17 Inspiring Prayers For Pregnant Mothers

In this post, we will be looking at some powerful prayers for pregnant mothers and why praying during pregnancy is so important for both the mother and the child.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for a woman, but it also comes with its challenges. Many women turn to prayer for strength and guidance during this time.

The Bible says in Genesis 1:28, "Be fruitful and multiply", this means that God's plan is for us to be married and have children, so the earth can be populated.

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Prayers for Pregnant Mothers

Praying during pregnancy opens doors for God's blessings and to fulfill God's will not just for your life, but also his will for the life of the unborn child. Prayer can also help strengthen the bond between you and your child if he or she has already been born.

Pregnancy is a time when you are embarking on something that will change your life forever. You may ask yourself, what kind of changes will my life take on now that I am pregnant? Will I lose my freedom? Will the baby change my relationship with my spouse or significant other?

Remember, you will not be alone during these times. God promises us peace and comfort when we pray according to Psalms 46:1, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble."

Try praying the following prayers throughout your pregnancy for guidance, strength, health, and peace.

Inspiring Prayers For Pregnant Mothers

1. Simple Prayer for a Pregnant Mother

Dear Lord, thank you for this new life growing within me. Please protect my baby and help me to provide this child with a nurturing, and loving home. Please bless this child with good health, vitality, serenity, and inner strength. Help me to be a good mother and lead my child toward the light of your divine love. Amen.

2. Prayer For Pregnant Daughter

Dear Heavenly Father, please bless my daughter and the new life growing within her. Please keep her healthy and protect both mother and child throughout the pregnancy. Please let this be a happy time for them both. I ask that you provide her with all she needs to take care of herself and the child.

Please help her to strong physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually throughout the pregnancy. Please bless her with a safe delivery and an abundant supply of love for the child. I ask all of these things in your name, Amen.

3. Prayer For Pregnant Sister

Dear Lord, thank you for this new life growing within my sister. Please protect her and help her to provide this child with a nurturing, and loving home. Please bless the child with good health, vitality, serenity, and inner strength. Help my sister to be a good mother and lead the child toward the light of your divine love. Amen.

4. Prayer For Pregnant Wife

Dear Lord, thank you for this new life growing within my wife. Please protect my wife and baby from any harm or sickness and help us to provide this child with all that is needed for health and happiness. Help my wife to be a good mother, myself to be a good father to this child.

Help us to provide this new life with love and attention. I ask that you bless my wife with the safe delivery of this child. Please help us to be strong in our faith and love for one another throughout this time in our lives. Amen!

5. Prayer For Morning Sickness

Heavenly Father, thank You for making me see this morning. I ask that you watch over me and grant me the strength to overcome this morning sickness. Please help me remain healthy throughout this pregnancy, and my baby to be well and safe inside of me.

Please protect us from any harm or evil that may come our way because I know that You are always watching over us.  Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayer, Amen.

6. Prayer for a Peaceful Birth

Dear Lord, I come to you today asking that the labor and delivery of this child You have blessed us with, be healthy and peaceful. I thank You for watching over my body during this time so it may remain strong throughout the process.

When the time comes, help me to deliver this baby in love and peace, knowing that it is Your will for us. I ask all of these things in Your name. Amen!

7. Prayer for Healthy Child

Dear Lord, I come before you asking that You help protect this child that has just been conceived in my womb. Please keep him/her healthy throughout the pregnancy. Protect us from any harm or sickness.

I ask that You watch over us throughout this special time. Please let the labor and delivery be a safe and healthy one as I bring this child into this world. I ask all of these things in Your name. Amen!

8. Prayer For a Safe Delivery

Dear Lord, as I am just hours away from giving birth to our firstborn child, I come before you with so much gratitude and love in my heart. Thank you for this child we have prayed so hard for and waited so long to meet.

Please bless this baby with good health and long life. Thank you for my body, for I know there will not be any complication and I shall deliver this child with ease. Amen.

9. Prayer To Help A Pregnant Woman Keep Faith

Heavenly Father, please grant me the faith to know that you are there watching over both myself and this pregnancy. Please let me feel your presence in all that I do, help me to carry this pregnancy with joy and love.

Help me to maintain a healthy body for myself and my baby, give me strength beyond what I know I have to endure this pregnancy. Please watch over my baby as he/she grows and protects us from all harm or sickness that may come our way. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer, Amen.

10. Prayer Against Barrenness and Infertility

Dear Lord, I come to you today asking that you place your hands on my womb, infuse me with your strength and power. I ask that I become fertile for my husband as we are both longing to start a family.

I ask that you make me strong enough to endure this arduous process and be patient as we wait for the blessed day when we can welcome our child into this world. Thank You, Lord, for listening to us and answering our prayers. Amen.

11. Prayer For Protection During Pregnancy

Dear Lord, please watch over my wife, and the baby inside of her. Keep them both safe in Your caring arms, and let no harm come to them. Please protect my wife and the unborn child inside of her throughout this pregnancy.

Lord, bless me with all that I need to provide for them during this time. I ask, Lord, that You be by her side as she goes through the many changes that are taking place. Guide us through this process so we may bring this glorious life safely into this world. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers, Amen!

12. Prayer of Thanksgiving for a Healthy Pregnancy

Thank you, God, for this blessing of life that I have been carrying for the past months. Thank you for my health and the health of this child growing inside of me. I thank you for keeping me safe, and for the special bond that I share with this baby. Thank you for your continued guidance throughout my pregnancy.

Thank you, Lord, for watching over us during this exciting time in our lives. Please continue to show your love and guide us with Your wisdom as we prepare for this new little one. Thank you for all that I have, including this child who is growing inside of me right now. Amen!

13. Prayer For a Pregnant Friend

Dear Lord, I come to you today to give thanks for the gift of life. Thank You for my friend who is pregnant and for blessing her with this new life coming into the world. Please protect my friend and her child as the child grows inside of her.

Bless both my friend and her child with good health, happiness, and joy. Watch over my friend as she embarks on this exciting and sometimes challenging journey. May she grow closer to You as she experiences this miracle. Thank You, Lord, for answered prayer, Amen.

14. Prayer of Warfare For Pregnancy

Lord God Almighty, I come to You asking for Your help in overcoming the challenges that lie ahead. Please give me the strength to get through each day of this pregnancy. Help me learn from my mistakes and help me become a better person because of them.

Grow my relationship with You as I continue to rely on You throughout this journey. Give me wisdom and discernment as I continue to face the physical and emotional changes that take place.

Please watch over my child as he/she continues to develop and grow inside of me. Protect us from all harm, Lord, and keep us safe at all times. Help me live this pregnancy with faith and trust in You. Amen!

15. Prayer For Every Woman in Labour

Dear Lord, I pray for every woman who is now in labor. I pray that you grant the doctors and nurses who are involved, the wisdom, knowledge, guidance, and strength to help all women deliver their babies safely.

Bless each child with good health so they may grow up strong in mind and body, Lord. I pray that You watch over every mother and baby as they start their journey into this exciting new world of life. I pray for a safe delivery for all women, Lord, and may their labors be brought to successful completion.


16. Prayer against Miscarriage

Dearest Lord, I pray that you watch over my dear one whom I love so much. Please protect her and the baby growing inside of her. I come against every spirit of miscarriage that wants to harm this child. I cover both the mother and child with the blood of Jesus.

I decree and declare that nothing shall stop this pregnancy from going full term, in Jesus' name I pray, amen!

17. Prayer for the Unborn Child

Dear Lord, I pray for the unborn child who is growing inside of my dear one. Please guide and protect him/her as s/he continues to develop from a tiny cell into a newborn baby.

Watch over them during this miraculous journey from conception until birth, and please give us wisdom concerning the decisions we make in caring for this child. Thank you for hearing my prayer, in Jesus' name I pray, amen!

We hope that you have been blessed by this topic on powerful prayers for pregnant mothers.

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