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How much do you know about Pandas? Pandas are one of the most popular animals in zoos and sanctuaries around the world.

Pandas are one of the most popular animals on the internet, with their videos and pictures going viral regularly.

Try out our panda quiz questions and answers to find out how much you know about pandas.

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Table of Contents

Panda Quiz Questions

1. If an average giant panda eats as much as 20 to 30 pounds, what do 99% of Giant Pandas eat?

a: trees
b: seeds
c: bark
d: bamboo

2. Which of the following statements is correct about pandas?

a: They are solitary animals
b: They live in small groups
c: They are not eat bamboo
d: They live in groups of four

3. In which Chinese province are you most likely to encounter wild pandas?

a: Guangdong
b: Sichuan
c: Henan
d: Hubei

4. How many hours a day can pandas spend eating according to research?

a: about 10 hours
b: about 11 hours
c: about 12 hours
d: about 14 hours

5. How much can a full grown male giant panda weigh?

a: 310 pounds
b: 320 pounds
c: 330 pounds
d: 350 pounds

6. The average life span for a giant panda in the wild is typically?

a: 19 years
b: 16 years
c: 20 years
d: 22 years

7. In what type of location (environment) do pandas reside?

a: Forests
b: Bamboo
c: Plains
d: Flat land

8. To what extent must at least two distinct species be available in the giant panda's range?

a: Starvation
b: Attenuation
c: Boniness
d: Atrophy

9. How long is the tail of a panda?

a: 4–6 inches.
b: 4–3 inches.
c: 4–2 inches.
d: 4–8 inches.

10. How many times a day does a typical panda poop on average?

a: 45 times
b: 48 times
c: 50 times
d: 55 times

11. Which three provinces are home to pandas?

a: Shaanxi, Sichuan and Gansu
b: Shaanxi, Sichuan and Gansu
c: Hunan, Gansu and Xinjiang
d: Xinjiang, Sichuan and Shandong

12. Which of these is the scientific term for the giant panda?

a: Ailuropoda melanoleuca
b: Tringa melanoleuca
c: Ailurus fulgens
d: Ailuropoda melanoleuca

13. What is the name of the panda in Chinese?

a: The big cat bear
b: The big wolf
c: The baby cat
d: The baby pandy

14. Which part of the food pyramid tiers does the panda occupy?

a: Primary and Secondary
b: Producer and Primary
c: Tertiary and Quaternary
d: Tertiary and Secondary

15. What biome inhabitants by the big panda?

a: Tundra
b: Temperate Forest
c: Tropical Rainforest
d: Temperate Grassland

16. How many red pandas are there still in existence?

a: 3,000
b: 1,000
c: 22,000
d: 10,000

17. Specifically, why are red pandas in danger?

a: People are hunting them for their fur
b: They are losing their nesting in trees and bamboo
c: They are not mating
d: Other animals eat them

18. Which one aspect of the Panda habitat is crucial?

a: Bamboo forest
b: Water forest
c: Bananas forest
d: Sugar Cain forest

19. How much of bamboo can pandas digest?

a: about 5%
b: about 17%
c: about 24%
d: about 12%

20. How many hearts do pandas have?

a: 2 hearts
b: 3 hearts
c: 4 hearts
d: 5 hearts

21. Where can one find red pandas?

a: Sahara Dessert
b: Mount Everest
c: Eastern Himalayas
d: Western Ghats

22. At shoulder height, how tall are pandas?

a: 90cm
b: 130cm
c: 120cm
d: 125cm

23. How many giant pandas roam in the wild?

a: about 1500
b: about 1600
c: about 1700
d: about 1800

24. How does touching panda fur feel like to a human?

a: Smooth
b: Rough
c: Silky
d: Oily

25. Pandas were the pets of the Chinese emperors for many years. Why?

a: They were ferocious guard animals
b: Their voices helped children sleep
c: They were considered to be semi-divine
d: They had a pleasing aroma

Panda Quiz Answers

Panda Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Bamboo
2. They are solitary animals
3. Sichuan
4. 14 hours
5. 350 pounds
6. 20 years
7. Bamboo
8. Starvation
9. 4-6 inches
10. 50 times
11. Shaanxi, Sichuan and Gansu
12. Ailuropoda melanoleuca
13. The big cat bear
14. Primary and Secondary
15. Temperate Forest
16. 10,000
17. They are losing their nesting in trees and bamboo
18. Bamboo forest
19. about 17%
20. 5 hearts
21. Eastern Himalayas
22. 90 cm
23. about 1800
24. Oily
25. They were considered to be semi-divine

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