35+ Fruit Riddles With Answers

Are you ready to challenge your brain and have some fruity fun? Check out our collection of fruit riddles with answers and see how many you can solve without looking at the answers!

Fruit Riddles are an excellent way to improve your knowledge about different fruits while having fun. These tricky riddles about fruits will test your knowledge and stimulate your brain, improving your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

In addition, our fruit riddles are an ideal and fun way to engage in a group activity, like a party game or a family gathering.

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Fruit Riddles: What Fruit Is?

Fruit Riddles With Answers
I am a fruit riddle

1. What is a fruit that is named after a bird?
Answer: A kiwi.

2. What fruit is known for its tranquilizing effect on human body?
Answer: An orange.

3. What fruit can help you see in the dark?
Answer: A carrot (yes, it's technically a vegetable, but many people consider it a fruit).

3. What fruit is always known to be on the run?
Answer: A banana.

4. What is a fruit that starts with the letter "P" and ends with the letter "e"?
Answer: Pineapple.

5. What fruit is the king of fruits in many Southeast Asian countries?
Answer: Durian.

6. What fruit has a red and green skin and inside me you will find lots of red round seeds?
Answer: A pomegranate.

7. What fruit is shaped like a heart and is associated with love?
Answer: A strawberry.

8. What fruit is the national fruit of India and is often eaten with salt and chili powder?
Answer: A mango.

9. What fruit is both a fruit and a time?
Answer: A date fruit.

10. What fruit is green, pear-shaped, and contains a large pit in the middle? It is often used to make guacamole and is considered a superfood due to its high nutritional value.
Answer: An avocado.

Fruit Riddles for Kids

11. What fruit is small, round, and covered in a red, spiky skin? It has a sweet, creamier white flesh and is commonly found in Asian cuisine.
Answer: A Rambutan.

12. What fruit is large, green, and covered in bumpy, spiky skin? It has a sweet, yellow flesh and is commonly used as a meat substitute due to its texture.
Answer: A jackfruit.

13. What long, orange vegetable is often used in salads and as a snack, and is known for its high content of beta-carotene, which is important for eye health?
Answer: A carrot.

14. What is a round juicy fruit that has red or purple skin sweet yellow flesh and a hard seed at the center?
Answer: A plum

15. What fruit looks like an orange but tastes like a grapefruit?
Answer: A pomelo.

16. What fruit is purple outside and yellow inside?
Answer: A passion fruit.

17. What fruit is purple on the outside and white on the inside?
Answer: A mangosteen.

18. What is the yellow fruit that looks like squash?
Answer: A chayote.

19. What fruit looks like an orange but is purple inside?
Answer: A blood orange.

20. What fruit is known to never ever be alone?
Answer: A pear

Fruit Riddles: What Am I?

1. I am red and juicy, and often given on Valentine's Day. What am I?
Answer: A strawberry.

2. I am small, sweet, and often eaten in a bunch. What am I?
Answer: A grape.

3. I am yellow and curved, and you peel off my skin to eat me. What am I?
Answer: A banana.

4. I am red, round, and often used to make sauce. What am I?
Answer: A tomato.

5. I am brown and hairy tropical fruit with a sweet white flesh. What am I?
Answer: A coconut.

6. I am brown and crunchy, and often found in trail mix. What am I?
Answer: A nut (e.g. almond, cashew, peanut).

7. I am small and green, and often used to make pickles. I can also be eaten raw or cooked. What fruit am I?
Answer: A cucumber.

8. I am green and have a spiky skin, and many people use me to make guacamole. What am I?
Answer: An avocado.

Challenging Fruit Riddles for Adults

9. I am a tropical fruit, oblong in shape, with a green or yellow exterior and a sweet, juicy interior filled with small, black seeds. I am often eaten fresh, used in smoothies, or used in salads. What fruit am I?
Answer: A papaya.

10. I am a tropical fruit, with a tough, spiky exterior and a sweet, fleshy interior filled with large seeds. I am often used as a meat substitute in vegan dishes, and can be cooked in a variety of ways. What fruit am I?
Answer: A jackfruit.

11. I am a common ingredient in baking and cooking, and am often used to add a burst of bright flavor to dishes. I am made by scraping the outer layer of a yellow citrus fruit, and am commonly used in recipes for desserts, marinades, and dressings. What am I?
Answer: Lemon zest.

12. I am a small citrus fruit, easy to peel, with a sweet, juicy flavor. I am often eaten as a snack, used in salads, or used in baked goods. What fruit am I?
Answer: A mandarin.

13. I am a fuzzy orange-like fruit with a juicy, sweet interior that comes in shades of yellow and pink. What fruit am I?
Answer: A nectarine.

14. I am a fruit with fuzzy skin, my flesh is juicy and sweet within. My pit is hard and tough to chew. What am I?
Answer: A peach.

15. I'm red but I'm not a stop sign. I sometimes grow on vines but I'm not a grape. I'm often round but I'm not a cherry. I contain seeds but I'm not a pepper. I'm used to make sauce but I'm not a chili. What Am I?
Answer: A tomato.

Fruit Riddles FAQs

What is the saddest fruit riddle?

A blueberry.

What is the longest fruit answer?

The longest fruit answer is Dimocarpus Longan, which is also known as longan.

What fruit has its seeds on the outside riddle?

A strawberry has its seeds on the outside.

What is a Goose's favorite fruit riddle?

A banana.

What is the name of a fruit without the letter I?

A frut.

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