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Are you looking for a fun way to welcome the new season? Check out our Spring Trivia Questions and Answers to test your knowledge and learn something new!

Spring is a season full of new stuffs, adventures, and surprises. From the first signs of spring to the arrival of Easter Holiday and Earth Day, there are many reasons to celebrate this spring.

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Table of Contents

Spring Trivia Questions

1. What is the first day of spring called in the Northern Hemisphere?

Spring Trivia Questions and Answers

a: Vernal Equinox
b: Spring Equinox
c: March Equinox
d: March Solstice

2. Which flower is commonly associated with springtime?

a: Daffodil
b: Tulip
c: Cherry Blossom
d: Lily of the Valley

3. What is the name of the famous spring festival celebrated in India?

a: Diwali
b: Holi
c: Navratri
d: Eid

4. What is the process called when plants start to grow in the spring?

a: Seedling
b: Budding
c: Sprouting
d: Germination

5. What is the name of the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement that is associated with spring?

a: Sumi-e
b: Bonsai
c: Ikebana
d: Calligraphy

6. In which month does the spring equinox occur in the Southern Hemisphere?

a: November
b: October
c: September
d: December

7. What is the name of the religious holiday that falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox?

a: Christmas
b: Easter
c: Hanukkah
d: Ramadan

8. What is the name of the spring festival celebrated in many Hispanic cultures, especially in Mexico?

a: La Primavera
b: Day of the Dead
c: Las Posadas
d: Cinco de Mayo

9. What type of animal is associated with the coming of spring in the legend of Groundhog Day?

a: Groundhog
b: Rabbit
c: Robin
d: Butterfly

10. Which tree is known for its fragrant, pink and white blossoms that appear in early spring?

a: Dogwood Blossom
b: Magnolia Blossom
c: Cherry Blossom
d: Apple Blossom

11. What is the name of the traditional May Day dance, celebrating the arrival of spring in the United Kingdom?

a: Maypole dancing
b: Beltane dancing
c: Morris Dancing
d: Harvest Festival dancing

12. When does daylight savings time begin in most parts of the United States?

a: First Sunday in May
b: First Sunday in April
c: Last Sunday in March
d: Second Sunday in March

13. What is the name of the famous park in Tokyo, Japan that is known for its cherry blossom trees?

a: Shinjuku Gyoen
b: Yoyogi Park
c: Ueno Park
d: Inokashira Park

a: Miami Beach
b: Panama City Beach
c: Daytona Beach
d: Orlando

15. Which vegetable is commonly associated with the spring season and is often used in salads and sandwiches?

a: Asparagus
b: Broccoli
c: Peas
d: Radish

16. In which month does the Tulip Time Festival take place in Holland, Michigan?

a: May
b: June
c: July
d: August

17. Which country in Europe celebrates the Tulip Festival?

a: France
b: Italy
c: Netherlands
d: Portugal

18. The proverb "March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers", was first recorded in what year?

a: 1884
b: 1885
c: 1886
d: 1887

19. Which famous composer wrote "Spring," the first of four concertos that make up "The Four Seasons"?

a: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
b: Antonio Vivaldi
c: Ludwig van Beethoven
d: Johann Sebastian Bach

20. Who said "you can cut all the flowers but you can't keep spring from coming?"

a: William Shakespeare
b: Emily Dickinson
c: Pablo Neruda
d: Langston Hughes

Spring Trivia Answers

  1. The vernal equinox.
  2. Daffodil.
  3. Holi.
  4. Germination.
  5. Ikebana.
  6. September.
  7. Easter.
  8. Cinco de Mayo.
  9. Groundhog.
  10. Cherry blossom.
  11. Maypole dancing.
  12. Second Sunday in March.
  13. Ueno Park.
  14. Orlando.
  15. Asparagus.
  16. May.
  17. Netherlands.
  18. 1886.
  19. Antonio Vivaldi.
  20. Pablo Neruda.

10 Fun Facts About Spring

  1. The word "spring" comes from the Old English word "springan," which means "to leap" or "to burst forth."
  2. Spring is the season when flowers start to bloom, but did you know that the world's largest flower, the Rafflesia Arnoldii, blooms in the spring in the rainforests of Southeast Asia? It can grow up to three feet in diameter and weigh up to 15 pounds!
  3. Spring is also when many animals emerge from hibernation, including bears, hedgehogs, and bats.
  4. In Japan, spring is the season of cherry blossoms, or "sakura." People gather to celebrate the arrival of spring by having picnics under the cherry blossom trees, a tradition called "hanami."
  5. Spring has been associated with new beginnings and fertility for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, the spring festival of Dionysus was a time for celebrating the rebirth of nature and the renewal of life.
  6. The spring equinox is one of two days in the year when the length of day and night are equal worldwide.
  7. The spring months are a popular time for weddings, with May being the most popular month for nuptials in the United States.
  8. The spring season is also a time for cleaning and decluttering. The tradition of spring cleaning dates back centuries and is still observed in many cultures today.
  9. Spring is when the Earth's axis is tilted neither towards nor away from the sun, resulting in more daylight hours and warmer temperatures.
  10. The spring season is not only a time for renewal and growth but also a time for incredible weather phenomena like thunderstorms, rainbows, and even tornadoes. The United States sees the highest number of tornadoes during spring, with April being the peak month.

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