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One of the most fascinating aspects of the Bible is its diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique stories and lessons to impart.

From the courage of David to the wisdom of Solomon, the faith of Abraham to the devotion of Mary, these characters offer a wealth of insights into human nature, spirituality, and the divine.

We have out together this Bible characters quiz with answers to help you learn more about some characters in the Bible in a fun and engaging way.

Whether you're preparing for a Bible study group, brushing up on your Bible knowledge, or just looking for a challenging quiz, this is the place for you.

Overview of Major Bible Characters

Bible Characters Quiz With Answers

The Bible is divided into two main sections: the Old Testament and the New Testament. Each of these sections is filled with a host of characters, each with their own stories and lessons.

Old Testament Characters:

  • Abraham: Known as the father of many nations, Abraham's story is one of faith and obedience.
  • Moses: The leader who led the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses is a figure of law and leadership.
  • David: The shepherd who became a king, David's life is a tale of courage, faith, and repentance.

New Testament Characters:

  • Jesus Christ: The central figure of the New Testament, Jesus's teachings form the basis of Christianity.
  • Peter: A fisherman who became a disciple of Jesus, Peter's story is one of faith, doubt, and redemption.
  • Paul: Once a persecutor of Christians, Paul became one of the most influential figures in early Christianity after a dramatic conversion experience.

Bible Characters Quiz Questions

  1. Who was the first man created by God?
  2. Who was the first woman created by God?
  3. Who built an ark to survive a great flood?
  4. Which man was known for his strength and his long hair?
  5. Who was swallowed by a big fish?
  6. Who was the mother of Jesus Christ?
  7. Who was the father of Jesus Christ on earth?
  8. Who led the Israelites out of Egypt?
  9. Who was the king who received wisdom from God?
  10. Who was turned into a pillar of salt?
  11. Who was known for his patience and suffering?
  12. Who interpreted Pharaoh's dreams in Egypt?
  13. Who was sold into slavery by his brothers?
  14. Who replaced Judas as the 12th apostle?
  15. Who baptized Jesus?
  16. Who was the first Christian martyr?
  17. Who was the queen who saved her people from annihilation in Persia?
  18. Who was the longest reigning king of Judah?
  19. Who was the prophet who was taken to heaven in a whirlwind?
  20. Who was the woman who gave birth to John the Baptist?
  21. Who was the king who had a dream about a statue made of different materials?
  22. Who was the first murderer according to the Bible?
  23. Who found a baby in a basket among the reeds along the Nile river?
  24. Who doubted Jesus' resurrection until he saw Jesus' wounds?
  25. Who was the shepherd boy who became a king?
  26. Who was converted on the road to Damascus?
  27. Who was the wife of Abraham?
  28. Who was the man after God's own heart?
  29. Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans?
  30. Who was the prophet who endured a life of suffering and lamentation?
  31. Who led the Israelites into the Promised Land after Moses' death?
  32. Who had a vision of a ladder reaching to heaven?
  33. Who was the father of King Solomon?
  34. Who was the prophet who predicted the birth of Jesus Christ?
  35. Who was the wise man who built the first temple in Jerusalem?
  36. Who was the mother of Isaac?
  37. Who was the king who had an affair with Bathsheba?
  38. Who was swallowed by the earth for opposing Moses?
  39. Who was the disciple whom Jesus loved?
  40. Who was the father of John the Baptist?
  41. Who was the wife of Boaz?
  42. Who was the prophet who had a vision of dry bones?
  43. Who was the man who was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac to God?
  44. Who was the son of David and Bathsheba who became king after David?
  45. Who was the woman who hid the spies sent by Joshua?
  46. Who led a rebellion against Moses in the wilderness?
  47. Who was the young woman who became queen and saved her people?
  48. Who was the last of the judges and the first of the prophets?
  49. Who was the woman who drove a tent peg through a man's head?
  50. Who was the tax collector who became a disciple of Jesus?

Bible Characters Quiz Answers

  1. Adam
  2. Eve
  3. Noah
  4. Samson
  5. Jonah
  6. Mary
  7. Joseph
  8. Moses
  9. Solomon
  10. Lot's wife
  11. Job
  12. Joseph
  13. Joseph
  14. Matthias
  15. John the Baptist
  16. Stephen
  17. Esther
  18. Manasseh
  19. Elijah
  20. Elizabeth
  21. Nebuchadnezz
  22. Cain
  23. Pharaoh's daughter
  24. Thomas
  25. David
  26. Paul
  27. Sarah
  28. David
  29. Judas Iscariot
  30. Jeremiah
  31. Joshua
  32. Jacob
  33. David
  34. Isaiah
  35. Solomon
  36. Sarah
  37. David
  38. Korah
  39. John
  40. Zechariah
  41. Ruth
  42. Ezekiel
  43. Abraham
  44. Solomon
  45. Rahab
  46. Korah
  47. Esther
  48. Samuel
  49. Jael
  50. Matthew

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