72 Fun Bible Trivia for Middle Schoolers

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Bible trivia for middle schoolers can be a great way to learn about the Bible and have fun at the same time while at school or during Sunday school.

You can print out these quizzes so that you can use them during Sunday school time or even during the youth meetings.

Bible trivia can be a great way to get adults, young adults and kids interested in the Bible and help them learn more about God’s Word.

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Bible Trivia for Middle Schoolers

Q1: I am the Good Shepherd in Psalm. Which verse am I?

Answer: Psalm 23

Q2: I was also known as Levi in the Bible. Who am I?

Answer: Matthew - Luke 5:27

Q3: David kept me when He was Young. What animal did David keep?

Answer: a sheep - 1 Samuel 16:11

Q4: I am an unclean animal and was forbidden to the people of Israel in the old testament. Who am I?

Answer: a pig - Leviticus 11:7

Q5: Lot had an uncle, what was his name?

Answer: Abraham - Genesis 11:27

Q6: I was the father of all of those who play the lyre and pipe. Who am I?

Answer: Jubal - Genesis 4:21

Q7: Who was assigned to build the Ark of the Covenant?

Answer: Bezalel - Exodos 37:1

Q8: I am an animal, and my mouth was opened to speak to Balaam. Who am I?

Answer: Donkey - Numbers 22:28

Q9: I had a twin brother and I stole his blessing. Who am I?

Answer: Jacob - Genesis 27

Q10: I died when I was seeking my slaves who had run away. Who am I?

Answer: Shimei - 1 Kings 2:40-46

Q11: I was a man of war and was not allowed to build a temple to God. Who am I?

Answer: David - 1 Kings 5:3

Q12: Even after dead, my bones revived a dead man. Who am I?

Answer: Elisha - 2 Kings 13:21

Q13: Who committed the first murder in the Bible?

Answer: Cain - Genesis 4:8

Q14: I am the father of King Jotham, the king of Judah. Who am I?

Answer: Uzziah - 2 Chronicles 26:23

Q15: When I revived a child, the child sneezed seven times. Who am I?

Answer: Elisha - 2 Kings 4:32-36

Q16: I was called to be a disciple of Jesus as I was sitting in a tax booth. Who am I?

Answer: Matthew - Matthews 9:9

Q17: I wrote 1005 songs. Who am I?

Answer: Solomon - 1 Kings 4:32

Q18: I betrayed Samson and had his hair cut. Who am I?

Answer: Delilah - Judges 16:17-18

Q19: I am the father of Prophet Isaiah. Who am I?

Answer: Amoz - Isaiah 1:1

Q20: Who walked naked and barefoot in the Bible?

Answer: Prophet Isaiah - Isaiah 20:2-3

Q21: I was the greatest man among my people (the Anakites - which were of giants). Who am I?

Answer: Arba - Joshua 14:15

Q22: Who married his half-sister in the Bible?

Answer: Abraham - Genesis 20:12

Q23: Where in the Bible it is written, that 185 thousand soldiers died on a single night.?

Answer: 2 Kings - 2 Kings 19:35

Q24: I built an ark according to God's orders. Who am I?

Answer: Noah - Genesis 6:9-22

Q25: I am Nun's son and Moses called me Joshua. Who am I?

Answer: Hosea - Numbers 13:16

Q26: I am one of the four Rivers that flowed out of Eden, the one that flowed around a land where there was gold. Which river am I?

Answer: Pishon - Genesis 2:10-11

Q27: Who is the commander of Abimelech's army?

Answer: Phicol - Genesis 21:32

Q28: I was struck on the cheek by Prophet Zedekiah. Who am I?

Answer: Micaiah - 2 Chronicles 18:23

Q29: Who is the father of prophet Ezekiel?

Answer: Buzi - Ezekiel 1:3

Q30: Whose foot was crushed against a wall by an Ass after seeing an angel of the Lord?

Answer: Balaam - Numbers 22:25

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Q31: Which tree in the garden of Eden did God say to Adam and Eve, "If you eat from it you will surely die"?

Answer: Tree of Knowledge - Genesis 2:16-17

Q32: I called a prophet to come and curse my enemies and he blessed them instead. Who called the prophet?

Answer: Balak - Numbers 22:5-12; 23:11-12

Q33: I interpreted Nebuchadnezzar's dream. Who am I?

Answer: Daniel - Daniel 2:19

Q34: I am one of the three mighty warriors on King David's army. Son of Dohai the Ahohite. Who am I?

Answer: Eleazar - 2 Samuel 23:8-12

Q35: Where in the Bible it is written: "For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven."?

Answer: Ecclesiastes - Ecclesiastes 3:1

Q36: Who asked God for a son and then gave the son back to serve God as a priest.?

Answer: Hannah - 1 Samuel 1:22

Q37: I was a commander in Israel, and I said I would only go to battle if prophet Deborah goes with me. Who am I?

Answer: Barak - Judges 4:4-9

Q38: I am the first commandment of the ten commandments of the Bible. Who am I?

Answer: You shall have no other gods before me - Exodus 20:3

Q39: Who died and was buried on the way to Ephrat, which is Bethlehem?

Answer: Rachel - Genesis 35:19

Q40: Although I was an Israeli, I was adopted by Pharaoh's daughter. Who am I?

Answer: Moses - Exodus 2:10

Q41: Elisha feeds 100 men with how many loaves of barley bread baked?

Answer: Twenty - 2 Kings 4:42-44

Q42: Complete this statement: "The ox knows its master, the donkey its owner’s __?"

Answer: manger - Isaiah 1:3

Q43: Whose cloths where made of camel's hair while his food was locusts and wild honey?

Answer: John the Baptist - Matthew 3:4

Q44: I said: "I do well to be angry, angry enough to die." Who am I?

Answer: Jonah - Jonah 4:9

Q45: I am a book in the Bible and on me is written: "Then you will walk on your way securely, and your foot will not stumble. If you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet." Which book am I?

Answer: Proverbs - Proverbs 3:23-24

Q46: I was in the boat with my two sons, mending the nets, and suddenly they left everything and followed Jesus who had called them. Who am I?

Answer: Zebedee - Matthew 4:21-22

Q47: Fill in the blanks: "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as __; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like __?"

Answer: snow and wool - Isaiah 1:18

Q48: Fill in the blank: "The Lord will make you the head, not the __"?

Answer: Tail - Deuteronomy 28:13

Q49: Who put forth his hands to hold the ark of God and died as a result?

Answer: Uzzah - 1 Chronicles 13:9-10

Q50: An Angel came to see me as I was threshing wheat. Who am I?

Answer: Ornan - 1 Chronicles 21:20

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Bible Trivia for Middle Schoolers

Q51: Fill in the blank: "And there went forth a wind from the Lord, and brought __ from the sea"

Answer: quails - Numbers 11:31

Q52: I was a prophet and I directed my children with the lyre in thanksgiving and praise to the Lord. Who am I?

Answer: Jeduthun - 1 Chronicles 25:3

Q53: I was compared to a twig on the face of the waters. Who am I?

Answer: Samaria's King - Hosea 10:7

Q54: I am a book in the Bible. On me it is written: "God is not man, that he should lie, or a son of man, that he should change his mind." Which book am I?

Answer: Numbers - Numbers 23:19

Q55: I was killed by the instrument I made to kill my enemy. Who am I?

Answer: Haman - Esther 7:10

Q56: I am the son of David, I was killed by Absalom. Who am I?

Answer: Amnon - 2 Samuel 13:29

Q57: I am Jewish; I was named by king Darius, from Persia, one of the three presidents of the land. Who am I?

Answer: Daniel - Daniel 6:2-3

Q58: Whose children was killed by a great win from the wilderness?

Answer: Job - Job 1:18-19

Q59: Complete this sentence: "Let God arise and his enemies be __"

Answer: scattered - Psalms 68:1

Q60: Through a belt I predicted that the owner of the belt would be arrested. Who am I?

Answer: Agabus - Acts 21:10-11

Q61: My father gave me a robe of many colors, because he loved me more than all my brothers. Who am I?

Answer: Joseph - Genesis 37:3

Q62: There was a religious crisis in Judah. Even the Book of the Law was lost. I am the priest who found the Book. Who am I?

Answer: Hilkiah - 2 Chronicles 34:14-18

Q63: I anointed Jesus with a precious ointment. Who am I?

Answer: Mary, brother Lazarus - John 11:2; 12:3

Q64: I studied under Gamaliel, and known to be zealous for God. Who am I?

Answer: Paul - Acts 22:3

Q65: I am a queen and was accused of adultery by John the Baptist. I got my revenge planning his murder. Who am I?

Answer: Herodias - Matthew 14:8-11

Q66: I called the physicians worthless. Who am I?

Answer: Job - Job 13:4

Q67: I was clothed with righteousness and was a father to the needy. Who am I?

Answer: Job - Job 29:14-16

Q68: In only one transaction I bought a field from Naomi and acquired a wife from Moabite. Who am I?

Answer: Boaz - Ruth 4:1-10

Q69: Which animal is likened to this statement: "She treats her young harshly, as if they were not hers; she cares not that her labor was in vain".

Answer: an ostrich - Job 39:13-16

Q70: I am a king who had his heart shaken as the trees of the Forest. Who am I?

Answer: Ahaz - Isaiah 7:2

Q71: I am John the Baptist's father. Who am I?

Answer: Zechariah - Luke 1:59-60

Q72: I am one of the apostles, and I replaced Judas (the traitor). Who am I?

Answer: Matthias - Acts1:26

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