21 Question Game To Play With Friends

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The Question Game is a great way to get to interact with your friends on the word of God. You can ask them any of the questions below, give them the 4 possible answers to choose from.

Are you ready to challenge yourself with our collection of 21 question game to play with friends?

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Question Game To Play With Friends

Q1: Which Old Testament prophet confronted King David with his sins of murder and adultery, and told him he would not be the one to build the temple?

a. Isaiah
b. Nathan
c. Elijah
d. Samuel

Q2: How many spears did Joab thrust through the heart of Absalom?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

Q3: Ahab's son Ahaziah fell out of his upper window and was injured. Rather than inquire of Yahweh whether he would recover, he sent messengers to inquire of Baal-Zebub. This was the god of what city?

a. Etham
b. Eshcol
c. Ekron
d. Gedi

Q4: During the reign of which king of Judah were leaders and Levites sent throughout its kingdom to teach the people the word of God?

a. Jehoshaphat
b. Jehoash
c. Jehoiakim
d. Jehoahaz

Q5: When Hezekiah became ill, Isaiah assured him that he would recover and that Yahweh would grant him fifteen more years. What remedy was used for his recovery?

a. To dip himself in Jordan river
b. Fasting prayers for the repentance of nation
c. Turning to wall and pray
d. Take lump of figs and place it on boils

Q6: A group of influential people called a meeting and plotted to have Jesus killed. Who besides the chief priest and elders made up this group of plotters?

a. Wise men
b. Scribes
c. Sadducees
d. Pharisees

Q7: What will the LORD do to any nation that attack Jerusalem?

a. Rain hailstones on them
b. Turn them back
c. Destroy them
d. Prevent them from attacking

Q8: What did Tobiah say would break down Israelites stone wall?

a. A fox
b. An oxen
c. The Babylonians
d. The Romans

Q9: How long did Ruth glean in the field of Boaz?

a. Until winter
b. To the end of barley harvest and of wheat harvest
c. Until Boaz felt she had enough
d. Until they ploughed up the fields

Q10: On which mount was Saul and his three sons killed?

a. Gilead
b. Horeb
c. Olives
d. Sinai

Q11: Another town in Edom is named by Obadiah when he says that its men shall be dismayed. Which town is this?

a. Berea
b. Petra
c. Mafraq
d. Teman

Q12: Zephaniah turns his attention back to Judah, and the city of Jerusalem. He condemns the prophets and the priests, but also which other two groups?

a. The princes and the judges
b. The kings and the ministers
c. The Elders and Masters
d. The soldiers and the merchants

Q13: The prophet Zechariah has a vision of a man riding a red horse and standing among what kind of tree?

a. Palm
b. Date
c. Fig
d. Myrtle

Q14: Who took over the kingdom after Belshazzar was slain?

a. Nebuchadnezzar
b. Darius the Median
c. Alexander the great
d. Cyrus the Persian

Q15: With what does Peter say Christians were ransomed?

a. The resurrection of Jesus
b. The love of God
c. The precious blood of Christ
d. The ark of the Covenant

Q16: What did Paul prophecy would come in the last days?

a. Wars and rumors of wars
b. Famines
c. Earthquakes
d. Perilous times

Q17: Who will the LORD stir up against the Babylonians according to Isaiah?

a. The Assyrians
b. The Syrians
c. The Medes
d. The Persians

Q18: According to Revelation, a beast like a leopard emerged from the sea. How many heads did this beast have?

a. 3
b. 7
c. 6
d. 10

Q19: After they were wedded, Ruth and Boaz had a son. What was his name?

a. Obed
b. Cain
c. Hezron
d. Peter

Q20: Who gave commandment concerning his bones?

a. Enoch
b. Abraham
c. Isaac
d. Joseph

Q21: Hosea condemns the people's idolatry, saying that they kiss what?

a. Nothing
b. Lions
c. Pigeons
d. Calves

Question Game Answers

21 Question Game To Play With Friends

1. Nathan - 2 Samuel 12:7
2. 3 - 2 Samuel 18:14 (NKJV)
3. Ekron - 2 Kings 1:2
4. Jehoshaphat - 2 Chronicles 17:7-9
5. Take lump of figs and place it on boils - 2 Kings 20:7
6. Scribes - Matthew 26:3-4
7. Destroy them - Zechariah 12:9
8. A fox - Nehemiah 4:3
9. To the end of barley harvest and of wheat harvest - Ruth 2:23
10. Gilead - 1 Samuel 31:1
11. Teman - Obadiah 1:9
12. The princes and the judges - Zephaniah 3:3
13. Myrtle - Zechariah 1:8
14. Darius the Median - Daniel 5:31
15. The precious blood of Christ - 1 Peter 1:19
16. Perilous times - 2 Timothy 3:1
17. The Medes - Isaiah 13:17
18. 7 - Revelation 13:1
19. Obed - Ruth 4:17
20. Joseph - Hebrews 11:22
21. Calves - Hosea 13:2

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