March Madness Trivia Questions and Answers

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March Madness is one of the most exciting times for college basketball fans. The annual NCAA tournament features the best teams from across the country competing for national championships.

As the excitement builds up, fans enjoy testing their knowledge about the game with fun march madness trivia questions. So how much do you know about this tournament?

Here are some of the most exciting March Madness trivia questions and answers that you can use to test your knowledge and impress your friends.

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March Madness Trivia Questions

March Madness Trivia Questions and Answers

1. What is the name of the play-in games held prior to the start of the main March Madness tournament?

a: Preseason games
b: Qualifying games
c: First Four games
d: Warm-up games

2. Which team holds the record for the most championships won in March Madness history?

a: Kentucky Wildcats
b: North Carolina Tar Heels
c: UCLA Bruins
d: Duke Blue Devils

3. What is the first round of March Madness called?

a: Round of 12
b: Round of 32
c: Round of 64
d: Round of 8

4. What is March Madness?

a: A celebration of the beginning of spring
b: A basketball tournament
c: A charity event
d: A parade

5. Which city hosted the Final Four games in 2022?

a: Austin
b: Denver
c: Boston
d: New Orleans

6. When does March Madness take place?

a: December
b: January
c: February
d: March

7. How many rounds are there in the March Madness tournament?

a: 4
b: 3
c: 6
d: 5

8. What is the format of the March Madness tournament?

a: Single elimination
b: Double elimination
c: Round-robin
d: Swiss system

9. Which organization is responsible for organizing March Madness?

a: NBA

10. How many games are played during the March Madness tournament?

a: 32
b: 48
c: 63
d: 67

11. What is the name of the selection committee responsible for choosing the teams that participate in March Madness?

a: NCAA Selection Committee
b: March Madness Selection Committee
c: Final Four Selection Committee
d: Elite Eight Selection Committee

12. What is another nickname for the March Madness tournament?

a: The Final Showdown
b: The Grand Finale
c: The Big Dance
d: The Ultimate Tournament

13. What is the name of the famous bracket contest associated with March Madness?

a: Bracket Bash
b: March Mayhem
c: Bracketology
d: Madness Mania

14. Which team won the March Madness tournament in 2021?

a: Baylor Bears
b: Gonzaga Bulldogs
c: Illinois Fighting Illini
d: Michigan Wolverines

15. Which player holds the record for the most points scored in a single March Madness tournament?

a: Christian Laettner
b: Austin Carr
c: Jerry West
d: Oscar Robertson

16. How many teams participate in March Madness?

a: 32
b: 48
c: 68
d: 96

17. How many conferences are represented in the March Madness tournament?

a: 10
b: 20
c: 30
d: 32

18. What is the name of the trophy awarded to the winner of the March Madness tournament?

a: Lombardi Trophy
b: Stanley Cup
c: Commissioner's Trophy
d: NCAA Championship Trophy

19. Which player was the Most Outstanding Player of the 2021 March Madness tournament?

a: Ayo Dosunmu
b: Jalen Suggs
c: Jared Butler
d: Franz Wagner

20. Which team holds the record for the most consecutive appearances in the March Madness tournament?

a: North Carolina Tar Heels
b: Duke Blue Devils
c: Kansas Jayhawks
d: Michigan State Spartans

March Madness Trivia Answers

  1. First Four games
  2. UCLA Bruins
  3. Round of 64
  4. A basketball tournament
  5. New Orleans
  6. March
  7. 6
  8. Single elimination
  9. NCAA
  10. 67
  11. NCAA Selection Committee
  12. The Big Dance
  13. Bracketology
  14. Baylor Bears
  15. Austin Carr
  16. 68
  17. 32
  18. NCAA Championship Trophy
  19. Jared Butler
  20. Kansas Jayhawks

Bonus: Funny March Madness Bracket Names

  1. The Hoops Hysteria
  2. March Rush
  3. Bracket Busters
  4. Slam Dunk Showdown
  5. Final Four Frenzy
  6. Speed Mania
  7. Roundball Rockstar
  8. Net Nonsense
  9. Rebound Rumble
  10. Dunk Dynasty
  11. Full-Court Frenzy
  12. Royal Dunk
  13. Bracketology Bonanza
  14. Jump Shot Jamboree
  15. Bracket Zilla

March Madness Ranking Crossword Clue Answers

The answer for the crossword clue related to March Madness ranking should be:

SEED (4 letters)

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