Triviaverse Questions and Answers

Triviaverse is a fast-paced trending quiz game in which you try to answer all questions within a very short time.

So get your timer out, paper and pen and try to answer our triviaverse questions and answers quiz game and see how long it took you to complete it.

You can also play this game with friends by also timing each other as you answers all questions. For more questions, see our trivia quizzez.

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Triviaverse Questions

1. What is Nahum's origin?

a: Esek
b: Elkoshite
c: Eglaim
d: Eltolad

2. According to Zachariah, Like whom will the feeble among Jerusalem be?

a: David
b: Caleb
c: Moses
d: Joshua

3. How many times was Peter rescued from prison by an angel?

a: 3
b: 1
c: 2
d: 5

4. Who did Paul leave sick at Miletum?

a: Zenas
b: Erastus
c: Trophimus
d: Onesiphorus

5. According to gospel of Mark, What happened when Jesus touched the blind man the second time?

a: Told to show himself to the priest
b: Saw men as trees walking
c: Told to wash in pool of Siloam
d: Saw every man clearly

6. What did the bones to which Ezekiel prophesied represent?

a: The whole Babylon
b: The whole house of Jerusalem
c: The whole Assyria
d: The whole town of Ninevah

7. Who laboured with Paul and Clement?

a: Men
b: Titus
c: Women
d: Children

8. How many types of musical instruments are mentioned in Psalm 150?

a: 2
b: 5
c: 6
d: 7

9. What did the skilful men invent for Uzziah?

a: Engine to shoot arrows and great stones
b: Equipment to dig a bore-hole
c: A bridge which crosses the Jordan river
d: A tower builder

10. Genesis mentioned 4 rivers. Which of the following is third mentioned?

a: Euphrates
b: Gihon
c: Hiddekel
d: Havilah

11. What did the writing on the wall "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin" mean?

a: You will have a long and happy reign and people of Medes and Babylonians will serve you
b: God will raise people of Medes and Persian to war against the kingdom of yours
c: God has numbered your Kingdom and finished it by dividing among Medes and Persians
d: You will have a son who must be dedicated to the God of Israel

12. When Jesus comes to take vengeance, who will be with him?

a: The 144,000 Elders
b: 4 beasts
c: Ten thousands of his saints
d: His mighty angels

13. When David flew from Saul to Philistines, Which place did philistines king Achish gave to David which later added in Judah Kingdom and how long did he stayed there?

a: Zorah, 1 year 10 months
b: Ziklag, 1 year 4 months
c: Zephi, 1 year 6 months
d: Zoba, 1 year 2 months

14. Without what is there no remission of sins?

a: Receiving the Holy Ghost
b: Water Baptism
c: Repentance
d: Shedding of blood

15. Why did God strike down 50,070 men of Bethshemesh?

a: They looked into the ark of the LORD
b: They took moabites as wives
c: They worshipped Baal
d: They committed fornication with the inhabitants of the land

Triviaverse Answers

Triviaverse Questions and Answers

1. Elkoshite
2. David
3. 2
4. Trophimus
5. Saw every man clearly
6. The whole house of Jerusalem
7. Women
8. 7
9. Engine to shoot arrows and great stones
10. Hiddekel
11. God has numbered your Kingdom and finished it by dividing among Medes and Persians
12. His mighty angels
13. Ziklag, 1 year 4 months
14. Shedding of blood
15. They looked into the ark of the LORD

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