10 Fun Jude Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

How much do you know about the book of Jude? Try out our Jude Bible quiz questions and answers to find out.

The book of Jude warns us about false teachers, those who twist the word of God. The false teachers may say things that sound good, but the truth is twisted in a way that can harm people spiritually.

Jude wanted Christians to be able to recognize these false teachers so they would not be led astray by their teaching.

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In our world today there are also many false teachers who twist God’s word in harmful ways. We need to be careful not to follow them or their teachings, but instead to stand firm in the true faith.

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Jude Bible Quiz Questions

Jude Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

Q1: What must we contend for that was once delivered to the saints?

A: Manna from heaven
B: Moses Laws
C: Prophesies
D: Faith

Q2: Jude was a brother to what apostle?

A: James
B: Philip
C: Timothy
D: Andrew

Q3: According to Jude, who are "reserved in everlasting chains under darkness"?

A: People of Sodom
B: Angels who left their estate
C: Idol worshipers
D: People of Gomorrah

Q4: When Michael the archangel was contending with the devil he disputed about the body of who?

A: Abraham
B: Moses
C: Adam
D: Enoch

Q5: Jude says grumblers and faultfinders use their words to do what?

A: Accuse others
B: Insult others
C: Flatter others
D: Lie

Q6: According to Jude, ungodly men feast greedily among the godly; they appear to be powerful and wise, yet they are __?.

A: Proud
B: Loaded
C: Overweight
D: Empty

Q7: What did archangel Michael say to the devil when he was having a dispute with him?

A: Out of here
B: You are doomed
C: Good luck
D: The Lord rebuke you!

Q8: To him who is able to keep you from __?__ and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy.

A: Sliding
B: Stumbling
C: Rolling back
D: Gossiping

Q9: Jude references which prophet, who told of God's future judgment to convict the ungodly among them?

A: Elisha
B: Enoch
C: Daniel
D: Elijah

Q10: Dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in God’s __?.

A: Love
B: Calendar
C: Plan
D: Future works

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Jude Bible Quiz Answers

Q1: Faith - Jude 1:3
Q2: James - Jude 1:1
Q3: Angels who left their estate - Jude 1:6
Q4: Moses - Jude 1:9
Q5: Flatter others - Jude 1:16
Q6: Empty - Jude 1:12
Q7: The Lord rebuke you! - Jude 1:9
Q8: Stumbling - Jude 1:24
Q9: Enoch - Jude 1:14
Q10: Love - Jude 1:20

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