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Houston, the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States, is a hub of cultural, historical, and economic activities.

Whether you are a Houston resident or just love playing trivia quiz games, you will find our Houston quiz questions and answers both interesting and informative.

Our selected list of questions and answers about Houston will provide you with some important knowledge about the city's history, culture, and famous landmarks.

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Houston Quiz Questions

Houston Quiz Questions and Answers

1. How many tourists come to the Museum District each year as a result of the numerous cultural organisations and exhibits that call it home?

a: 2 million
b: 3 million
c: 4 million
d: Over 7 million

2. How many museums, art galleries, and community centres are located in the Museum District?

a: 19
b: 14
c: 13
d: 20

3. When was Houston granted incorporation by the Republic of Texas?

a: December 27, 1839.
b: June 5, 1837
c: may 6, 1886
d: March 3, 1886

4. Which American state has its capital named Austin?

a: Columbus
b: Austria
c: Manchester
d: Texas

5. How high is the state of Houston above sea level?

a: 62 meters
b: 43 meters
c: 24 meters
d: 65 meters

6. In what year did Austin became a capital city?

a: 1837
b: 1886
c: 1886
d: 1839

7. Which of the following counties in Texas is Houston part of?

a: Harris County
b: Dallas County
c: Tarrant County
d: Bexar County

8. How many bayous does the city of Houston have?

a: 4
b: 6
c: 7
d: 3

9. Who were the two brothers that founded Houston Texas?

a: Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and Henry Millard
b: Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen
c: John Neely Bryan and Antonio Olivares
d: Noah Tevis and General Robert E. Lee

10. Houston's army defeated the Mexican forces at San Jacinto. How long did the battle of San Jacinto last?

a: 1200 minutes
b: 6 months
c: 18 minutes
d: 8 years

11. How many people call Houston home as at the end of 2022?

a: About 3.3 million
b: About 8.2 million
c: About 6.6 million
d: About 4.5 million

12. Which of the following is the highest skyscraper in Houston Texas?

a: JPMorgan Chase Tower
b: Williams Tower
c: One Shell Plaza
d: Wells Fargo Plaza

13. What is the name of the largest airport in Houston Texas?

a: William P. Hobby Airport
b: West Houston Airport
c: George Bush International Airport
d: Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport

14. Which of these time zone is Houston Texas on?

a: Mountain Standard Time
b: Eastern Standard Time
c: Pacific Standard Time
d: Central Standard Time

15. Houston is home to some famous parks. What is the name of its famous park?

a: Levy Park
b: Hermann Park
c: Buffalo Bayou Park
d: Sesquicentennial Park

16. What is the official nickname for Houston Texas?

a: The Bay City
b: The Energy Capital of the World
c: The Space City
d: The Gulf Coast City

17. In which state of America is Houston located in?

a: California
b: Texas
c: Florida
d: Alaska

18. What is the name of NASA's Space Center in Hosuton called?

a: NASA's Kennedy Space Center
b: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
c: NASA's Ames Research Center
d: NASA's Johnson Space Center

19. What is the name of the world's first multi-purpose sports stadium in Houston Texas?

a: Minute Maid Park
b: Astrodome
c: NRG Stadium
d: Toyota Center

20. What is the name of the center that is home to Houston Ballet and Houston Grand Opera?

a: Jones Hall for the Performing Arts
b: The Wortham Center
c: Hobby Center for the Performing Arts
d: The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

21. What is the name of the famous zoo in Houston?

a: Houston Zoo
b: Dallas Zoo
c: Fort Worth Zoo
d: San Antonio Zoo

22. Who was the general who secured Texas' freedom from Mexico?

a: Davy Crockett
b: Sam Houston
c: William Barret Travis
d: Santa Anna

23. What is the name of the Houston-based NBA team?

a: San Antonio Spurs
b: Dallas Mavericks
c: Houston Rockets
d: New Orleans Pelicans

24. Which of the following MLS team is from Houston?

a: FC Dallas
b: Houston Dynamo
c: Sporting Kansas City
d: Real Salt Lake

25. Houston is the _____ most populous cities in United States.

a: 3rd
b: 5th
c: 4th
d: 2nd

Houston Quiz Answers

  1. Over 7 million
  2. 19
  3. June 5, 1837
  4. Texas
  5. 24 meters
  6. 1839
  7. Harris County
  8. 4
  9. Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen
  10. 18 minutes
  11. About 6.6 million
  12. JPMorgan Chase Tower
  13. George Bush International Airport
  14. Central Standard Time
  15. Hermann Park
  16. The Space City
  17. Texas
  18. NASA's Johnson Space Center
  19. Astrodome
  20. The Wortham Center
  21. Houston Zoo
  22. Sam Houston
  23. Houston Rockets
  24. Houston Dynamo
  25. 4th

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