35 Ultimate Dog Quiz Questions and Answers

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Dogs are known to be man's best friend. But how much do you really know about your furry friend? Take our ultimate dog quiz questions and answers quiz to find out!

Table of Contents

Dog Quiz Questions

1. What is an extreme fear of dogs called?

a: Agoraphobia
b: Cynophobia
c: Claustrophobia
d: Acrophobia

2. How many colors can a dog easily distinguish?

a: 3
b: 6
c: 5
d: 7

a: Beagle
b: Great Dane
c: Basset Hound
d: Labrador Retriever

4. How many teeth do adult dogs typically have?

a: 40
b: 41
c: 42
d: 43

5. Which senses are lacking in newborn puppies?

a: Tasting
b: Sighting
c: Both A and B
d: Hearing

6. The most developed sense of the dog is:

a: Vestibular
b: Smell
c: Hearing
d: Touch

7. What do you call a group of dogs?

a: Squadron
b: Herd
c: A litter
d: Pack

8. How long does a dog live?

a: 11-12 years
b: 11-13 years
c: 10-13 years
d: 11-11 years

9. Where are the sweet spots of dogs?

a: In their paws
b: In their nape
c: In their hind foot
d: In their withers

10. Which human organ does a dog not have?

a: The kidneys
b: The brain
c: The liver
d: An appendix

11. When puppies are born which sense do they utilize to seek out their mother?

a: Touch
b: Hearing
c: Sight
d: Smell

12. Which dog breed has the longest ears?

a: Basset Hound
b: Great Dane
c: Bloodhound
d: Labrado

13. What is a female dog's typical gestation (pregnancy) period?

a: 53-68 days
b: 54-68 days
c: 55-68 days
d: 58-68 days

14. Which country has the greatest number of dogs as pets?

a: France
b: Canada
c: U.S.A.
d: Australia

15. What is the average lifespan of a German Shepherd?

a: 10-11 years
b: 10-13 years
c: 10-15 years
d: 10-14 years

16. Which breed of dog is thought to be the smartest?

a: Beagle
b: Great Dane
c: Bloodhound
d: Border Collie

17. How long do puppies often take to open their eyes after birth?

a: 15-20
b: 15-17
c: 15-18
d: 15-19

18. The Boerboel breed originate from which country?

a: United States
b: Russia
c: South Africa
d: Nigeria

a: Monkeys
b: Wolves
c: Tigers
d: Lions

20. How many spinal bones are there in a dog?

a: 35
b: 47
c: 27
d: 37

21. What is the front leg of the dog called?

a: Rodus
b: Forelimb
c: Forefront
d: Forefoot

22. How many cycles per second can a dog hear at a given frequency?

a: 40
b: 50
c: 45
d: 49

23. What breed of dog has a black tongue among the following?

a: Alaskan Malamute
b: Chow Chow
c: Chihuahua
d: Husky

24. What type of dog breed doesn't bark?

a: Chihuahua
b: Husky
c: Basenji
d: Basset hound

25. What breed of dog is Snoopy?

a: Beagle
b: Dachshund
c: Chihuahua
d: Basset hound

26. I will fend off anyone bad, I am mans best friend?

a: Cat
b: Lion
c: Chicken
d: Dog

27. Scooby Doo is what kind of dog?

a: Beagle
b: Great Dane
c: Bloodhound
d: Border Collie

28. Which Fred is the Daily Mail's cartoon dog?

a: Huckleberry Hound
b: Muttley
c: Fred Bassett
d: Brian Griffin

29. Which animal was the first to be domesticated?

a: Cats
b: Hamsters
c: Fox
d: Dogs

30. Which dog breed is known to be the longest living dog breed?

a: Yorkshire Terriers
b: Border Collies
c: Springer Spaniels
d: Australian Cattle Dog

a. Labrador retriever
b. Beagle
c. German shepherd
d. Golden retriever

32. Which of the following breeds is NOT a sporting breed of dog?

a. Cocker spaniel
b. English setter
c. Labrador retriever
d. American Dingo

33. What is the name of the smallest breed of dog in the world?

a. Chihuahua
b. Pomeranian
c. Toy poodle
d. Yorkshire terrier

34. The Chihuahua is actually named after a state. In which country is that state located?

a. Mexico
b. Brazil
c. Argentina
d. Honduras

35. Which breed of dog was originally bred to hunt lions?

a. Afghan hound
b. Australian cattle dog
c. Irish setter
d. Rhodesian ridgeback

Dog Quiz Answers

1. Cynophobia
2. 3
3. Labrador Retriever are the most popular household breed
4. 42 adult teeth
5. New born puppies lack the sense of hearing
6. The sense of smell
7. A pack of dogs
8. Dogs are known to live between 10-13 years
9. Every dog has its own sweet spots. Some in their paws while other under their chest
10. Dogs don't have the human appendix
11. They use their sense of smell
12. The Basset Hound breed
13. Between 58-68 days
14. United States Of America (U.S.A.)
15. Their lifespan varies between 10-13 years

Ultimate Dog Quiz Questions and Answers

16. The Border Collie and they are highly trainable
17. 15-20
18. South Africa
19. Wolves
20. 27
21. Forelimb
22. 45
23. Chow Chow
24. Basenji
25. Beagle
26. Dogs are mans best friend
27. The Great Dane
28. Fred Bassett
29. Dogs are the first animals to be domesticated
30. The Australian Cattle Dog
31. Labrador retriever
32. American Dingo
33. Chihuahua
34. Mexico
35. Rhodesian ridgeback

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