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Todays bible trivia game is on the book Ezra. The book of Ezra tells the story of the return of exiles from Babylon to Jerusalem, and the rebuilding of the Second Temple.

Ready to test your knowledge on the book of Ezra with our Ezra bible quiz questions and answers?

Scriptures: Ezra 1

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Ezra Bible Quiz Questions

1. Which king of Persia fulfilled the word of Jeremiah by proclaiming that the temple of the Lord would be rebuilt?

a: Darius
b: Cyrus
c: Xerxes
d: Darius III

2. A second migration of Israelites from Babylon to Judah was led by a descendant of Aaron, the first High Priest. What was his name?

a: Zadok
b: Ezra
c: Ezekiel
d: Uzzi

3. While Ezra was praying and confessing, weeping and throwing himself down before the house of God, a large crowd of Israelites gathered around him. What did they do?

a: Ignored him
b: Stoned him
c: Wept bitterly
d: Mocked Ezra

4. Ezra fasted and prayed to God by the Ahava Canal while on his way to Judah. What did he ask God for?

a: Wealth
b: Protection
c: Food
d: Power

5. A proclamation was then issued throughout Judah and Jerusalem for all the exiles to assemble in Jerusalem. Anyone who failed to appear will forfeit what?

a: His inheritance
b: His safety
c: His family
d: All his property

6. Ezra called a great assembly of the Israelites to warn them of their sin. What did they do that angered Ezra?

a: Worshiped idols
b: Practised fornicated
c: Eaten forbidden food
d: Married foreign women

7. The king of Persia decreed that his treasurers should give how much wine to Ezra if he asked for it?

a: 80
b: 100
c: 150
d: 110

8. What was the youngest age of people working on building the Lord's temple?

a: 40
b: 25
c: 20
d: 30

9. When the Israelites came back from exile, to the house of the Lord in Jerusalem, some of the heads of the families gave what towards the rebuilding of the house of God.

a: Burnt offerings
b: Peace offerings
c: Freewill offerings
d: Guilt offerings

10. As part of the rebuilding of God's temple, the people of Sidon and Tyre were given food, drink and olive oil so they would do what?

a: Bring cedar log
b: They can celebrate
c: Get more builders
d: Supervise the rebuilding

11. But many of the older priests and Levites and family heads, who had seen the former temple, wept aloud when they saw the __?__ of this temple

a: Structure
b: The beauty
c: Destruction
d: Foundation

12. Who was the king of Persia that stopped the rebuilding of the temple of God in Jerusalem.

a: Boran
b: Xerxes
c: Darius
d: Cyrus

13. Who were the two prophets that prophesied to the jews and got them to begin the rebuilding of God's temple?

a: Haggai and Zechariah
b: Zechariah and Amos
c: Joel and Haggai
d: Hosea and Amos

14. How many lambs were offered at the dedication of the temple?

a: 300
b: 200
c: 400
d: 600

15. For how many days did the Israelites celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread after the rebuilt of template of God was completed?

a: Twelve
b: Fourteen
c: Eight
d: Seven

16. According to the scroll found by Darius, who was to pay the costs for the rebuilding of the temple?

a: The Israelites
b: Cyrus
c: All the kingdoms
d: No one

17. What did Ezra tore after hearing the news about Israelites marrying from the neighboring people whose practice are described as detestable?

a: Keffiyeh and Cloak
b: Chlamys and Veil
c: Tunic and Cloak
d: Kuttoneth and Shawl

18. Now be it known to the king that if this city is rebuilt and the walls finished, they will not pay tribute, custom, or toll, and the royal __?__ will suffer.

a: Revenue
b: Palace
c: Kingdom
d: Family

19. Who was given money to begin restoring the temple?

a: Project Manager
b: Masons and Carpenters
c: Blacksmith and Weavers
d: Electricians and Plumbers

20. Which of these was not part of the punishment prescribed by the king on those who would not obey the laws of God?

a: Death
b: Banishment
c: Mocked
d: Imprisonment

Ezra Bible Quiz Answers

Ezra Bible Quiz Questions and Answers

1: Cyrus
2: Ezra
3: Wept bitterly
4: Protection
5: All his property
6: Married foreign women
7: 100
8: 20
9: Freewill offerings
10: Bring cedar log
11: Foundation
12: Darius
13: Haggai and Zechariah
14: 400
15: Seven
16: Cyrus
17: Tunic and Cloak
18: Revenue
19: Masons and Carpenters
20: Mocked

We hope you have been blessed and learned something from our collection of 20 Book of Ezra Bible Quiz Questions and Answers.

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