Fruit Trivia Questions and Answers

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Fruit is a staple in our diets and a source of essential nutrients and vitamins. Whether you're a fruit lover or just looking to expand your knowledge, this quiz is for you.

Learn all about fruit with these fun and informative fruit trivia questions and answers. Boost your fruit IQ and impress your friends!

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Fruit Trivia Questions and Answers

1. What is a round fruit that consists of firm, juicy flesh covered by a thin, tough, edible skin and surrounding a cartilaginous, seeded core?

Answer: Apple

2. Which state in us is the leading producers of apricots?

Answer: California

3. What fruit is also called alligator pear?

Answer: Avocado

4. What is the name of thick-skinned green banana?

Answer: Plantian

5. What berry from the family Rosaceae contains ellagic acid (a phytochemical that may help prevent cancer)?

Answer: Blackberry

6. What fruit of family Rosaceae has a scientific name Prunus armeniaca?

Answer: Apricot

7. Blueberries are species native to which continent?

Answer: North America

8. What fruit is the traditional Thanksgiving food, consumed as juice drinks, dried snacks, sauces, and relishes?

Answer: Cranberry

9. What fruit is small, spherical berries with thin, translucent skin that can be red, pink, white, or black?

Answer: Currants

10. What is the scientific name for raspberry fruit?

Answer: Rubus idaeus

Fruit Trivia with Answers

Fruit Trivia Questions and Answers

11. What fruit is a symbol of creation and of the creator’s generosity and love in Hawaiian tradition?

Answer: Breadfruit

12. Which country is the largest grower of avocados in the world?

Answer: Mexico

13. What is the hybrid of a sweet tangerines and kumquats called?

Answer: Calamondin Orange

14. Which fruit has star-shaped slices when cut crosswise?

Answer: Carambola

15. Which exotic fruit looks like a pineapple and banana with nuts and is also known as snake fruit?

Answer: Salak Fruit

16. What fruits flavor is resembling a mixture of pineapple, papaya, and banana?

Answer: Cherimoya

17. What fruit has three "eyes"?

Answer: Coconut

18. What is the most highly saturated of all plant-based oils?

Answer: Coconut oil

19. Indonesian side dish Tempoya is made of which fermented fruit wrapped in palm leaves?

Answer: Durian

20. What fruit, a good source of folate, is also called "pineapple guava"?

Answer: Feijoa

Fruit Quiz for Kids

Fruit Trivia with Answers

21. Which is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world?

Answer: Jackfruit

22. Li and Lang are the types of fruit?

Answer: Jujube

23. What fruit taste is resembling melon, and strawberry, with a hint of pineapple?

Answer: Feijoa Fruit

24. Which fruit's juice prevents browning that results from oxidation?

Answer: Lemon

25. What type of grapes is using for eating at the table?

Answer: Thompson

26. Which small citrus fruit has pale green pulp and is used to flavor other foods?

Answer: Lime

Answer: Rambutan

28. What fruit is also called May apple, Japanese medlar, Japanese plum?

Answer: Loquat

29. What fruit is often called "peach without the fuzz"?

Answer: Nectarine

30. This small round fruit, about 1 to 2 inches in diameter, is often called "Gold orange".

Answer: Kumquat

Fruit Brain Teasers

31. What fruit was once revered as a symbol of longevity and immortality?

Answer: Peach

32. What fruit is also known as "The apple of the Orient"?

Answer: Persimmon

33. What is the name of the category of fruit that has a fleshy outer part surrounding a shell with a seed inside?

Answer: Drupe

34. What is the tough and leathery peel of citrus and watermelon called?

Answer: Epicarp

35. What fruit contains hundreds of edible ruby-colored seeds?

Answer: Pomegranate

36. What pear-shaped citrus fruit is sweeter than grapefruit?

Answer: Pummelo

37. Clementine is a variety of ________, which is a subgroup of the mandarin.

Answer: Tangerine

38. What fruit is used to make the liqueur called "Crème de Cassis"?

Answer: Blackcurrants

39. What fruit has a high concentration of the enzyme papain, used in meat tenderizers?

Answer: Papaya

40. What is the most widely cultivated fruit in the world?

Answer: Tomatoes (Botanically classified as a fruit)

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