20 Fun Ruth Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

Ready for another challenging bible quiz questions and answers? This time we’re testing your knowledge of the Book of Ruth.

The book of Ruth tells the story of a Moabite woman who, after the death of her husband, returns to Judea with her mother-in-law Naomi.

In this Ruth bible quiz questions answers, we will be testing your knowledge on the life of Ruth, a childless widow as well as Naomi in the time of the Judges.

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Ruth Bible Quiz Questions

Who Said This Bible Quiz

Q1: When Ruth went out into the fields to pick up leftover grain she unknowingly chose a field that belonged to a relative. What was his name?
A: Moab
B: Boaz
C: Jesse
D: Mahlon

Q2: What was the name of Ruth's mother-in-law?
A: Naomi
B: Orpah
C: Ophni
D: Oreb

Q3: What did Ruth's mother-in-law change her name to?
A: Merab
B: Meribah
C: Mara
D: Massah

Q4: Who was described here by Boaz - "You are a woman of noble character"?
A: Esther
B: Mara
C: Naomi
D: Ruth

Q5: What name did Ruth give her son?
A: Solomon
B: Obed
C: David
D: Jesse

Q6: Ruth was King David's__?
A: Granddaughter
B: Grandmother
C: Great-Granddaughter
D: Great-Grandmother

Q7: What did Boaz offer Ruth to eat at mealtime?
A: Roasted lamb
B: Grain and Rice
C: Fish and Corn
D: Bread and Wine

Q8: After she threshed the barley, how much grain did Ruth carry back to town?
A: Peck
B: Gerah
C: Ephah
D: Bushel

Q9: What did Naomi want to find for Ruth?
A: A career
B: A home
C: A school
D: A new job

Q10: How many measures of barley did Boaz give Ruth when she visited him on the threshing floor?
A: 8
B: 2
C: 6
D: 4

Q11: What did Ruth do before she lay down at Boaz’s feet?
A: Uncovered his feet
B: Wash his feet
C: Pray to God
D: Cried to him

Q12: Into what item of Ruth’s did Boaz put the barley?
A: Box
B: Gown
C: Apron
D: Shawl

Q13: According to Boaz, where had Ruth come to take refuge?
A: Under God's wings
B: In Naomi's care
C: In David's city
D: Her guardian-redeemer

Q14: Who was Naomi's husband?
A: Eleazar
B: Abimelech
C: Elimelech
D: Boaz

Q15: In ancient Israel what was the method of legalizing transactions?
A: Exchange sandals
B: Exchange gold
C: Exchange daughters
D: Exchange rings

Q16: Which of Naomi's daughters-in-law decided to return to her people and her gods?
A: Mariam
B: Deborah
C: Ruth
D: Orpah

Q17: Which of the following did Naomi say the Almighty had brought upon her?
A: Favor
B: Misfortune
C: Joy
D: Prosperity

Q18: What did Naomi say Boaz would be doing that night on the threshing floor?
A: Praying to God
B: Traveling out
C: Winnowing barley
D: Having party

Q19: What did Naomi say the man would not do until the matter is settled?
A: Rest
B: Sleep
C: Eat
D: Have peace

Q20: The elders and people at the gate said to Boaz, "May the Lord make the woman who is coming into your home like __,"?
A: Deborah and Rebekah
B: Hagar and Sarah
C: Tamar and Perez
D: Rachel and Leah

Ruth Bible Quiz Answers

Q1: Boaz - Ruth 2:3
Q2: Naomi - Ruth 1:3-4
Q3: Mara - Ruth 1:20
Q4: Ruth - Ruth 3:11
Q5: Obed - Ruth 4:17
Q6: Great-Grandmother - Ruth 4:18-22
Q7: Bread and Wine - Ruth 2:14
Q8: Ephah - Ruth 2:17
Q9: A home - Ruth 3:1
Q10: 6 - Ruth 3:15

Ruth Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

Q11: Uncovered his feet - Ruth 3:4
Q12: Shawl - Ruth 3:15
Q13: Under God's wings - Ruth 2:12
Q14: Elimelech - Ruth 1:2
Q15: Exchange sandals - Ruth 4:7
Q16: Orpah - Ruth 1:14
Q17: Misfortune - Ruth 1:20-21
Q18: Winnowing barley - Ruth 3:2
Q19: Rest - Ruth 3:18
Q20: Rachel and Leah - Ruth 4:11-12

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