Ron's Gone Wrong Trivia and Quotes

Ron's Gone Wrong is a 2021 animated movie about Barney, a middle school student who befriends a malfunctioning robot named Ron. The movie is a heartwarming tale of friendship, technology, and the power of human connections.

If you are a movie fan, you may be interested in testing your knowledge about it through some Ron's Gone Wrong trivia questions.

In this post, we have compiled some of the best Ron's Gone Wrong trivia questions and answers to challenge your memory about the movie.

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Ron's Gone Wrong Trivia Questions

Ron's Gone Wrong Trivia

1. In "Ron's Gone Wrong", what does Barney name his B-bot?

a: Bob
b: Ron
c: Tim
d: Alex

2. What is the name of the tech company that creates the B-Bot robot in "Ron's Gone Wrong?"

a: Best Bots Inc.
b: Bubble Corp
c: Bright Bots Technologies
d: Bubble Bots Industries

3. Who invented the Bubble Bot in the movie "Ron's Gone Wrong"?

a: Barney Pudowski
b: Marc Weidell
c: Andrew Morris
d: Graham Pudowski

4. What is the name of the middle school that Barney attends in "Ron's Gone Wrong?"

a: Future Minds Academy
b: Innovation Middle School
c: Tech Academy
d: Nonsuch Middle School

5. What is the name of Barneys grandma in "Ron's Gone Wrong?"

a: Donka Pudowski
b: Olivia Colman
c: Marc Weidell
d: Barney Pudowski

6. When was the animated movie "Ron's Gone Wrong" released?

a: 2018
b: 2019
c: 2020
d: 2021

7. What does Barney want for his birthday in "Ron's Gone Wrong"?

a: A rock hammer
b: A Bubble Bot
c: A skateboard
d: A computer game

8. What happens when Barney's dad and grandmother try to buy Barney a Bubble Bot?

a: They buy one successfully
b: They are too late and the store is closed
c: They decide not to buy one
d: They accidentally steal one

9. What network was Ron asking Barney to connect it to in "Ron's Gone Wrong?"

a: Nonsuch Network
b: HQ Network
c: Bobs Network
d: Bubble network

10. What does Ron do to Rich Belcher and his cronies while at the play ground?

a: Tells them jokes
b: Attacks them
c: Gives them money
d: Ignores them

11. What is written on the self adhesive sticker that was attached to Ron in "Ron's Gone Wrong?"

a: Best Friend out of the box
b: The perfect friend
c: Hello, my name is Ron
d: A friend in need is a friend indeed

12. Which character in "Ron's Gone Wrong" is the CEO of Bubble Corp?

a: Mark Beaks
b: Marc Wydell
c: Don Bickles
d: Carol Jefferson

13. What does B BOT stand for Ron's gone wrong?

a: Buddy Bot
b: Bubble Bot
c: Best Bot
d: Brave Bot

14. What is the name of the classmate who tells Ron the concept of being a B-bot?

a: Barney
b: Marc
c: Andrew
d: Savannah

15. What name does Ron keeps calling Barney even after his battery is fully recharged?

a: Bobby
b: Absalom
c: Jimmy
d: Trends

16. Which character in the movie "Ron's Gone Wrong" becomes the new CEO of Bubble Corp at the end after Marc was fired?

a: Carol Jefferson
b: Don Bickles
c: Andrew Morris
d: Mark Beaks

17. Who plays the character Marc in "Ron's Gone Wrong?"

a: Rob Delaney
b: Ed Helms
c: Zach Galifianakis
d: Justice Smith

18. How did Barney come up with the name "Ron" for his B-bot?

a: The bot serial number
b: The bot software code name
c: Name given by Barney's grandma
d: Just a guessed name

19. Who is the bully in Ron's gone wrong?

a: Andrew Morris
b: Rich Belcher
c: Marc Weidell
d: Graham Pudowski

20. What does Ron do after he misunderstands the concept of being a B-bot from Savanah?

a: He shuts down completely
b: He starts stealing
c: He becomes violent
d: He goes around harassing strangers

21. Why does Barney get expelled from middle school?

a: Barney steals something
b: Barney gets into a fight with another student
c: His bot "Ron" started a riot in school
d: Barney skips too many classes

22. What does Barney do with Ron at the end of the movie?

a: He destroys it
b: He deletes his memory
c: He sacrifices him to the Bubble Network
d: He keeps him as a pet

23. What does Marc do to help Barney fix Ron's code?

a: Teaches Barney how to code
b: Buys a new B-bot for Barney
c: Hacks into the cloud to find Ron's original code
d: Nothing, he refuses to help

24. What do the B-bots have at the end of the movie?

a: Minds of their own
b: A new owner
c: A new design
d: A new battery

25. At the end of the movie, who becomes the new CEO of Bubble?

a: Mark Beaks
b: Marc Wydell
c: Don Bickles
d: Carol Jefferson

Ron's Gone Wrong Trivia Answers

  1. Ron
  2. Bubble Corp
  3. Marc Weidell
  4. Nonsuch Middle School
  5. Donka Pudowski
  6. 2021
  7. A Bubble Bot
  8. They are too late and the store is closed
  9. Bubble network
  10. Attacks them
  11. Best Friend out of the box
  12. Marc Wydell
  13. Bubble Bot
  14. Savannah
  15. Absalom
  16. Andrew Morris
  17. Justice Smith
  18. The bot serial number
  19. Rich Belcher
  20. He goes around harassing strangers
  21. His bot "Ron" started a riot in school
  22. He sacrifices him to the Bubble Network
  23. Hacks into the cloud to find Ron's original code
  24. Minds of their own
  25. Marc Wydell

Ron's Gone Wrong Quotes

  1. "Everyone's got a Ron, right?"
  2. "It's not about being perfect. It's about being real."
  3. "Ron doesn't have an off switch. He just has a slower on switch."
  4. "Sometimes the biggest mistakes can lead to the most amazing things."
  5. "Just because you're different doesn't mean you're broken."
  6. "The world needs Ron because Ron's different."
  7. "I'm not broken, I'm just not like them."
  8. "It's okay to not be okay."
  9. "Ron may not be perfect, but he's perfect for me."
  10. "I don't need a robot to be my friend. I need a friend who happens to be a robot."
  11. "Friendship is a 2 way street. I get to choose my friends and I don’t choose you."
  12. "There are no friends in the shed. I am for making friends."

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