2022 Trivia Questions And Answers

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How much of the events that took place in 2022 do you still remember? Below are some 2022 trivia questions and answers to help you remember.

As we already know, 2022 had been an eventful year! With families trying to get back their life after the COVID locked and the rising price of household commodities.

So why not brush up on your knowledge of world events so far in 2022 and get ready for an exciting 2023 year!

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Table of Contents

2022 Trivia Questions And Answers

1. In which country was the 2022 winter Olympics held?

Answer: Beijing, China

2. Which country will be hosting the 2022 World Cup games?

Answer: Qatar

3. The Commonwealth Games 2022 was held in?

Answer: Birmingham, England. The game started in 28 July and ended on 8 August.

4. Which Covid variant was first detected in South Africa in 2022 that later spread rapidly at the beginning of 2022?

Answer: Omicron

5. Which country held the first round of your presidential election on the 10th of April 2022?

Answer: The French presidential election

6. Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her platinum jubilee in 2022. How many years on the throne was she celebrating?

Answer: 70 years

7. How old was Queen Elizabeth II when she died?

Answer: She was 96 years old

8. The six nations rugby tournament took place in February and March 2022. Which of these nations is not part of it?


9. Who won the six nations rugby tournament that took place in 2022?

Answer: France

10. Who won the ATP finals in 2022?

Answer: Novak Djokovic won the title the seventh time

11. Which team won the English Premier League 2021/2022 season?

Answer: Manchester City defended their title

12. Which team won the Women's Premier League title in 2022?

Answer: Chelsea

13. Which team won the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022?

Answer: The Australia women's national cricket team

14. Who won declared winner of the presidential election in Kenya in 2022?

Answer: William Ruto

15. Which political party wins control of the house of representatives in 2022

Answer: The Republication Party

16. Who was elected as the new British Prime Minister 2022?

Answer: Rishi Sunak

17. The 2022 brit awards took place in which location in London?

Answer: The O2 Arena in London

18. Who was the youngest woman to set a world record by flying solo around the world in 2022?

Answer: Zara Rutherford

19. Which country won the highest number of gold in the 2022 Olympics game?

Answer: Norway won 16 gold medals

20. How many gold medals was won the most by a single athletes at the Beijing 2022 Olympics?

Answer: 5 gold medals by Norwegian biathletes Johannes Thingnes Boe and Marte Olsbu Roeisel, French biathlete Quentin Fillon Maillet and ROC cross-country skier Alexander Bolshunov

2022 General Knowledge Questions With Answers

21. Which country won the Eurovision song contest for 2022?

Answer: Won by Ukraine with the song "Stefania"

22. In what month in 2022 did Russian federation invade Ukraine?

Answer: 24 February

23. How many teams will participate in the Qatar world cup 2022 tournament before increasing to 48 teams in 2026 edition?

Answer: 32 teams

24. What will be the world's projected population by end of 2022?

Answer: Over 8 Billion

25. In which country was largest earthquake recorded in 2022?

Answer: Papua New Guinea, Mexico with a magnitude of 7.6.

26. A terminally ill man received the first ever heart transplant of an animal in January 2022. Which genetically modified animal heart did he receive?

Answer: A pigs heart

27. Who became the first female president of the nation of Slovenia in 2022?

Answer: Natasa Pirc Musar

28. NASA successfully launched the Orion spacecraft to orbit the moon. What was the name of the mission or program?

Answer: the Artemis I

29. Who is the famous actor that slapped the comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars on live TV?

Answer: Will Smith

30. Which law did the U.S. Supreme Court overturn that triggered women protests around the country in 2022?

Answer: Roe v. Wade

31. Elon Musk purchased the social media giant Twitter for how much?

Answer: $44 billion

32. The highest grossing film of 2022 was which movie?

Answer: Top Gun: Maverick grossed over $1 billion worldwide

33. Which city in the us was named the richest city in 2022?

Answer: New York City

34. Who is Britain's youngest billionaire 2022?

Answer: Ben Delo, co-founder of BitMEX

35. Which family is the richest family in Britain 2022?

Answer: Sri and Gopi Hinduja

36. Who won the 2022 Monaco grand prix?

Answer: Sergio Pérez

37. Who won the 2022 Super Bowl quarterback?

Answer: Los Angeles Rams QB, Matthew Stafford

38. How many Grammy awards did Cece Winans win in 2022?

Answer: 3

39. Who won the 2022 U.S. Open men's singles final?

Answer: Carlos Alcaraz

40. Who is the current vice president of the United States 2022?

Answer: Kamala D. Harris

Quiz Questions and Answers For 2022

2022 Trivia Questions And Answers

41. Who won the 2022 Super Bowl MVP?

Answer: MVP Cooper Kupp

42. Which car company invented the electric vehicle with color changing paint which was displayed at CES 2022?

Answer: The electric iX SUV by BMW

43. Who was the leader of anti apartheid movement buried in January 2022?

Answer: Desmond Tutu

44. Which US company becomes the first company to do $3 trillion in the stock market?

Answer: Apple Inc.

45. How much did the Canadian government pledge as settlement to compensate for Indigenous child welfare system?

Answer: $31.5 billion

46. Who was stripped of his royal patronages and military titles by Buckingham Palace, due to on going sexual assault allegations?

Answer: Prince Andrew

47. Which animal was listed by Australia as endangered for the first time in Queensland?

Answer: The Koala

48. Which famous naturalist's notebook was returned to Cambridge University Library after 22 years that contained the famous 'tree of life' sketch?

Answer: Charles Darwin

49. The actor Bruce Willis was diagnosed of what in March 2022?

Answer: Aphasia

50. In April 2022, the US inflation hit a record?

Answer: 8.5%

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