March Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to March Trivia! The month of March is the month of new beginnings as it marks the start of another spring season.

Just like every other months in the year, the month of March ushers in important historical events and cultural traditions.

A good number of events that is celebrated in this month includes the Women's History Month, International Women's Day, St. Patrick's Day, World Poetry Day.

Test your knowledge on these and other events that have taken place in the month of March with our March trivia questions and answers.

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March Trivia Questions and Answers

1. March has how many days?

Answer: 31

2. On 6 March 1475, Michelangelo was born in which country?

Answer: Italy

3. What year was Jon Bon Jovi born on March 2nd?

Answer: 1962

4. What is the Spanish word for March?

Answer: Marzo

5. On March 3, what kicks off the 3-day Indonesian New Year celebration?

Answer: 24-hours of silence

6. In March 1930, which actor was nicknamed "King of Cool"?

Answer: Steve McQueen

7. Between 17 and 26 March, which country celebrates the Narvik Winter Festival?

Answer: Norway

8. What was Ides of March in Roman times?

Answer: A deadline for settling debts

9. What sport is associated with 'March Madness'?

Answer: Basketball

10. On 1 March 1994, which Canadian singer was born?

Answer: Justin Bieber

11. Who started the women's history month that is observed every March?

Answer: President Jimmy Carter

12. On the 30th of March 1945, Eric Clapton was born in which country?

Answer: United Kingdom

13. What other month ends on the same day every year as March?

Answer: June

14. On 12th March 1913, which city became Australia's capital?

Answer: Canberra

15. In Walker, Texas Ranger, which actor played the lead role and was born on March 10th, 1940?

Answer: Chuck Norris

16. March's birthstone is what?

Answer: Aquamarine

17. In what city was Alexander Graham Bell born on March 3rd, 184?

Answer: Edinburgh

18. What is Sharon Stone's most famous movie?

Answer: Basic Instinct

19. What was the name of the oil tanker that spilled gallons of oil of the coast of Alaska's Prince William Sound?

Answer: Exxon Valdez

20. On March 14, 1933, which legendary producer was born

Answer: Quincy Jones.

Quiz About The Month Of March

March Trivia Questions and Answers

21. What is the date of St Patrick's Day?

Answer: 17th of March

22. In 1964, who broke his own world indoor mile record?

Answer: Tom O’Hara

23. On the 27th of March 1969, the 'Queen of Christmas' was born. Who is she?

Answer: Mariah Carey 

24. March's birth flower is what?

Answer: Daffodil

25. On March 25, 1807, what was abolished by the British Parliament?

Answer: The Slave Trade.

26. Barbie's official birthday is when?

Answer: 21618

27. What famous Parisian landmark was inaugurated on March 31st, 1889?

Answer: Eiffel Tower

28. On March 25, 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City killed how many people?

Answer: 146 people

29. On March 12th, 1894, which drink was sold in glass bottles for the first time?

Answer: Coca Cola

30. The 8th of March is Sarah Michelle Gellar's husband's birthday. Who is he?

Answer: Freddie Prinze Jr.

31. On March 11, 1918, what virus hit American shores?

Answer: Spanish Influenza

32. On March 6th 1869, Dmitri Mendeleev presented what for the first time?

Answer: he Periodic Table

33. On the 8th of March, which global holiday is celebrated?

Answer: International Women’s Day

34. In which TV show did Jenna Fischer portray Pam Beesly?

Answer: The Office

35. Which president was inaugurated on the 4th of March 1801 in Washington DC?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

36. According to history, Julius Caesar was assassinated in Rome in what year?

Answer: March 15, 44 BC

37. On the 6th of March 1836, which Texan battle ended?

Answer: Battle of Alamo

38. What city was Andrew Young (born 12 March 1932) the mayor of?

Answer: Atlanta

39. The International Day of Forests is observed what day in March?

Answer: 21st March

40. Which year in March did the last American soldiers leave Vietnam, marking the end of the Vietnam War?

Answer: 1973

Ultimate March Trivia Questions

41. On 2 March 1899, which US National Park was established?

Answer: Mount Rainier National Park

42. In what country was Mikhail Gorbachev born on 2 March 1931?

Answer: Soviet Union

43. In which movie did Reese Witherspoon portray Elle Woods?

Answer: Legally Blonde

44. On the 9th of March 1943, which American Chess Grandmaster won a game dubbed 'the game of the century'?

Answer: Bobby Fischer

45. What was the premiere date of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Answer: 35499

46. On March 7, 1974, which Office star was born?

Answer: Jenna Fischer

47. On what date did a bomb goes off in a men's room at the US Capitol, causing extensive damage?

Answer: March 2, 1971

48. On March 3rd, 1923, which magazine was published for the first time?

Answer: Time magazine

49. Which year was the Boston Massacre on the 5th of March?

Answer: 1770

50. Ireland became the first country in the world on 29 March 2004?

Answer: Introduce a total smoking ban

51. Theoretically, Albert Einstein was born in March 1879. What is his most famous theory?

Answer: Theory of relativity

52. When Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone on March 7, 1876, how old was he?

Answer: 29

53. What was the date of the adoption of the Confederate States Constitution?

Answer: March 11, 1861

54. Franco Harris (born March 7, 1950) is best known for what sport?

Answer: American Football 

55. What colour is associated with St Patrick's Day?

Answer: Green

56. Which body adopted the celebration of the World Poetry Day which is observed every March?

Answer: UNESCO

57. Jessica Biel was born on March 3rd, 1982. Who is her husband?

Answer: Justin Timberlake

58. On March 21, 2006, what was sent for the first time?

Answer: Tweet

59. In Argentina, what fruit celebrates its harvest festival in March?

Answer: Grape

60. Which Dutch painter was born in March 1853 and is known for his works "The Starry Night" and "The Yellow House"?

Answer: Vincent Van Gogh

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