30 Important Random Bible Quiz Questions for Youths

Another random fun and creative Bible quiz questions for youths to test your knowledge of the Bible. These Bible quiz questions are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Bible all randomly picked from old testament to the new testament.

You can play this quiz game in your youth problem outing or even with your friends and family members. We live in times when the word of God is of utmost important to every believer.

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Bible Quiz Questions for Youths
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Bible Quiz Questions for Youths

Q1. How many fishes did Jesus use to feed the 5000?

Q2. How did Jesus show the apostles the one who would betray him?

Q3. Who did Paul go with on his first mission?

Q4. Who is said to be the Son of God?

Q5. Who was given the 10 commandments stone tablets?

Q6. The bible is the most sold book. True or False?

Q7. Who was given the coat of many colors?

Q8. Which prophet turned his rod into a bronze snake?

Q9. How old was Moses when he died?

Q10. Who wrote the last book of the Bible?

Q11. How many wise and foolish girls were in the story of the virgins?

Q12. How many times did Jesus say Peter will deny Him?

Q13. Why did Joseph take Mary and Jesus to Egypt?

Q14. In which town was Jesus crucified?

Q15. Who brought gifts to baby Jesus?

Q16. In which town was Jesus born?

Q17. Which book of the Bible tell that wise men will visit baby Jesus?

Q18. The first two apostles called by Jesus Christ where?

Q19. Which army drowned in the Red Sea as they chased the Israelites?

Q20. How many books are in the New Testament?

Q21. How many disciples did Jesus have?

Q22. What was the name of Samuel's mom?

Q23. Which is the shortest book in the New Testament?

Q24. What is the common name for the first 4 books in the New Testament?

Q25. What happened on the 7th day of creation?

Q26. Why did God send the 10 plagues to Egypt?

Q27. Who was a tax collector prior to preaching the gospel?

Q28. What food is mentioned in the Lord's prayer?

Q29. Who is the mother of Jesus?

Q30. How many days after Jesus died did he resurrect?

Bible Quiz Answers

Matthew Bible Trivia Questions and Answers img

Q1. 2 fishes

Q2. Dipped a piece of bread and then passed it to him.

Q3. Barnabas

Q4. Jesus

Q5. Moses

Q6. True

Q7. Joseph

Q8. Moses

Q9. He was 120

Q10. Apostle John

Q11. 5 wise and 5 foolish

Q12. Three times

Q13. To escape because King Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus.

Q14. In Golgotha

Q15. The wise men

Q16. In Bethlehem

Q17. The book of Matthew

Q18. Peter and his brother Andrew

Q19. The Egyptians

Q20. 27

Q21. 12

Q22. Hannah

Q23. 2 John

Q24. The gospels

Q25. God rested

Q26. Because Pharaoh would not let the Israelites go.

Q27. Matthew

Q28. Bread

Q29. Mary

Q30. 3

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