50 Fun Food Trivia Questions and Answers

How much do you know about food? Try out our food trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge on food quiz!

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Food Trivia Questions - Round 1

a: Cloves and Pepper
b: Pepper and Mustard
c: Vanilla and saffron
d: Mahlab and saffron

2. It's believed that cheesecake was served at first what?

a: Olympic game
b: Cricket
c: Hockey
d: Badminton

3. In what year was the fast-food chain McDonald's founded?

a: 1951
b: 1952
c: 1953
d: 1955

4. Which spice is the costliest in the world based on weight?

a: Cloves
b: Long pepper
c: Saffron
d: Mahlab

5. When was pizza hut's Wichita, Kansas, the first restaurant built?

a: 1951
b: 1952
c: 1953
d: 1958

6. In 1968, McDonald's introduced what favorite meal?

a: MacAfee
b: Big Mac
c: Chicken Sandwiches
d: Buttermilk Crispy Chicken

7. Garlic helps to reduce the level of what in our blood?

a: Cholesterol
b: Blood sugar level
c: Blood pressure
d: PH level

8. What food is internationally stolen the most?

a: Butter
b: Charlotte
c: Sweetbreads
d: Cheese

9. What is the one vitamin that you will never find in an egg?

a: Vitamin C
b: Vitamin B2
c: Vitamin E
d: Vitamin B5

10. Which meal was eaten in space first?

a: Salad
b: Bread
c: Apple sauce
d: Bordelaise sauce

Easy Food Quiz Questions - Round 2

11. How many hamburgers does McDonald's sell each second, usually?

a: 45
b: 85
c: 75
d: 55

12. What was ketchup used for in 1830 for the first time?

a: For Medicines
b: Soothe Insect Bites
c: Instant Gel Pouches
d: Clean Gardening Equipment

13. What fruit is a kind of pink lady?

a: Apple
b: Orange
c: Mango
d: Apricot

a: Bananas foster
b: Chocolate
c: Vanilla
d: Strawberry

15. Which state in the US produces coffee beans only?

a: California
b: Hawaii
c: Kansas
d: Florida

16. Where did the cheeseburger get its start?

a: Florida
b: Kansas
c: Georgia
d: Colorado

17. Which fruit is produced in Georgia the third-highest?

a: Orange
b: Mango
c: Banana
d: Peaches

18. How many segments do the majority of oranges have?

a: 6
b: 7
c: 8
d: 10

19. What country invented ice cream?

a: China
b: Canada
c: England
d: India

a: Tomato flavor
b: Guardian flavor
c: Kimchi flavor
d: Beef flavor

Food Quiz With Answers - Round 3

21. How much water is there in a mushroom?

a: 0.10%
b: 0.50%
c: 0.60%
d: 0.90%

22. The king of English cheeses is which cheese?

a: Halloumi
b: Anari cheese
c: Stilton
d: Chhana

23. Where was the first place Coca-Cola was served?

a: Florida
b: Georgia
c: Hawaii
d: Kansas

24. What food item is most frequently ordered in the USA?

a: Jubilee chicken
b: Fried Chicken
c: Fricasé
d: Hunter's chicken

25. Which fast-food restaurant came into existence first?

a: McDonald's
b: In-N-Out Burger
c: KFC
d: Pizza Hut

26. What is Allium Sativum common name?

a: Coriander
b: Onion
c: Mint
d: Garlic

27. How often a week should one eat fish?

a: At least once a week
b: At least 4 times a week
c: At least twice a week
d: As many times as desired

28. Which essential mineral is present in dairy products like cheese and milk?

a: Minerals
b: Carbohydrates
c: Calcium
d: Protein

29. Which fruit has an enzyme that also helps to tenderize meat?

a: Coconut
b: Cucumber
c: Apricot
d: Papaya

30. What is the only fruit that has external seeds?

a: Strawberry
b: Guavas
c: Jackfruit
d: Peaches

Food Trivia For Kids - Round 4

31. What vitamins or minerals are found in meat, poultry, eggs, and fish?

a: Carbohydrates
b: Protein
c: Calcium
d: Vitamins

32. Which fruit contains the most protein?

a: Jackfruit
b: Pomegranates
c: Guavas
d: Strawberry

33. Which vitamin is abundant in oranges?

a: Vitamin A
b: Vitamin B2
c: Vitamin E
d: Vitamin C

34. Which nutrient does rice contain the most?

a: Protein
b: Vitamins
c: Calcium
d: Carbohydrate

35. Which nation is the source of French fries?

a: Belgium
b: England
c: U.K
d: Canada

36. Which Japanese food is the most popular?

a: Sushi
b: Tsukemono pickles
c: Yakitori
d: Kaiseki

37. What kind of acid is in curd?

a: Adipic acid
b: Lactic acid
c: Benzoic acid
d: Fatty acids

38. Which country is the home of pizza and pasta?

a: England
b: Italy
c: China
d: U.K

39. Which nation produces the most chili peppers worldwide?

a: Canada
b: England
c: U.K
d: China

40. Which fruit, an orange or a strawberry, contains more vitamin c?

a: Apple
b: Guavas
c: Strawberries
d: Orange

General Food Trivia Quiz - Round 5

41. Which nation has the highest per-capita tea consumption?

a: England
b: U.K
c: Belgium
d: Turkey

42. What vegetable is eaten the most frequently around the world?

a: Chilies and Peppers
b: Potato
c: Onions
d: Carrot

43. What vegetable is referred to as a lady's finger?

a: Okra
b: Radish
c: Red Paper
d: Cucumber

44. What number of calories is that per gram of carbohydrate?

a: 6 calories
b: 4 calories
c: 8 calories
d: 9 calories

45. This vitamin is required for strong connective tissue and a healthy immune system:

a: Vitamin C
b: Vitamin B
c: Vitamin K
d: Vitamin A

46. Which of these nutrients does the body prefer as a source of energy?

a: Proteins
b: Carbohydrates
c: Fibres
d: B Complex Vitamins

47. Underboiling food is referred to as what?

a: Simmering
b: Roasting
c: Baking
d: Boiling

48. What is the primary component of traditional Mexican cuisine?

a: Corn
b: Chili peppers
c: Cacao
d: Beans

49. Which vitamin is abundant in oranges?

a: Vitamin K
b: Vitamin A
c: Vitamin E
d: Vitamin C

50. Which of the following is the most nutrient-dense vegetables?

a: Brussels sprouts
b: Broccoli
c: Carrots
d: Spinach

Food Trivia Answers

Food Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Pepper and Mustard
2. Olympic game
3. 1955
4. saffron
5. 1958
6. Big Mac
7. Cholesterol
8. Cheese
9. Vitamin C
10. Apple sauce.
11. 75
12. For Medicines
13. Apple
14. Vanilla
15. Hawaii
16. Colorado
17. Peaches.
18. 10
19. China
20. Tomato flavor
21. 0.90%
22. Stilton
23. Georgia
24. Fried Chicken
25. In-N-Out Burger
26. Garlic
27. At least twice a week
28. Calcium
29. Papaya
30. Strawberry
31. Protein
32. Guavas
33. Vitamin C
34. Carbohydrate
35. Belgium
36. Sushi
37. Lactic acid
38. Italy
39. China
40. Strawberries
41. Turkey
42. Potato
43. Okra
44. 4 calories
45. Vitamin C
46. Carbohydrates
47. Simmering
48. Chili peppers
49. Vitamin C
50. Spinach

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