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Are you ready for another challenging Bible quiz game? See how many questions you can answer from the Book of Numbers quiz questions and answers.

The Book of Numbers is the fourth book of the Bible and it contains a lot of information about how God led Moses and the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land.

The Book of Numbers Bible quiz questions and answers is a great way to test your knowledge about this important book in the Bible. Each questions comes with 4 possible answer to choose from.

Table of Contents

Numbers Quiz Questions

Q1: During the first census, God told Moses to count every man over what age?

A: 18
B: 25
C: 10
D: 20

Q2: Who was to say "The Lord bless you, and keep you, the Lord make his face shine on you" when blessing Israel?

A: Aaron and his sons
B: No one
C: The Levites
D: Moses and Joshua

Q3: Who was meek above all the men, which were on the face of the earth?

A: Aaron
B: Caleb
C: Moses
D: James

Q4: On which side of the tabernacle was Moses, Aaron and his sons instructed to camp?

A: The North
B: The East
C: The South
D: The West

Q5: What judgment fell on Miriam for talking against Moses?

A: Death
B: Madness
C: Leprosy
D: Barrenness

Q6: What did God tell Moses to do to the rock to bring forth water?

A: Spit on the rock
B: Destory the rock
C: Strike the rock
D: Speak to the rock

Q7: How many men did Moses send to explore the land of Canaan?

A: 5
B: 20
C: 4
D: 12

Q8: When Moses sent a leader from every tribe of Israel to explore the land of Canaan, what kind of fruit did they bring back?

A: Apples, Oranges, Berries
B: Pomegranates, Grapes, Figs
C: Pears, Limes, Mangoes
D: Avocados, Plums, Melons

Q9: How many years did the Israelite wander in the wilderness?

A: 7
B: 44
C: 40
D: 30

Q10: What Egyptian food did the Israelites complain they missed while wandering in the wilderness?

A: Fish
B: Rice
C: Radishes
D: Eggplants

Q11: How did God punish Korah son of Izhar for grumbling against Moses?

A: Stoned to death
B: Ground swallowed him
C: Devoured by ravens
D: Stricken with leprosy

Q12: On whom did Moses put Aaron’s garments before Aaron died?

A: Balak
B: Kohath
C: Eleazar
D: Balaam

Q13: Which king denied the Israelites passage through his land?

A: King of Goshen
B: King of Midian
C: King of Moab
D: King of Edom

Q14: Those over what age would die in the wilderness?

A: 20
B: 21
C: 30
D: 50

Q15: On how many men did God put His Spirit on to help Moses carry the burden of the people?

A: Seven
B: Twelve
C: Twenty-four
D: Seventy

Q16: Who succeeded Moses as leader of the Israelites after he died?

A: Joseph
B: Jacob
C: Joshua
D: James

Q17: What covered the tabernacle by day?

A: Cloud
B: Fire
C: Sky
D: Birds

Q18: But as truly as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord. Who said this?

A: Moses
B: Joshua
C: God
D: Peter

Q19: Who did Balak son of Zippor summon to put a curse on the Israelites?

A: Barak
B: Balaam
C: Belshazzar
D: Bezaleel

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Q20: Of the twelve spies Moses sent to explore the land of Canaan, which two were not afraid of the Canaanites?

A: Gaddiel and Gaddi
B: Abiram and Dathan
C: Shaphat and Igal
D: Joshua and Caleb

Numbers Bible Quiz Answers

Q1: 20 - Numbers: 1:2-3
Q2: Aaron and his sons - Numbers: 6:23-26
Q3: Moses - Numbers: 12:03
Q4: The East - Numbers: 3:38
Q5: Leprosy - Numbers: 12:9-14
Q6: Speak to the rock - Numbers: 20:10-12
Q7: 12 - Numbers: 13:4-15
Q8: Pomegranates, Grapes, Figs - Numbers: 13:23
Q9: 40 - Numbers: 14:32-34
Q10: Fish - Numbers: 11:4-6

Numbers Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

Q11: Ground swallowed him - Numbers: 16:28-33
Q12: Eleazar - Numbers: 20:22-29
Q13: King of Edom - Numbers: 20:18
Q14: 20 - Numbers: 14:22-29
Q15: Seventy - Numbers: 11:16-17
Q16: Joshua - Numbers: 27:18-20
Q17: Cloud - Numbers: 9:15-17
Q18: God - Numbers: 14:20-22
Q19: Balaam - Numbers: 22:15-17
Q20: Joshua and Caleb - Numbers: 14:6-8

Numbers Bible Quiz Questions and Answers PDF

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