Battle Of New Orleans Questions and Answers

How much do you know about the battle of New Orleans? Try out our trivia quiz on the battle of New Orleans to test your knowledge about this historical event.

In this battle, the British launched a campaign to try and gain control of the city, with the goal of gaining a strategic foothold in the region.

This attempt by the Bristish led to a conflict between American and British forces that resulted in the Battle of New Orleans.

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Battle Of New Orleans Questions and Answers

1. In what year did the Battle of New Orleans between Britain and the United States take place?

Answer: The Battle of New Orleans took place in 1815.

2. Who won the battle of New Orleans January 1815?

Answer: The United States defeated the British forces

3. Who lead the American forces to victory in the battle of New Orleans in 1815?

Answer: U.S. General Andrew Jackson

4. Who lead the British forces that lost in the battle of the New Orleans in 1815?

Answer: General Sir Edward Pakenham

5. Who did General Andrew Jackson enlist to assist in fighting the British forces during the battle of New Orleans?

Answer: He enlisted a smuggler Jean Lafitte and his privateers

6. The battle of New Orleans peace treaty was signed in which country?

Answer: Ghent, Belgium

7. If you are from New Orleans, what are you called?

Answer: A New Orleanian

8. In which year was New Orleans founded?

Answer: New Orleans was founded in May 7, 1718 by Jean-Baptiste le Moyne de Bienville

9. Which father and son became the first dad-son monarch duo in Bacchus history?

Answer: Alan Thicke and Robin Thicke

Battle Of New Orleans Questions and Answers

10. How many pounds of beads are tossed during New Orleans mardi gras celebration?

Answer: About 25 million pounds

11. How long was the battle of New Orleans?

Answer: About 2 hours

12. Where was the Civil War Battle of New Orleans fought?

Answer: It was fought in Chalmette, Louisiana

13. As part of the defense against the British invasion on New Orleans, what actions did General Andrew Jackson undertake?

Answer: He declared martial law in New Orleans in 1814

14. How many British generals were killed in the battle of New Orleans?

Answer: Three

15. Who was General Sir Edward Pakenham second in command during the New Orleans war?

Answer: Major General Samuel Gibbs

16. Who assumed command of the British army following the death of General Pakenham?

Answer: General John Lambert

17. The defensive earthwork constructed by the Americans during the New Orleans war was called?

Answer: Line Jackson

18. What treaty was signed that ended the war of New Orleans?

Answer: Treaty of Ghent

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