40 Fun Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

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Are you ready for another online bible trivia questions and answers to see how much you know about the Bible?

We have put together some fun Bible trivia questions with answers from a collection of most frequently asked Bible quiz questions.

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Bible Trivia Questions and Answers
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Bible Trivia Questions and Answers for Adults

Q1: Which book of the Old Testament of the Bible has the least number of chapters?

Answer: Obadiah

Q2: Which of Christ's Apostles doubted the evidence before him?

Answer: Thomas

Q3: Who washed the face of Jesus when he was carrying the cross?

Answer: No one knows as its never mentioned in the Bible that someone wiped the face of Jesus while He was carrying the cross.

Q4: Which Biblical "giant" was felled by a stone from a sling?

Answer: Goliath

Q5: Who is the second oldest living man according to the Bible?

Answer: Jared

Q6: According to the Old Testament, who was the father of Esau?

Answer: Isaac

Q7: What is the punishment for human sins as it is written according to the Bible?

Answer: Spiritual death

Q8: Who helped Jesus carry the cross?

Answer: Simon

Q9: What is another name for Calvary, the place where Jesus was crucified?

Answer: Golgotha

Q10: How many Psalms are included in the Old Testament?

Answer: 150

Q11: Which Roman prefect presided at the trial of Jesus Christ?

Answer: Pontius Pilate

Q12: Since they did not bow down, as King Nebuchadnezzar commanded, what happened to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Book of Daniel?

Answer: They were thrown into a fiery furnace

Q13: According to The Bible, to which land did Abraham move at the age of 75?

Answer: Canaan

Q14: Over which territory did the Old Testament king Nebuchadnezzar rule?

Answer: Babylon

Q15: Who was Ruth's sister-in-law according to the Book of Ruth?

Answer: Orpah

Q16: Who first saw that Jesus had risen from the dead?

Answer: Mary Magdalene

Q17: From what tribe of Israel was Samson according to the Bible?

Answer: Dan

Q18: Who wrote Psalm 23?

Answer: David

Q19: This Biblical character is Jacobs father-in-law as well as father of Rachel and Leah

Answer: Laban

Q20: What was the profession of Luke the Apostle according to the New Testament?

Answer: Physician

Hard Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Q1: Which country prides itself as being the first to formally adopt Christianity?

Answer: Armenia

Q2: Which Christian movement was founded by John Wesley?

Answer: Methodism

Q3: What is the Holy book of Christians?

Answer: Bible

Q4: In 1776, when the Jews declared themselves free from England, which British colony had the most Jews?

Answer: Jamaica

Q5: He is considered to be the first Jew to set foot on land that would become part of the USA

Answer: Joachim Gaunse

Q6: In what language do Ethiopian Jews read Torah?

Answer: Gez

Q7: In Jewish traditions, what is the ceremony for the naming of a female baby on the evening of her fifth day?

Answer: The Eve of the Sixth

Q8: What is the name of the religion of Jewish people?

Answer: Judaism

Q9: In the Christian calendar what is represented by Ash Wednesday?

Answer: The first day of Lent

Q10: How many times did Jesus fall when carrying the cross?

Answer: Non one knows as it is not mentioned in the Bible

Q11: How many gospels are there in the New Testament?

Answer: Four

Q12: Who was the first President of Israel?

Answer: Chaim Weizmann

Q13: In 1927 Charles A. Levine was the first Jew to do what?

Answer: Fly the Atlantic

Q14: What was the only automobile brand named after a Jew?

Answer: Citroen

Q15: Who can be best described as doubting Thomas?

Answer: Someone who believes only what he sees

Q16: What were the Hebrew names of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego according to the Book of Daniel?

Answer: Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah

Q17: What message am I conveying, if I say I don't know him from Adam?

Answer: The person is completely unknown to me

Q18: Who was the first mayor of Tel Aviv?

Answer: Meir Dizengoff

Q19: Which event is regarded as the greatest feast in the Christian calendar?

Answer: Resurrection of Jesus

Q20: The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is what?

Answer: Aleph

We hope that you have learnt something from our online bible quiz questions and answers series, Bible trivia questions with answers were we try to answer some of the most frequently asked Bible questions.

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