20 Fun Animals in the Bible Quiz

How much of the animals do you know are mentioned in the Bible? This fun animals in the Bible quiz will test your knowledge on this subject.

These questions have been carefully selected to cover as many animals mentioned in the Bible as possible.

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Scriptures: Genesis 2:19-20, Luke 12:24

Animals in the Bible Quiz

Animals in the Bible Quiz

1. Which animal was the symbol of Nineveh, which Nahum speaks of ironically?

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2. Before the death of Moses, while blessing each tribe, he compared the tribe of Gad to which animal?

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3. Peter uses two proverbs to liken the false teachers to which two animals?

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4. Which spirit was in the possessed girl in Philippi?

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5. How many foxes did Samson catch and set their tails on fire to destroy the corn of the Philistines?

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6. Fill in the blank: "Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the ______of the LORD our God."

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7. Where did Solomon get many of his horses and chariots?

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8. What did James use as an example of a small thing that controls a big thing?

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9. What creature did the Lord use in the parable to represent nations that would affect Jerusalem?

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10. According to Lamentations, To what is the cruelty of people compared?

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11. According to song of Solomon, To what did she compare the eyes of her love?

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12. What was a priest to bring as a sin offering if he sins unintentionally?

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13. Each of these creatures plagued Egypt EXCEPT:

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14. Fill in the blank: "It is easier for a _____ to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

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15. What animal did God provide for Abraham in place of Isaac?

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16. Who was fed by ravens in the Bible

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17. Aaron made an image of which animal for the people of Israel?

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18. Which animal did God turn Moses' staff into?

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19. Which animal did Jesus tell Peter would crow before he denied him?

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20. According to Jeremiah, What creatures, in contrast to God’s people, know the time of their coming?

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