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If you love animated movies and series, and love to challenge yourself with questions and answers, then check out our Pixar trivia questions and answers game.

Today's trivia quiz questions about Pixar ranges from the company's history, to their movies' plot, cartoon characters and many more. Our goal in this trivia game is to test your knowledge and understanding of the animation studio and its productions.

All answers are provided for validation and for educational purposes. This quiz also provides a fun way for fans of Pixar movies to learn more about the studio.

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Pixar Trivia Questions and Answers

1. What was the name of the very first film that Pixar ever created?

Answer: Toy Story

2. What is the name of the terrifying neighbour that lives next door to Andy in the Toy Story movies?

Answer: Sid

3. What type of animal is the primary character in the famous animated movie "Ratatouille"?

Answer: Rat

4. What is the catchphrase of Gusteau in the film "Ratatouille"?

Answer: Anyone can cook

5. Which restaurant is appeared in the film "Ratatouille"?

Answer: Gusteau's

6. Who teaches Alfredo Linguine to cook in the film Ratatouille?

Answer: Remy

7. Who wrote the story on which the film "A Bug's Life" is based?

Answer: Aesop

8. What is the name of the movie in which Princess Atta appears?

Answer: A Bug's Life

9. In the movie Monsters Inc., the characters Mike and Sulley Dwell reside in what city?

Answer: Monstropolis

10. In what year did the first Toy Story movie make its debut in theaters?

Answer: 1995

11. In the Pixar film " Finding Nemo" what kind of fish is the main character?

Answer: Clownfish

12. In the movie "Brave", what is the name of the bear that Merida's father is trying to find?

Answer: Mor'du

13. What do the sea monsters call people in the Pixar film "Luca"?

Answer: Land Monsters

14. In the movie "Up", what is the final merit badge that Russell has to achieve?

Answer: Assisting the Elderly

15. Where do Carl and Ellie plan to go with the money they save in "Up"?

Answer: Paradise Falls

16. Where exactly does the story of Brave take place?

Answer: Scotland

17. Where exactly does the story of "Mulan" take place?

Answer: China

18. In which country does the story of the film "Luca" take place?

Answer: Italy

19. What city did the film "Cars 2" climax occur in?

Answer: London

20. In which city does the action of "Turning Red" take place?

Answer: Toronto

Pixar Trivia Quiz with Answers

Pixar Trivia Questions and Answers

21. What is the character's name of Andy's sister in the "Toy Story" movies?

Answer: Molly

22. Who is the most vehement foe of the Galactic Alliance in "Toy Story"?

Answer: Emperor Zurg

23. What kind of musical instrument does Jue Gardner play in the band Soul?

Answer: Piano

24. What is the real first name of the character Frozone from The Incredibles?

Answer: Lucius

25. What holiday is the theme of the famous Pixar film "Coco"?

Answer: Dia De Los Muertos

26. What kind of work does Miguel's family do in the film "Coco" to make a living?

Answer: Shoes

27. Who is Miguel's preferred musical artist in the movie "Coco"?

Answer: Ernesto de la Cruz

28. Who does Woody save from the yard sale in the film "Toy Story 2"?

Answer: Wheezy

29. What is the name of the horse that appears in the famous film "Toy Story 2"?

Answer: Bullseye

30. What is the name of the dog in the movie "Up" who can talk?

Answer: Dug

31. In the film "Toy Story 3", how does Bonnie have a connection to Andy?

Answer: She is a family friend

32. In the film "Toy Story 3", who rescues Woody and other toys from the incinerator?

Answer: The Little Green Men Aliens

33. In the Pixar movie "Toy Story 3", which plaything (toy) did Andy select to bring with him to college?

Answer: Woody

34. In the film "Inside Out", what sport does Riley participate in?

Answer: Hockey

35. Where do memories that are forgotten in "Inside Out" go?

Answer: The Memory Dump

36. In the movie "Inside Out", how exactly is Bing Bong's Wagon rocket propelled?

Answer: Singing

37. Who is the ringleader of the grasshopper gang that steals food in the movie "A Bug's Life"?

Answer: Hopper

38. In what year did the famous Pixar film "Ratatouille" release?

Answer: 2007

39. In the movie "Ratatouille", what kind of work does Remy most want to do?

Answer: Chef

40. Who is Nemo's father in the film "Finding Nemo"?

Answer: Marlin

Pixar Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

English Vocabulary Quiz With Answers

41. In the movie "Onwards", what are the two brothers' names?

Answer: Lan & Barley Lightfoot

42. What is Lan's high school's mascot in the film "Onwards"?

Answer: Dragon

43. What is the name of the horse that Merida rides in the movie "Brave"?

Answer: Angus

44. Who was Mike's first roommate during his time at Monster University?

Answer: Randall

45. Which Pixar film has the character Stinky Pete?

Answer: Toy Story 2

46. Mike Wazowski appears in which Pixar animated film?

Answer: Monsters Inc.

47. When did Pixar get its first start?

Answer: 1979

48. Where exactly is the headquarters of Pixar located?

Answer: California

49. What is the name of the toy that goes by the name "Space Ranger" in the Toy Story franchise?

Answer: Buzz Lightyear

50. Which kindergarten do Andy and Woody attend in "Toy Story 3"?

Answer: Sunny Side

51. What is the name of the castle that appears in the Pixar movie "Brave"?

Answer: Castle DunBroch

52. What is the name of the character's octopus in the film "Finding Dory"?

Answer: Hank

53. What is the name of the town that Lightning McQueen is stranded in during the movie "Cars"?

Answer: Radiator Springs

54. In what year was the famous Pixar film "Cars" released?

Answer: 2006

55. Which cartoon film is it in which Lightning McQueen first makes an appearance?

Answer: Cars

56. What is the catchphrase of Lightning McQueen in the film "Cars"?

Answer: Ka-Chow!

57. Who is Lightning McQueen's main rival in the film "Cars 3"?

Answer: Jackson Storm

58. Who comes out on top in the Florida 500, that last race in the film "Cars 3?"

Answer: Cruz Ramirez

59. In what year did the famous movie "Onward" release?

Answer: 2020

60. In what year was the famous animated film "Icredibles 2" released?

Answer: 2018

61. When was the Pixar film "Toy Story 2" released?

Answer: 1999

62. What year was the popular film "Toy Story 3" released?

Answer: 2010

63. Which Pixar film received two Academy Awards in 2010?

Answer: Up

64. Who is the founder of Pixar Animation Studios?

Answer: George Lukas

65. Who was the director of the famous Pixar film "Coco"?

Answer: Adrian Molina

66. When was the animated film "Coco" released?

Answer: 2017

67. Who became the majority shareholder of Pixar in 1986?

Answer: Steve Jobs

68. Pixar was bought over in 2006 by who?

Answer: The Walt Disney Company

69. Pixar was part of the Lucasfilm computer division known as?

Answer: The Graphics Group

70. What rendering software program did Pixar use in the 1980s?

Answer: Renderman

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