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Celebrate Earth Day with our comprehensive quiz and find out how much you know about environmental sustainability and climate change.

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd, marking the birth of the modern environmental movement. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainability.

It’s a great opportunity for individuals, communities, and businesses to come together and take positive actions towards creating a greener future.

With this in mind, we’ve put together an Earth Day Quiz that tests your knowledge of environmental protection and sustainability.

Table of Contents

Earth Day Quiz Questions

1. What is the name of the holiday that celebrates the environment and raising awareness about environmental issues?

a: Mothers Day
b: Earth Day
c: Global Day
d: Population Day

2. What color is the flag for Earth day?

a: Yellow
b: Red
c: Black
d: Navy Blue

3. By whom was Earth Day promoted?

a: Senator Gaylord Nelson
b: Jeff Bezos
c: Newton
d: Senator Steven Armstrong

4. Which year did people start celebrating Earth Day?

a: 1970
b: 1972
c: 1973
d: 1974

5. Every year on what day is Earth Day observed?

a: 22-Mar
b: 22-Apr
c: 22-May
d: 22-Jun

6. What is Earth Day?

a: A day to celebrate the earth and its many wonders
b: A day to learn about the effect of climate change on the earth
c: A day to reflect on the impact humans have on the earth
d: All of the above

7. Earth has how many oceans?

a: 2
b: 3
c: 4
d: 5

8. Which of these is one of Earth's natural satellites?

a: Moon
b: Mars
c: Jupiter
d: Mercury

9. Where in the Solar System is the Earth locates in?

a: 3rd
b: 4th
c: 5th
d: 6th

10. Which among these is known as the world's largest island?

a: Madagascar
b: Baffin Island
c: Greenland
d: None of these

11. Which of the followings is a primary objective of celebrating Earth Day?

a: Tiger protection
b: Environmental protection
c: Nuclear protection
d: None of these

12. How many continents do we have in the world?

a: 4
b: 6
c: 5
d: 7

13. Where is Earth day observed?

a: Worldwide
b: Asia
c: America
d: Europe

14. How often does Earth Day occur?

a: Every Centennial
b: Every month
c: Every Six month
d: Every Year

15. In what season is Earth Day celebrated?

a: Summer
b: Spring
c: Winter
d: None of these

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Earth Day Quiz Questions and Answers

16. What is Earth Day called by the United Nations?

a: International Mother Earth Day
b: World planet day
c: Earth is one day
d: Global earth day

17. How much percentage of drinkable water is available for human consumption?

a: 44%
b: 2%
c: Less 1%
d: 32%

18. Among the world's oceans, which one of these is the largest?

a: Arctic Ocean
b: Atlantic ocean
c: Indian Ocean
d: Pacific Ocean

19. Among the world's oceans which one is the smallest?

a: Atlantic ocean
b: Pacific Ocean
c: Arctic Ocean
d: Indian Ocean

20. Which of the following extinct birds lived in Mauritius?

a: The Phoenix
b: The dodo
c: The emu
d: None of these

21. What is the age of the oldest tree?

a: About 6000 years
b: About 5000 years
c: About 4000 years
d: About 3000 years

22. What percentage of oxygen does the Earth's atmosphere contain?

a: 21
b: 22
c: 33
d: 55

23. How much of the planet's surface is covered by water?

a: 76%
b: 70%
c: 53%
d: 67%

24. Which of the following mountain range above-water is the longest on the Earth?

a: Alps
b: Himalayas
c: Rockies
d: Andes

25. Which of the following waterfall is the highest in the world?

a: Jog
b: Niagara
c: Angel
d: None of these

26. Who was the initial explorer to arrive at the South Pole?

a: Earnest Shackleton
b: Ronald Amundsen
c: Robert Falcon
d: Ronald Amund

27. What are some things you can do to help the environment on Earth Day?

a: Plant a tree or garden
b: Recycle and reduce your waste
c: Save energy by conserving electricity and water
d: All of the above

28. What is one way humans impact the environment negatively?

a: By polluting the air, water, and land
b: By deforestation and loss of wildlife habitats
c: By overfishing and hunting animals to extinction
d: All of the above

29. Who was the initial explorer to arrive at the North Pole?

a: Earnest Shackleton
b: Ronald Amundsen
c: Robert Peary
d: Robert Falcon

30. More than half of the earths breathable oxygen comes from where?

a: Flowers
b: Ocean
c: Forests
d: Clouds

Earth Day Quiz Answers

1. Earth Day
2. Navy Blue
3. Senator Gaylord Nelson
4. 1970
5. 22-Apr
6. All of the above
7. 5
8. Moon
9. 5th
10. Greenland
11. Environmental protection
12. 7
13. Worldwide
14. Every Year
15. Spring
16. International Mother Earth Day
17. Less 1%
18. Pacific Ocean
19. Arctic Ocean
20. The dodo
21. 6000 years
22. 21
23. 70%
24. Andes
25. Angel
26. Ronald Amundsen
27. All of the above
28. All of the above
29. Robert Peary
30. Ocean

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