20 Fun Judges Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

This is the book of Judges Bible Quiz Questions and Answers. The book of Judges is the seventh book of the Old Testament.

The book of Judges tells the story of Israel's decline and fall into idolatry and apostasy, and God's patient dealing with his people during that time.

The book can be divided into two main sections: the first six chapters tell the story of Israel's decline, and the last twelve chapters tell the story of God's deliverance.

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Judges Bible Quiz Questions

Who Said This Bible Quiz

Q1: Who struck down 600 Philistines with an oxgoad?
A: Shamgar
B: Gideon
C: Samson
D: Simeon

Q2: Who did the LORD raise up to save the Israelites out of the hands of the raiders?
A: Prophets
B: Priests
C: Kings
D: Judges

Q3: What did the Philistines do to Samson after they captured him?
A: Cut off his hands
B: Castrated him
C: Gouged out his eyes
D: Put him in lions den

Q4: Who is the only female judge mentioned in the Bible?
A: Deborah
B: Delilah
C: Sarah
D: Mary

Q5: Who was the first of the judges God raised up to save Israel?
A: David
B: Gideon
C: Othniel
D: Caleb

Q6: What did Abimelek scatter over the city of Shechem after he had destroyed it?
A: Ashes
B: Sand
C: Salt
D: Sugar

Q7: What animal did Samson kill with his bear hands?
A: Wolf
B: Lion
C: Tiger
D: Bear

Q8: What did Gideon give to his soldiers to go into battle with the Midianite?
A: Jars, Food, Stones
B: Drums, Arrows, Catapults
C: Trumpets, Jars, Torches
D: Oil, Fire, Gas

Q9: What instrument did Gideon use to summon followers when the spirit of the Lord came upon him?
A: Violin
B: Trumpet
C: Drum
D: Gong

Q10: What did Samson use to kill a thousand Philistines?
A: Jawbone of a sheep
B: Jawbone of a donkey
C: Jawbone of a lion
D: Jawbone of a bear

Q11: What was the name of the angel who spoke to Manoah's wife (who was without a child) that she would be pregnant.
A: Cherubim
B: Gabriel
C: Michael
D: None of the above

Q12: Samsoms riddle - "What is sweeter than __? What is stronger than a __?"
A: Milk, Stone
B: Sugar, Bear
C: Honey, Lion
D: Honey, Eagle

Q13: How many foxes did Samson use to destroy the Philistine fields?
A: 300
B: 70
C: 250
D: 10

Q14: What was Gideon doing when the angel of the Lord came to him and sat under the oak?
A: Planting seeds
B: Building an alter
C: Threshing wheat
D: Praying

Q15: In Jotham story, which tree answered, "Should I give up my fruit, so good and sweet, to hold sway over the trees"?
A: Bay tree
B: Vine tree
C: Olive tree
D: Fig tree

Q16: In the dream, what tumbled into the Midianite camp and collapsed the tent?
A: A barley bread
B: Upper millstone
C: Hailstones
D: Mountain rocks

Q17: What did Caleb offer in exchange for the capture of Kiriath Sepher?
A: Lots of gold
B: Lots of silver
C: His daughter
D: His land

Q18: After Joshua died, the Lord left some nations to test the Israelites to see whether they will?
A: Become scared
B: Become stronger
C: Worship their gods
D: Obey His commands

Q19: After the death of Joshua, which tribe did God send first to fight the Canaanites?
A: Reuben
B: Dan
C: Judah
D: Levite

Q20: Judges concludes by stating, "In those days Israel had no __?__; everyone did as they saw fit."
A: Law
B: King
C: Queen
D: Mercy

Judges Bible Quiz Answers

Q1: Shamgar - Judges 3:31
Q2: Judges - Judges 2:16
Q3: Gouged out his eyes - Judges 16:21
Q4: Deborah - Judges 4:4-5
Q5: Othniel - Judges 3:8-11
Q6: Salt - Judges 9:45
Q7: Lion - Judges 4:5-6
Q8: Trumpets, Jars, Torches - Judges 7:16
Q9: Trumpet - Judges 6:34
Q10: Jawbone of a donkey - Judges 15:14-15

Judges Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

Q11: None of the above - Judges 13:2-18
Q12: Honey, Lion - Judges 14:18
Q13: 300 - Judges 15:4-5
Q14: Threshing wheat - Judges 6:11
Q15: Fig tree - Judges 9:9-14
Q16: A barley bread - Judges 7:13
Q17: His daughter - Judges 1:12
Q18: Obey His commands - Judges 3:1-4
Q19: Judah - Judges 1:1-2
Q20: King - Judges 21:26

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