20 Fun Revelation Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

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How much do you know about the book of revelation and the end times? Try out our revelation bible quiz questions and answers to find out.

The book of revelation is about John's vision of the end times. John describes a time when the world will be ruled by an evil empire, and God will destroy it. The righteous will be saved, and the wicked will be destroyed.

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Revelation Bible Quiz Questions

Q1: In Revelation, who was seated on the 24 thrones?

A: Angels
B: Apostles
C: Elders
D: Saints

Q2: What was the harlot, described in Revelation as Babylon, drunk with?

A: Her Lusts
B: Blood of Saints
C: Greed
D: Idolatry

Q3: In the book of Revelation, what does John see when the first seal is opened?

A: A white horse
B: A red horse
C: A pale horse
D: A black horse

Q4: What did John see when the 4th seal was opened?

A: A black horse
B: A pale horse
C: A white horse
D: A red horse

Q5: Which of these is a name used in scripture to describe Satan?

A: The devil
B: The dragon
C: The ancient serpent
D: All of above

Q6: In the New Jerusalem recorded in Revelation, what did the presence of the glory of God and the lamb eliminate from the city?

A: Sacrifices
B: Sun and moon
C: The universe
D: War

Q7: Then I saw "a new heaven and a new earth," for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any __?.

A: Sea
B: Humans
C: Roads
D: Buildings

Q8: What were the locusts released during the tribulation commanded not to harm?

A: City on seven hills
B: The two prophets
C: The saints
D: The grass, plants, trees

Q9: In John's Revelation what happened to the moon when the Lamb opened the sixth seal of the book?

A: Fell from sky
B: It split into two
C: It disappeared
D: Turned to blood

Q10: Who did God warn the Church in Thyatira about?

A: Peter
B: Jezebel
C: Paul
D: John

Q11: According to John's vision, who continually says, Holy, holy, holy around God's throne?

A: The martyrs
B: The angels
C: The four beasts
D: The 24 elders

Q12: What did the angel tell John to do with a book the angel had in his hand?

A: Bless it
B: Publish it on Earth
C: Eat it
D: Approve it

Q13: The great dragon was hurled down, that ancient serpent called __?

A: The devil
B: The looser
C: The son of sin
D: The Babylon

Q14: The mystery of the seven stars is revealed as symbolizing what?

A: Seven plagues
B: Seven stars
C: Seven elders
D: Angels of 7 churches

Q15: According to Revelation, the voice of which angel will mark the complete work of the mystery of God?

A: Fifth
B: Seventh
C: Sixth
D: Forth

Q16: How many seals were on the scroll that God revealed in the book of Revelation?

A: 7
B: 6
C: 5
D: 4

Q17: "Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even those who __?"

A: Pierced him
B: Ignored him
C: Didn't know him
D: Sold him

Q18: Where was John when he received the book of Revelation?

A: At home
B: In the temple
C: On the isle of Patmos
D: On the mount

Q19: Which city mentioned in Revelation is also the name of an American city?

A: New York
B: Philadelphia
C: Texas
D: Las Vegas

Q20: And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for __?

A: For a short time
B: 1000 years
C: 40 days
D: Ever and Ever

Revelation Bible Quiz Answers

Revelation Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1: Elders - Revelation 4:4
Q2: Blood of Saints - Revelation 17:6
Q3: A white horse - Revelation 6:2
Q4: A pale horse - Revelation 6:7
Q5: All of above - Revelation 20:2
Q6: Sun and moon - Revelation 21:23
Q7: Sea - Revelation 21:1
Q8: The grass, plants, trees - Revelation 9:4
Q9: Turned to blood - Revelation 6:12
Q10: Jezebel - Revelation 2:20
Q11: The four beasts - Revelation 4:8
Q12: Eat it - Revelation 10:9
Q13: The devil - Revelation 12:9
Q14: Angels of 7 churches - Revelation 1:20
Q15: Seventh - Revelation 10:7
Q16: 7 - Revelation 5:1
Q17: Pierced him - Revelation 1:7
Q18: On the isle of Patmos - Revelation 1:9
Q19: Philadelphia - Revelation 1:11
Q20: Ever and Ever - Revelation 20:10

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