20 Fun Exodus Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

This is a series of bible quiz questions that will test your knowledge on the word of God. This is the book of Exodus Bible quiz questions and answers. Exodus is the second book of the old testament.

This book accounts for Moses leading the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt. It also covers Israel's 40 years journey through the wilderness to the promised land. While on their way, God wrote the ten commandments which He gave to Moses, Moses built the first Tent of Meeting where God’s spirit dwelt with the people.

The Book Of Exodus Bible Quiz
Exodus Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

In this book, we also see the 10 plagues that God brought upon the Egyptians for not letting His children leave Egypt. There are a whole lot of other events that took place in Exodus.

So how well do you know the book of Exodus? We have put together over 20 questions and answers on the book of exodus.

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Exodus Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1: After the Israelites departed Egypt, how did the Lord lead them on their journey to the Promised Land pillar of?
A: Stars and Comets
B: Dust and Rain
C: Cloud and Fire
D: Sun and Moon

Q2: What was the second plague of Egypt?
A: Lice
B: Flies
C: Blood
D: Frogs

Q3: What did God send from Heaven to feed the Israelites?
A: Bread and Fish
B: Quail and Manna
C: Chicken and Chips
D: Wine and Herbs

Q4: What name did Pharaoh's daughter give the child she found in the river?
A: Michael
B: Joshua
C: Moses
D: Aaron

Q5: What was the eight commandment God gave to the Israelites that they shall?
A: Not kill
B: Not commit adultery
C: Not steal
D: Not make idols

Q6: Who spoke to Moses from the midst of the burning bush?
A: Aaron
B: His brother
C: An angel
D: God

Q7: How many days did Moses spend on Mount Sinai with the Lord?
A: 30
B: 20
C: 40
D: 50

Q8: Which fine spice was used to make the holy anointing oil?
A: Paprika
B: Curry
C: Chilly
D: Cinnamon

Q9: Whom did God direct Moses to use to construct the tabernacle and the ark?
A: Aaron
B: Uriah
C: Caleb
D: Bezalel

Q10: What material was the Ark of the Covenant to be overlaid with?
A: Bronze
B: Silver
C: Platinum
D: Gold

Q11: What two figures were made with pure gold to cover the ark of the Covenant two ends?
A: Candlesticks
B: Cherubim
C: Golden Lampstand
D: Gates

Q12: What instrument sounded off after Moses had been given the Ten Commandments?
A: Harp
B: Violin
C: Trumpet
D: Drum

Q13: What was Moses carrying when he came down the mountain?
A: A Lamb
B: 2 Tablets
C: A golden statue
D: Olive oil

Q14: How did the Lord speak to Moses?
A: Face to face
B: Through visions
C: Through prophets
D: Through dreams

Q15: Whose bones did Moses take with him when he left Egypt?
A: Daniel
B: Joseph
C: Aaron
D: Jacob

Q16: Why were Aaron and the children of Israel afraid to come near Moses?
A: His anger
B: His judgment
C: His face was radiant
D: His temper

Q17: When God spoke to the Israelites on Mt. Sinai, what was their response?
A: They cheered
B: Ran away
C: They trembled
D: They waved

Q18: Which sea was parted allowing the Israelites to cross on dry ground?
A: Red sea
B: Caspian sea
C: Black sea
D: Dead sea

Q19: Who made the golden calf for the children of Israel to worship?
A: Moses
B: Aaron
C: James
D: Noah

Q20: Who cut out the second set of tablets of stone?
A: God
B: Enoch
C: Moses
D: Aaron

Exodus Bible Quiz Answers

Q1: Cloud and Fire - Exodus 13:21

Q2: Frogs - Exodus 8:1-4

Q3: Quail and Manna - Exodus 16:13,31

Q4: Moses - Exodus 2:9-10

Q5: Thou shall not Steal - Exodus 20:1-17

Q6: God - Exodus 3:2

Q7: 40 days - Exodus 24:18

Q8: Cinnamon - Exodus 30:22-25

Q9: Bezalel - Exodus 31:1-6

Q10: Gold - Exodus 25:11

Q11: Cherubim - Exodus 25:18-20

Q12: Trumpet - Exodus 20:18

Q13: 2 Tablets - Exodus 8:15

Q14: Face to face - Exodus 9:11

Q15: Joseph - Exodus 13:19

Q16: His face was radiant - Exodus 34:30

Q17: They trembled - Exodus 20:18

Q18: Rea sea - Exodus 14:19-21

Q19: Aaron - Exodus 32:2-4

Q20: Moses - Exodus 34:1

Did Moses go to heaven?

We all can agree that for such a man who worked with God, a man whom God revealed Himself to on mount Sinai and whom God buried is sure resting in God's presence in paradise.

What is the book of exodus about?

The book of Exodus is about the liberation of the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt. The Israelites were in Egypt for a long time and when the Lord heard the cry of the Israelites and seeing how they were oppressed by the Egyptians, then the Lord sent Moses to Pharaoh to let His people go - Exodus 3:1-10

How long were the Israelites in Egypt?

According to the Bible, the Israelites were in Egypt for 430 years - Exodus 12:40-41

How many Israelites left Egypt in the Exodus?

No one knows as it was not written in the Bible.

Who led the Israelites into the Promised Land?

Joshua lead the Israelites into the promised land of Canaan.

How many of the original Israelites entered the promised land?

Only two of the original Israelites entered the promised land and they were Joshua and Caleb.

How many Israelites entered the Promised Land?

The exact number of Israelites that entered the promised is unknown however the Bible made us to understand that there were a total of 601,730 men who entered the promised land - Numbers 26:50. We don't know how many women and children entered.

How many Israelites died in the wilderness?

No one knows as it was not mentioned in the Bible the number of Israelites that died in the wilderness.

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