Milk

2. What candy bar was a part of the World War II rations for American soldiers?

a: Health Bar
b: Payday
c: Twix
d: Mars Bar

3. Which candy bar made eating it "joyful"?

a: Mars Bar
b: Clark Bar
c: Zagnut Bar
d: Almond Joy

4. Which candy bar shares our galaxy's name?

a: Kit Kat
b: Milky Way
c: M&M candies
d: Kraft caramel

5. Which is the oldest and first mass-produced candy bar?

a: Chocolate Cream bar
b: Almond Joy
c: Reese's Peanut Butter
d: Mars Bar

6. Which candy bar advertises itself as being "fluffy, not stuffy"?

a: Zagnut
b: Hershey's
c: Twix
d: 3 Musketeers

7. Taste the rainbow was created as a tagline for what kind of candy?

a: Skittles
b: Mike and Ike
c: Starburst
d: Swedish Fish

8. When were Tootsie Rolls first produced?

a: 1930
b: 1901
c: 1896
d: 1950

9. In "Charlie as well as the Chocolate Factory," how many "golden tickets" could be found?

a: 7
b: 4
c: 10
d: 5

10. Which candy's tagline is "Makes Mouths Happy"?

a: Twizzlers
b: Ring pop
c: Air Heads
d: Jelly Belly

11. What candy bar was given its name after the family horse of its creator?

a: Fast Break
b: Almond Joy
c: Snickers
d: Baby Ruth

12. What is the Ferrero Rocher candy filling?

a: Kit Kat
b: Hazelnut Cream
c: M&Ms
d: Zagnut

13. Who invented the first candy bar to be mass-produced?

a: Mars Wrigley
b: Joseph Fry
c: George Williamson's
d: John Cadbury

14. Who made the first candy?

a: Joseph Fry
b: Mars Wrigley
c: George Williamson's
d: Earl and Seamus

15. What candy bar has a coconut centre with an almond topping and is covered in milk chocolate?

a: Mounds
b: Almond Joy
c: Zagnut Bar
d: Health Bar

a: Mound
b: Toblerone
c: Mars Bar
d: 3 Musketeers

17. What chocolate bar purports to be named after a kid who was Grover Cleveland's?

a: Baby Ruth
b: Oh Henry
c: Health Bar
d: Clark Bar

18. Where did gummy candies first appear?

a: USA
b: UK
c: Germany
d: Switzerland

19. What year did the US's first chocolate shop debut?

a: 1635
b: 1726
c: 1870
d: 1682

20. What sweet sells the most worldwide?

a: Snickers
b: Kit Kat
c: Dairy Milk
d: Mounds

Candy Trivia Questions Multiple Choice - Round 2

21. Where is the origin of Cadbury Dairy Milk?

a: Australia
b: USA
c: UK
d: Poland

22. How many American candy bars have been produced for more than 60 years?

a: 0.65
b: 0.5
c: 0.7
d: 0.35

23. When did Mars first sell Milky Way candy bars?

a: 1936
b: 1911
c: 1929
d: 1925

24. How many pounds of Skittles are made per day?

a: 150 Million
b: 50 Million
c: 200 Million
d: 300 Million

25. Which sweet is the sourest?

a: warheads
b: Sour Skittles
c: Sour Patch kids
d: Fun Dip

26. Which band's name was inspired by a chocolate bar?

a: Skittles
b: Squirrel Nut Zippers
c: Toblerone
d: Clark Bar

27. Which candy bar bore the eponym Kandy Kake originally?

a: Fun Dip
b: Mounds
c: Clark Bar
d: Baby Ruth

28. M&M stands for what?

a: Mars & Murrie
b: Master & Maker
c: More & More
d: Mix & Match

29. Which holiday is it that individuals occasionally offer each other chocolate hearts?

a: Easter
b: Valentine's Day
c: Halloween
d: Christmas

30. Which confectionery company in the US produces the most chocolate?

a: Mars
b: Ferrero
c: Hershey's Bar
d: Nestle

31. Where did Saltwater Taffy get its start?

a: California
b: Sydney
c: London
d: Atlantic City

32. How Many pounds of tootsie rolls are made per day?

a: 64 Million
b: 50 Million
c: 100 Million
d: 75 Million

33. Who else consumes twice as much candy as Americans do?

a: Span
b: UK
c: Germany
d: Italy

34. Which kind of chocolate did Nestlé produce for the first time in 1930?

a: White Chocolate
b: Mounds
c: Fun Dip
d: None of these

35. What kind of sweets can you often find in a pack of baseball cards?

a: Skittles
b: Air Heads
c: Jelly Belly
d: Bubble Gum

36. Which of the following candy has the tagline "Isn't Life Juicy"?

a: Jelly Belly
b: Starburst
c: Fun Dip
d: None of these

37. How many pounds of chocolate are consumed annually in the US?

a: 1.8 Billion
b: 2 Billion
c: 2.8 Billion
d: 3.2 Billion

38. Which M&M color was withdrawn in the 1970s?

a: Red
b: Blue
c: Green
d: Brown

39. What holiday is candy corn traditionally consumed?

a: Easter
b: Valentines
c: Halloween
d: Christmas

40. What did a young Edgar Degas produce in over 700 copies?

a: Older works of art
b: Mounds
c: Warheads
d: Fun Dip

Candy Bar Trivia Questions and Answers

Candy Bar Trivia Questions and Answers

41. What kind of candy bar did the Chicago-based Curtiss Candy Company create in 1923?

a: Zagnut
b: Butterfinger
c: Almond Joy
d: Mr Good Bar

42. A warehouse worker in the UK was given a five-year prison sentence in 1998 for stealing more than 300 to

a: Almond Joy
b: Kit Kat
c: Snickers
d: Mars Bar

43. Which sweet has a character-topped refilling dispenser on top?

a: Pez
b: Jelly Belly
c: Air Heads
d: Clark Bar

44. How many Jelly Belly Jelly Beans official flavours are there as of 2014?

a: 100
b: 50
c: 150
d: 250

45. When did Frizzles come on the market?

a: 1957
b: 1945
c: 1964
d: 1940

46. Which is the number 1 selling candy bar in America?

a: Reese's Milk Chocolate
b: Snickers
c: Hershey's Milk Chocolate
d: Kit Kat

47. Which conventional sweet flavouring gained enormous popularity after being offered to Queen Victoria on a visit to Yorkshire in 1851?

a: Butterscotch
b: Star Burst
c: Jelly Belly
d: Butterfinger

48. Where did Haribo candies come from?

a: Span
b: UK
c: Germany
d: Italy

49. What confection was the most well-liked in 1962?

a: Lemon Heads
b: Candy Corn
c: Skittles
d: Star Burst

50. Which nation is credited with creating milk chocolate?

a: Italy
b: UK
c: USA
d: Swizerland

51. What colour did blue replace in M&M candies in 1995?

a: Blue
b: Tan
c: Red
d: Brown

52. Get the sensation was a slogan created for what type of candy?

a: York Peppermint Patty
b: Jelly Belly
c: Hard Candy
d: Butter Scotch

53. What confection features the tagline, "It melts in your mouth, not in your hands"?

a: Star Burst
b: Hard candy
c: M&M's
d: Chupa Chups

54. Which candy bar gives you the "nuts feel"?

a: Almond Joy
b: Zagnut
c: Hazelnut Creams
d: Clark Bar

55. The phrase "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't" was created for what kind of candy?

a: Hershey's
b: M&M
c: Hot Tamales
d: Almond Joy and Mounds

56. Fill in this tagline for candy "Hungry? Why Dither? Grab a ".

a: Mounds
b: Snickers
c: Kit Kat
d: Butter Scotch

57. What confectionery made its debut in America?

a: Gibraltar
b: Peanut Butter Oompas
c: Junior Mints
d: Almond Joy

58. What is the occupation of the inventor of Cotton candy?

a: Chef
b: Teacher
c: Military
d: Dentist

59. How hot is it before the chocolate melts?

a: 73 Degree
b: 93 Degree
c: 85 Degree
d: 100 Degree

60. Jolly Rancher hard candy was first released in what year?

a: 1939
b: 1949
c: 1959
d: 1969

Candy Trivia Questions and Answers

Candy Trivia Questions and Answers
  1. Snickers
  2. Health Bar
  3. Almond Joy
  4. Milky Way
  5. Chocolate Cream bar
  6. 3 Musketeers
  7. Skittles
  8. 1896
  9. 5
  10. Twizzlers
  11. Snickers
  12. Hazelnut Cream
  13. John Cadbury
  14. Joseph Fry
  15. Almond Joy
  16. 3 Musketeers
  17. Baby Ruth
  18. Germany
  19. 1682
  20. Snickers
  21. UK
  22. 65%
  23. 1925
  24. 200 Million
  25. warheads
  26. Squirrel Nut Zippers
  27. Baby Ruth
  28. Mars & Murrie
  29. Valentine's Day
  30. Hershey's Bar
  31. Atlantic City
  32. 64 Million
  33. Germany
  34. White Chocolate
  35. Bubble Gum
  36. Starburst
  37. 2.8 Billion
  38. Red
  39. Halloween
  40. Older works of art
  41. Butterfinger
  42. Mars Bar
  43. Pez
  44. 50
  45. 1957
  46. Hershey's Milk Chocolate
  47. Butterscotch
  48. Germany
  49. Lemon Heads
  50. Switzerland
  51. Tan
  52. York Peppermint Patty
  53. M&M's
  54. Almond Joy
  55. Almond Joy and Mounds
  56. Snickers
  57. Gibraltar
  58. Dentist
  59. 93 Degree
  60. 1949

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