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Labor Day is an annual holiday celebrated in various countries around the world. The day is dedicated to hardworking individuals who contribute their time, effort, and skills towards the growth and development of their respective economies. It is a day to honor the achievements and contributions of the working class.

So how much do you know about this day? Check out our Labor Day trivia questions and answers to find out!

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Labor Day Trivia Questions

Labor Day Trivia Questions and Answers

1. In which country did the idea of celebrating Labour Day first originate?

a: United States
b: Canada
c: Australia
d: United Kingdom

2. What was the original date of the first Labor Day celebration?

a: May 1, 1886
b: September 5, 1882
c: August 1, 1894
d: July 4, 1901

3. Which US president signed Labor Day into law as a national holiday?

a: Franklin D. Roosevelt
b: Theodore Roosevelt
c: Harry S. Truman
d: Woodrow Wilson

4. In Canada, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of which month?

a: August
b: September
c: October
d: November

5. Which trade unionist is credited with helping to establish the first Labor Day parade in North America?

a: Terence Powderly
b: Samuel Gompers
c: Eugene V. Debs
d: Peter J. McGuire

6. Who was the Secretary of Labor, and the first Asian American woman appointed to a President's cabinet in U.S?

a: Tom Perez
b: Martin Walsh
c: Elaine L. Chao
d: Alexander Acosta

7. In Australia, which city hosts the largest Labor Day parade in the country?

a: Sydney
b: Melbourne
c: Brisbane
d: Perth

8. In the United Kingdom, what is the name of the bank holiday that falls on the same day as Labor Day?

a: Summer Bank Holiday
b: Spring Bank Holiday
c: May Bank Holiday
d: Easter Bank Holiday

9. When was the first recorded labor strike in America?

a: 1768
b: 1900
c: 1888
d: 1800

10. Which US state was the first to officially recognize Labor Day as a public holiday?

a: New York
b: California
c: Oregon
d: Texas

11. In which year did Labor Day become an official holiday in the United States?

a: 1882
b: 1894
c: 1901
d: 1928

12. Which famous industrialist is credited with popularizing the phrase "eight hours labor, eight hours recreation, eight hours rest"?

a: Andrew Carnegie
b: John D. Rockefeller
c: Henry Ford
d: Robert Bosch

13. What is the name of the political party that was founded in the United States on May Day (May 1), which is also International Workers' Day?

a: Socialist Party of America
b: Communist Party of the United States
c: Democratic Party
d: Republican Party

14. In what year did the Haymarket Riot take place in Chicago, which is often associated with the origins of International Workers' Day?

a: 1865
b: 1877
c: 1886
d: 1894

15. What event led to the signing into law Labor Day in the US?

a: The Haymarket Riot
b: The Pullman Strike
c: The Homestead Strike
d: The Bread and Roses Strike

16. Which famous American labor leader helped to establish the United Auto Workers union?

a: Eugene V. Debs
b: Walter Reuther
c: Terence Powderly
d: Samuel Gompers

17. Which famous American musician wrote and performed the song "Take This Job and Shove It," which became an anthem for disgruntled workers?

a: Johnny Paycheck
b: Merle Haggard
c: Willie Nelson
d: Waylon Jennings

18. How many states in the US observe Labor Day before it became a federal holiday?

a: Thirty States
b: Fifteen States
c: Twelve States
d: None

19. Which labor activist famously led the United Farm Workers union in the United States?

a: Jimmy Hoffa
b: Dolores Huerta
c: Eugene Debs
d: Cesar Chavez

20. Which famous American activist once said, "All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence"?

a: Susan B. Anthony
b: Martin Luther King Jr.
c: Gloria Steinem
d: Cesar Chavez

Labor Day Trivia Answers

  1. United States
  2. September 5, 1882
  3. President Grover Cleveland
  4. September
  5. Peter J. McGuire
  6. Elaine L. Chao
  7. Melbourne
  8. May Bank Holiday
  9. 1768
  10. Oregon
  11. 1894
  12. Henry Ford
  13. Socialist Party of America
  14. 1886
  15. The Pullman Strike
  16. Walter Reuther
  17. Johnny Paycheck
  18. Thirty States
  19. Cesar Chavez
  20. Martin Luther King Jr.

Labor Day FAQs

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day is a public holiday celebrated annually on the first Monday of September in Canada and the United States. The day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the American and Canadian workforce.

What is the History of Labor Day?

Labor Day has its roots in the labour union movement, which advocated for better working conditions, fair wages, and benefits for workers. The first Labor Day celebration occurred on September 5, 1882, in New York City, organized by the Central Labor Union.

How is Labor Day Celebrated?

The celebrations of Labor Day vary from country to country. Countries like Canada and the United States mark their labor day with parades, picnics, and barbeques. In other countries, it is celebrated with political rallies, trade union marches, and demonstrations.

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