Guess the Bible character from images

Todays bible trivia game is called guess the bible character game with answers to select from.

This is a game where you have to guess who the Bible character is. You will be given a clue in form of images, and you have to guess the character from the four images.

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Scriptures: Exodus 1, Matthew 26:75, Judges 16

Table of Contents

Guess the Bible Character

1. Guess who this character is?


a: David
b: Samson
c: Nimrod
d: Enoch

2. Guess who this character is?


a: Paul
b: John
c: Peter
d: James

3. Guess who the main character is?


a: Noah
b: Moses
c: Abraham
d: Isaac

4. Guess who this king is?


a: Ahab
b: David
c: Solomon
d: Nebuchadnezzar

5. Guess who this character is?


a: Adam
b: Enoch
c: Moses
d: Paul

6. Guess who this character is?


a: Abraham
b: Lot
c: Isaac
d: Esau

7. Guess who this famous king is?

King Solomon

a: King Solomon
b: King David
c: King Hezekiah
d: King Zedekiah

8. Guess who this famous character is?


a: Jehoshaphat
b: Samson
c: Steven
d: David

9. Guess who this amazing character is?


a: Shadrach
b: Samson
c: Daniel
d: Meshach

10. Guess who this character is?


a: Adam
b: Eve
c: Abel
d: Cain

Guess the Bible Character Answers

1. Samson
2. Peter
3. Noah
4. Nebuchadnezzar
5. Moses
6. Lot
7. King Solomon
8. David
9. Daniel
10. Adam

Guess the Bible character from images

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