10 Jesus Walks On Water Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

This quiz is about the story of Jesus walking on water. The entire story can be found in the Bible in the book of Matthew, chapter 14, verses 22-33.

We have put together 10 Jesus walks on water Bible quiz questions and answers that covers some of the key details of this story.

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Jesus Walks On Water Bible Quiz Questions

1. Who started walking on water to meet Jesus?

a: Paul
b: James
c: Peter
d: Joseph

2. Before Jesus dismissed the crowed, who did He send ahead in a boat to the other side of the river?

a: His prophets
b: His angels
c: His guards
d: His disciples

3. After sending his disciples away, Jesus went up a mountainside to do what?

a: Sleep
b: Pray
c: Eat
d: Weep

4. At what time of day did Jesus decide to go meet his disciples while walking on water?

a: Before sunset
b: Before noon
c: Before dawn
d: Before midnight

5. What happened to the disciples when they saw Jesus walking on water?

a: They were filled with joy
b: They did not see him
c: They believed he was the son of God
d: They were terrified

6. Fill in the blank: "Be of good cheer; it is I; __."

a: be not afraid
b: your maker
c: the savior
d: the Elijah to come

7. What caused Peter to start sinking while walking on water towards Jesus?

a: Pompous
b: Fear
c: Guilt
d: Over confident

8. What did Jesus say to Peter after he rescued him from sinking?

a: Why did you deny me three times
b: You are filled with sin
c: You of little grace
d: You of little faith

9. What did the disciples say to Jesus after he had helped Peter walk on water?

a: You are an angel
b: I too want to walk on water
c: Truly you are the Son of God
d: You are truly awesome

10. What did the disciples say when Jesus walked on water?

a: It is a ghost
b: Look, that is Jesus coming
c: Who is this man
d: It is an angel

Jesus Walks On Water Bible Quiz Answers

Jesus Walks On Water Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Peter - Matthew 14:29
2. His disciples - Matthew 14:22
3. Pray - Matthew 14:23
4. Before dawn - Matthew 14:25
5. They were terrified - Matthew 14:26
6. be not afraid - Matthew 14:27
7. Fear - Matthew 14:30
8. You of little faith - Matthew 14:31
9. Truly you are the Son of God - Matthew 14:33
10. It is a ghost - Matthew 14:26

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