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How much do you know about cats? Try out our cat quiz questions and answers to see how much feline trivia you know.

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Table of Contents

Cat Quiz Questions

1. Which body part of a cat has the ability to appear and disappear?

a: Ear
b: Claws
c: Toe
d: Paw

2. In which country was a green cat was born?

a: Denmark
b: China
c: Kenya
d: France

3. How many bones does a cat have?

a: 206
b: 144
c: 266
d: 230

4. Which of the following foods is harmful to a cat?

a: Grapes
b: Raisins
c: Garlic
d: All

5. Cats can rotate their ears at what degrees?

a: 360 degrees
b: 126 degrees
c: 180 degrees
d: 99 degrees

6. For which purpose is a cat's tail used for?

a: Balance
b: Hunting
c: Growing
d: Jumping

7. Which odour is so repulsive to cats that they avoid it?

a: Onion
b: Orange
c: Garlic
d: Lemon

a: Paw
b: Claw
c: Eye
d: Nose

9. What taste are cats unable to detect?

a: Bitter
b: Sourness
c: Salt
d: Sweet

10. What is a female cat called?

a: Princess
b: Queen
c: Kindle
d: Kitten

11. What can cats see that humans can't see?

a: Stars
b: Moonlight
c: Sunlight
d: UV Light

12. How old was the oldest cat ever recorded?

a: 22 years
b: 30 years
c: 45 years
d: 38 years

13. What feature does a cat have on its front legs but not back legs?

a: Femur
b: Dewclaw
c: Joint Tibiofibular
d: Fur

14. How many teeth does a cat have as an adult?

a: 30
b: 42
c: 12
d: 32

15. How fast can a house cat run?

a: 40 MPH
b: 50 MPH
c: 30 MPH
d: 60 MPH

16. What is the name of a young cat called?

a: A puppy
b: A kitten
c: A Moose
d: A pups

17. Which cat species lacks a tail?

a: Manx
b: Snowshoe
c: Persian
d: Sphinx

18. Which nation has the highest ratio of cats to people worldwide?

a: Canada
b: Germany
c: United States
d: New Zealand

19. What is a bunch of cats called?

a: Cluster
b: Clowder
c: Chowder
d: Kindle

20. What shade are cats' eyes at birth?

a: Brown
b: Black
c: Blue
d: White

21. How many distinct vocal sounds can a cat produce?

a: 100
b: 50
c: 98
d: 10

22. A male cat that is both orange and black is most likely what?

a: Deaf
b: Blind
c: Schizophrenic
d: Sterile

23. How many percentage of bones are present in a cat's tail?

a: 50%
b: 10%
c: 32%
d: 25%

24. What is a cat's body temperature?

a: 102 Fahrenheit
b: 108 Fahrenheit
c: 105 Fahrenheit
d: 110 Fahrenheit

25. Playing with toys helps cats to develop what ability?

a: Finding food
b: Growing
c: Hunting
d: Socializing

26. How big is an ocelot compared to a house cat?

a: About 3 times the size of the average house cat
b: About 4 times the size of the average house cat
c: About 2 times the size of the average house cat
d: About the same size as the average house cat

27. What is the name of the cat that was sent to space?

a: Félicette
b: Charlie
c: Oscar
d: Milo

28. How much did a cat named Tommaso inherit from its owner after she passed away?

a: 10 million dollars
b: 100 thousand dollars
c: 25 thousand dollars
d: 13 million dollars

29. According to research, how many people in the U.S. are bitten by cats each year?

a: About 300,000
b: About 250,000
c: About 400,000
d: About a million

30. What percentage of time do cats use to groom themselves?

a: Between 30 and 50 percent
b: Between 10 and 15 percent
c: Between 20 and 28 percent
d: Between 2 and 8 percent

Cat Quiz Answers

Cat Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Claws
2. Denmark
3. 230
4. All
5. 180 degrees
6. Balance
7. Orange
8. Nose
9. Sweet
10. Queen
11. UV Light
12. 38
13. Dewclaw
14. 30
15. 30 MPH
16. A kitten
17. Manx
18. United States
19. Clowder
20. Blue
21. 100
22. sterile
23. 10%
24. 102 Fahrenheit
25. Hunting
26. About 2 times the size of the average house cat
27. Félicette
28. 13 million dollars
29. About 400,000
30. Between 30 and 50 percent

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