20 Fun Birth of Jesus Quiz

How much do you know about the birth of Jesus? In this quiz, we will be testing your knowledge on the birth of Jesus Christ.

This quiz will be focusing on the events that took place before Jesus was born and what happened afterwards.

This quiz is all age groups including adults. So why not spend time with your family with this quiz to learn and teach your Children about Christ.

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Scripture: Luke 2

The Birth of Jesus Questions and Answers Quiz

The Birth of Jesus Questions and Answers

1. When the three wise men visited Jesus, how old was He?

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2. Fill in the blank: "And Jesus grew, and became strong in the spirit, filled with wisdom: and the ___ of God was upon him."

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3. In what type of place did the wise men find Jesus?

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4. Where is the Scripture: "His name shall be called Wonderful?"

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5. How many wise men brought gifts to Jesus in the Bible?

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6. Where in the Bible does it say Jesus was born on December 25?

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7. What would the child born unto them be called according to Isaiah?

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8. What month was Jesus born?

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9. What did Micah (One of the Minor Prophets) prophesy regarding the birth of Jesus?

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10. What is the name of the book in the Bible that tells the story of the birth of Jesus?

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11. Who were Jesus grandparents?

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12. Who were the shepherds at Jesus' birth?

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13. What did the shepherds do after seeing Jesus?

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14. Who followed the star to Bethlehem?

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15. What happened to Joseph, Mary and Jesus after Herod died?

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16. How old was Mary when she gave birth to Jesus?

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17. Which prophet foretold the birth of Jesus?

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18. Complete this verse: For unto us a child is born, ____

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19. Who was roman emperor when Jesus was born?

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20. Fill in the blank: "Today in the town of _____ a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord."

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