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If you are a whale enthusiast, or just looking to test your knowledge, then try out our whales quiz questions and answers to find out how much you know about whales.

Whales are one of the most fascinating creatures on our planet. They are the largest animals known to man, and they play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the ocean's ecosystem.

With their majestic appearance and intelligent behavior, whales have captivated the attention of many for centuries.

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Table of Contents

Whales Quiz Questions

Whales Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What type of creatures are whales classified as?

a: Birds
b: Amphibians
c: Reptiles
d: Mammals

2. Which of the following whales has the largest body?

a: Red whale
b: Yellow whale
c: Black whale
d: Blue whale

3. Which of the following whales has the smallest body?

a: Midget whale
b: Dwarf sperm whale
c: Ant whale
d: Pigmy whale

4. Which whale does not lack the ability to smell according to a recent research by professor Hans Thewissen?

a: Omura whale
b: Bowhead whale
c: Midget whale
d: Blue whale

5. How do whales get air into their lungs?

a: Blowhole
b: Nasal holes
c: Mouth
d: None of the above

6. What volume of milk does a humpback whale consume?

a: 50 gallons a day
b: 20 gallons a day
c: 10 gallons a day
d: 70 gallons a day

7. Which of these whales migrates the farthest distance during each seasonal migration?

a: Humpback Whale
b: Blue Whale
c: Orca (Killer Whale)
d: Sperm Whale

8. Which of the following marine mammals is referred to as the killer whale?

a: Killer Sharks
b: Sea Wolfs
c: Dolphins (Orca)
d: Blackfish

9. Which of the following is referred to as a whale shark?

a: Dolphin
b: Whale
c: Shark
d: None of these

10. According to science, which of these whales is no longer known to exist?

a: Humpback
b: Minke
c: Bowhead
d: Basilosaurus

11. Moby Dick, who lived in Melville, was what kind of whale?

a: Beluga
b: Right
c: Gray
d: Albino Sperm

12. Which whaling vessel was destroyed when it was attacked by a whale?

a: Wanderer
b: Acushnet
c: Essex
d: Titanic

13. Which of the following whales is considered the oldest?

a: Rodhocetus
b: Whale shark
c: Himalayecetus subathuensis
d: None of these

14. What are the names given to the sections that make up the whale's tail?

a: Flukes
b: Rostrum
c: Fins
d: Flippers

15. What is the term for the art of cutting images on whale teeth?

a: Etching
b: Scrimshaw
c: Dental work
d: Scratching

16. Among the known whales, which has the longest teeth?

a: Hector's dolphins
b: Maui's dolphins
c: Sperm Whales
d: Pilot whales

17. Blue Whales feed exclusively on what type of fish?

a: Sardines
b: Salmon
c: Krill
d: Tilapia

18. What senses are well developed in Blenheim whales?

a: Hearing
b: singing
c: Listening
d: Smelling

19. What senses are well developed in toothed whales?

a: Smell
b: singing
c: Hearing
d: Listening

20. Because of their singing, which of these whales are known as "sea canaries"?

a: Orca
b: Fin
c: Killer
d: Beluga

21. In which of the following ecosystem do whales belong to?

a: Grassland Ecosystem
b: Desert Ecosystem
c: Marine Ecosystem
d: Tundra Ecosystem

21. Which of the following is the other name for "Gulf of Mexico whale"?

7. Which of these whales migrates the farthest distance during each seasonal migration?

a: Humpback Whale
b: Blue Whale
c: Orca (Killer Whale)
d: Rice's Whale

Whales Quiz Answers

  1. Mammals
  2. Blue whale
  3. Dwarf sperm whale
  4. Bowhead whale
  5. Blowhole
  6. 50 gallons a day
  7. Humpback Whale
  8. Dolphins (Orca)
  9. Shark
  10. Basilosaurus
  11. Albino Sperm
  12. Essex
  13. Himalayecetus subathuensis
  14. Flukes
  15. Scrimshaw
  16. Sperm Whales
  17. Krill
  18. Smelling
  19. Hearing
  20. Beluga
  21. Marine Ecosystem
  22. Rice's Whale

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