20 Fun Jesus and Pilate Quiz Questions and Answers

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How much do you know about the story of Jesus and the Pilate? Here we have 20 fun Jesus and Pilate quiz questions and answers to help you understand this popular Bible story.

This Bible story is about Pilate, a governor of Judaea who was in charge of Jesus' trial. Jesus was brought before Pilate accused of claiming to be the King of the Jews, which was a crime punishable by death.

Pilate found no fault in Jesus and even tried to release him, but the people were adamant that Jesus be put to death. Pilate washed his hands of the situation and handed Jesus over to be crucified.

Table of Contents

Jesus and Pilate Quiz Questions

1. In which of these gardens was Jesus arrested and betrayed?

a: the garden of Eden
b: the garden of Golgotha
c: the garden of Gethsemane
d: the garden of the Lord

2. After Jesus was arrested, who was the first person they took him to see?

a: Annas
b: Caiaphas
c: Pilate
d: Caesar

3. What did the Jews accuse Jesus of in the book of Mark?

a: They accused Jesus of calling them liars
b: They accused Jesus of false teaching
c: They accused Jesus of claiming to be the Messiah
d: They accused Jesus of driving them out of the synagogue

4. Who slapped Jesus in the face while answering Annas, the high priest?

a: Caiaphas son
b: One of the roman solders
c: The high priest
d: One of the officials

5. At time of the day was Jesus taken from Caiaphas to the palace of the Roman governor?

a: Early in the evening
b: Early in the noon
c: Early in the morning
d: Early midnight

6. Who said this: "What charges are you bringing against this man?"

a: Pilate
b: High Priest
c: Caesar
d: Emperor

7. When Pilate summoned Jesus inside the palace, what did he ask him?

a: Are you the one sent by God?
b: Are you the one John the Baptist spoke of?
c: Are you the king of the Jews?
d: Who are you truly?

8. Jesus said to Pilate that if His kingdom was of this world, who would have fought for him?

a: His servants
b: The angels
c: The Greek army
d: King David

9. Jesus said to Pilate that he was born into this world to do what?

a: make the world richer
b: become the next king
c: destroy sinners
d: testify to the truth

10. When the people were given the choice to choose either Jesus or Barabbas, who did they choose?

a: Jesus
b: Barabbas
c: They were split
d: None

11. Who handed Jesus over to be flogged?

a: The High Priest
b: The Jews
c: Pilate
d: The king

12. What was twisted and placed on the head of Jesus?

a: A crown of roses
b: A crown of thorns
c: A crown of splendour
d: A crown of ashes

13. When Jesus was paraded before the chief priests and their officials, they shouted?

a: Here comes king of the Jews
b: Release him, release him
c: All hail the king
d: Crucify! Crucify!

14. Throughout Jesus trial, who found no fault in him?

a: Caesar
b: Pilate
c: Pharaoh
d: Barabbas

15. The Jewish leaders insisted that Jesus must be killed because he claimed to be what?

a: John the Baptist
b: The creator of the universe
c: A Jew
d: The son of God

16. Who said I have the power to either free you or crucify you?

a: Pilate
b: High Priest
c: Caesar
d: Emperor

17. Whom did Jesus say is guilty of a greater sin?

a: the one who lied about him
b: the one who handed him over
c: the one who slapped him on the face
d: the one denied him 3 times

18. What did the Jews leaders say to Pilate that prevented him from releasing Jesus?

a: you are no friend of Caesar
b: you are a traitor
c: they would riot
d: you are no friend of Rome

19. What is the name of the place called where Pilate sat on the judges seat?

a: The Barn
b: The Bench
c: The Iron throne
d: The Stone Pavement

20. The Stone Pavement is also known as what in Aramaic?

a: Praetorium
b: Coliseum
c: Thrown Room
d: Gabbatha

Jesus and Pilate Quiz Answers

1. the garden of Gethsemane - Matthew 26:36
2. Annas - John 18:13
3. They accused Jesus of claiming to be the Messiah - Mark 14:61-64
4. One of the officials - John 18:22
5. Early in the morning - John 18:28
6. Pilate - John 18:29
7. Are you the king of the Jews? - John 18:33
8. His servants - John 18:36
9. testify to the truth - John 18:37
10. Barabbas - John 18:40

Jesus and Pilate Quiz Questions and Answers
Credit: Dony ilica

11. Pilate - John 19:1
12. A crown of thorns - John 19:2
13. Crucify! Crucify! - John 19:6
14. Pilate - John 19:4
15. The son of God - John 19:7
16. Pilate - John 19:10
17. the one who handed him over - John 19:11
18. you are no friend of Caesar - John 19:12
19. The Stone Pavement - John 19:13
20. Gabbatha - John 19:13

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